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Zrs'fes and his friends in the small shop ''Bugnology'' on Corellia.

Name: Zrs’fes
Faction: Fel Imperium
Rank: None yet
Species: Verpine
Age: 17 SGY
Sex: Hermaphrodite, Male Personality
Height: 1.87 M/6.14 Feet
Weight: 87 Kg/191.8 lbs
Eyes: Black, but may appear to be red or blue sometimes.
Hair: N/A
Skin: Green Carahide
Force Sensitive: No

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Highly Intelligent: Due to being one of the few hermaphroditic Verpine he has a very high intelligence.
+ Carahide: Can deflect glancing blaster bolts can deflect normal blades.
+ Antennea: Due to their natural way of communicating, Zrs’fes can pick up and transmit radio signals over long distances.

- Scientist: Zrs’fes is almost useless in a real fight.
- For Science: will defend his research at any cost, even his own life.
- Non Force User: Is defenseless against Force based attacks.

Zrs’fes is a bug like Verpine with four limbs, two arms and two legs. His ‘’skin’’ is a hardened Carapace made of a green chitinous substance called carahide. His body is relatively thin and he has two wings on his back, which don’t serve any purpose. He usually wears a Lab-Coat and some protective body armor underneath that, with a DL-18 Blasterpistol strapped to his side and a Vibroknife hidden underneath the Lab-Coat

Not much is known about this Verpine scientist, but if you were to believe the rumors he would apparently have gone through a lot. First his small shop on Corellia got destroyed by a criminal gang, then his friends were kidnapped and killed, afterwards he worked for a Hutt, designing weapons, droids, starships, etc. After the Hutt he worked for got killed by one of the rivaling syndicates, the Verpine fled the homeworld of that Hutt syndicate. After a while he apparently opened another shop on the Republic capital and there he got rich very fast, thanks to his high quality items. According to rumor he then sold his shop, bought a small Corvette and set out for the stars. But all of these are still rumors, nothing is really known about him for certain, except that he is a genius when it comes to science.

- CR90 Corvette

- DL-18 Blaster pistol
- Vibroknife
- Lab-Coat
- Light protective armor




Multipurpose Advanced Infiltrator

I saw what you said. So you wish to try and disassemble me? Try to see what, as organics say, "makes me tick"?