Tired of laboring for hours over long, artistic posts that earn you gobs of clout amongst your fellow writers? Irritated of being pestered for posts and having to set aside an entire night in order to fulfill the quota? For those of you who missed my entry into Mad-Chats, here is the abridged and uninterrupted version of 16 Steps to Writing Shorter Posts.

1. Write your post like you normally would.
2. Hover over "Post" button
3. Don't push post.

4. Accidentally hit the "backspace" button while not engaged in a text box.
5. Lose your wonderful, long, artistic post.
6. Freak the kark out.

7. Leave your laptop for an hour. Trust me, you'll either end up crying or breaking the spacebar.

8. Return to laptop, sob over your lost masterpiece.
9. Attempt to rewrite post.
10. Attempt to rewrite post.
11. Attempt to rewrite post.

12. Give up rewriting your post, you poor sap, you shat all your brilliance out on the first one and you'll never get it back.

13. Write a short, poodooty post instead.

15. From now on skip steps 1 - 12. Go directly to step 13. Do not pass go, do not collect $200

16. Don't forget step 14.