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Zrimmir Universal Banking Union

Melvand Zrimmir

Generic Neimoidian #459

Zrimmir Universal Banking Union


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Corporation Name: Zrimmir Universal Banking Union
Headquarters: Cato Neimoidia
Locations: Cato Neimoidia, Duros, and Atrisia.
Operations: Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Insurance.
Tier: Tier 2

ZUBU is a financial institution that covers far more than just deposits and withdraws, being a universal bank and insurer corporation, it provides a wide array of services to its customers. As a commercial banking institution, it provides the basic amenities all banks provide to individuals, corporations, organizations, and governments, (Here on refered to as ICOGs) savings and checking accounts, loans, and basic investment products. As an investment banking institution, it provides financial services (Like financial capital for example) to ICOGs and can act as mediator for financial transactions, mergers, etc. Finally, as an insurer corporation, it provides various packages of protection against financial lost in all sorts of fields for ICOGs, ranging from Health Insurance to Investment Insurance.

Melvand Zrimmir was able to create the Zrimmir Universal Banking Union via a large cash settlement given to him from his siblings to give up all claims on the family corporation. He also utilized what few contacts he had made in business school on Coruscant to find an aging banking institution and buy it out for the locations and employees. From there he transformed it into the company it is today.


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