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Zoey Marix


Like Lightning

  • Full name: Zoey Nikkita Marix
  • Preferred Name: Zoey Marix
  • Alias: Pyrrah Nikkita
  • Titles: Blade of Kalee, Governess of Manpha
  • Species: Near-Human
  • Race: Human/Zeltron
  • Homeworld: Zeltros
  • Faction(s): The Moross Crusade, Mandalorians
  • Rank(s): Dark Jedi/Neutral Master, Initiate
  • Class: Warrior, Paladin, Bladesister
  • Master(s): No full time Masters
  • Padawan(s): None directly appointed
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Force Alignment: Lawful Neutral – Light and Dark sided
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Twenty-four Galactic Standard years
  • Height: Five feet nine inches tall,
  • Weight: One hundred and fourty two pounds
  • Complexion: Caucasian/Pink tint
  • Eye Color: Azure Blue
  • Hair Color: Bright Pink
  • Distinguishing Marks: Numerous scars, bright pink hair
  • Voice Sample: Lightning - Final Fantasy
  • Appearance description: Standing at the average height for a human female, Zoey would be almost a perfect mix of her parents. Having the body form of her mother, as well as the hair and eyes, she retains the mental capacity and facial structure of her father. Having a semi-strong bone structure in her face, she retains some of her mother’s face in the nose and cheeks. As a child Zoey was rather thin, however after now being a warrior of the Moross Crusade, and rising in the ranks to be the Blade of Kalee she is today, Zoey has a rather muscular physique. She has to keep that form for her to be able to move with speed, and strength to wield a Beskad, one of the iconic weapons of the Mandalorians. This beskad that Zoey uses was made when she had first been part of the Sith Empire a few years before it fell into ashes. From a former mastersmith, she gained it as one of her two vibroswords had broken in a fight with a large Sithspawn beast. Over the years, Zoey has used many forms of armor to protect her from many kinds of fights. Currently she has used a Zealot War armor set modified to fit a larger version of the Echani dueling shield. However, as she needs to present an image of her title, she has of recent been wearing a more ceremonial armor that represents her Goddess, Salee and Kalee. Even using a physical shield made out of duraplast to protect her against a wide range of attacks.
  • 0c5c6972-s.jpg
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexual Conduct: Bisexual
  • Languages: Galactic basic, Mando’a, Huttese,
  • Occupation: Blade of Kalee, The right hand Woman of Kalee the God/Goddess of war.
  • Residence: The capitol building on Manpha in a personal suite.
  • [+] Zeltron heritage: Half Zeltron, Zoey has a body that men would fight over for days. However as she still has human blood in her veins, she is attractive, but will never be compared to that of a full blooded Zeltron. Zoey can also secret pheromones much like a normal Zeltron can, and can sense emotions of others, however she is not a proficient user unlike a full Zeltron. This also leads people to believe that she can drink the table out from under you, however this will rarely happen as she rarely drinks alcohol.
  • [+] Paladin: Using a Sword and Shield combo is where Zoey excels at. Using a Sword of bladed weaponry (including a Lightsaber) she is one of the best sword wielders of the Crusade. She also knows use of the Lightsaber enough to be a challenge to most, however, she fights with more of an instinct rather than a professional form.
  • [+] Physical condition: Zoey is in very good condition. As it is needed for her to be a good sword and shield user, she needs to have the ability to swing a sword, take blows with her shield, and move in a very fast pace to overcome her foes. This also moves over to her sexuality. Having a nice body attracts men in many ways.
  • [+] Force prowess: Zoey does not have a long listing of powers that she can use. However, the powers that she does have, she excels at. Preferring to simply use Telekinesis or Force Lightning. For protection, she uses a Force barrier. However rarely does she use an ability of Force Drain.
  • [-] Attitude: Zoey can be rather blunt, and others times straight up mean to others. This translates to her being very judgmental of others, as well that there have been many times in the past where she went against her upline’s orders or commands. Even disregarding Neth the Keepers commands to leave an area. While most of the time she follows instructions, she is a wild card and it’s not known if she will follow commands others give to her.
  • [-] Challenger: Everybody loves to have a challenge to overcome, however, Zoey takes it a little too far. So much so, she has gotten into situations where the chance of her dying was very high. An example of this would be attacking a Frigate all on her own, as well of fighting the God Neth after absorbing a neutron star made out of the Dark side of the force. Another would be attacking a 15 meter sithspawn.
  • [-] Ranged weapons/skills: Marix is very much a, up in your face person. This is from her higher uses of the Beskad and shield. She does not have a lot of skill in firing a blaster or other ranged weaponry. However, she can still use one effectively. About the best you will get from her, is a blaster pistol or a slugthrower pistol that hits someone in the head when aiming for the chest.
  • [-] Lonely life: Most of Zoey’s time is spent with troubles on Manpha, as well as being a soldier most of the time, Zoey has little to nothing for a love life. She is devoted to her Crusade’s religion so much that she does not care about not having a love life. While she could be out maybe meeting a few other people, she instead goes out to do business for the Crusade
As a child, Zoey was very ignorant of the Galaxy. Not paying attention to the war that was plaguing the Sith Empire. It all became very real when her brother said he would be joining the Military. Following soon after was her father’s news of being sick. With both of these hitting her hard, she took some gear and left the Sith Empire wanting to roam the galaxy. She took a ship and left for a year simply running around not accomplishing anything. Coming from a rather wealthy family, she was the definition of a brat.

After her fathers death, Zoey grew up fast. Accepting that the Galaxy was not all dandy. Zoey joined with the Sith Empire. Training as an Acolyte when confronted about her religion. Never having one, she joined up with the Moross Crusade. From the get go she worked fast and hard. Moving up the ranks very fast and from this, continued to grow up and mature faster. Even at her younger age she is very smart and rather calculated about what she does. Zoey thinks about her actions being a Governess of Manpha, as well as the Blade of Kalee. Her high ranks give her power, but with that, she has to take responsibility for her actions.

Zoey is rather blunt and to the point when it counts. She takes almost everything seriously and is rarely seen with a smile or even a laugh. However, she has a heart. After the adoption of her daughter, Zoey has taken a more notable turn to be kind towards others. Even having a more personal relationship with her soldiers, guards and maids that work with her. She understands now that everybody has a purpose and sees now that everyone has a purpose, be it small or great.
Being the Blade of Kalee, Zoey is very devoted to her religion of the Moross Crusade. So much so that many times in the past she has given her life for her cause. Coming close to dying many times, only to show that she really does believe in her religion. She worships Kalee the Sword and Salee the Shield the most often as both of them are reflected in her daily life. A warrior for the Crusade, Zoey is known to be ruthless in her fighting. Using a Beskad with exceptional skill and prowess, accompanied by an Echani Dueling shield. Both are symbols of her main Goddess as well she is seen wearing robes or clothes that are bronze-golden and silver to represent their colors. She tries to be more like Salee as she represents protection, and justice.

|| TROPES: ||
  • The Headstrong Leader - A person who takes leadership just about any chance they can get. They stand up for whats right and fight with an army, or a group of people behind them as support. While there are four types of leaders, Zoey is Headstrong as she is very much blunt and speaks her mind, as well challenges everyone, including herself, to perform feats of strength together or separate to accomplish a goal. This can lead to being in over her head.
  • Action Girl - Just as the words mention, Zoey is a girl that can kick as much if not more ass than the guys can. Mostly this can go along with Cute Bruiser, Being that she is not very tall and actually rather small for her size, she can actually pack a punch.
  • All A Part Of The Job - Zoey loves her work as the Blade of Kalee. With the higher position she can go where she wants and go on "missions" or perform duties that are with her title. Fighting for the better good of the Moross Crusade, It seems like this would be a good one to put down.
  • Be All My Sins Remembered - Zoey was once a Sith. One of the few who was likely to kill others just because they got in her way. As such, She feels as though she sometimes does not deserve the title of Blade because she is just doing her job as a member of the Moross Crusade.
  • Challenge Seeker - as listed above in the Bio, Zoey is very much a person who hones their abilities to the fullest extent. SImply because of the constant use of looking for a challenge.
  • Character Alignment - Very much towards the center of being a nice person who is a little bit on the jerk side of things, Zoey holds an alignment that is dark in nature simply because she is a former Sith. As well, she holds her Religion to high regard and holds her beliefs above all else.
  • Daddy's Girl - Simple and straight to the point, Zoey loves her father because he was the only parent figure that she had in her life.
  • Hot Blooded - Hot blooded meaning that Zoey puts everything into what she does. No matter the task, she puts all of her effort and time into it. Zoey does this often enough to have this listed, but not enough to have this all the time. Mostly this is used when she is in battle, or performing a duty for the Crusade.
  • Weapon Of Choice - This is done by the mere fact that Zoey had used a Sword and shield combo since the very beginning of her story and will use one until her death. This can be followed by Cool Sword and most notably Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me.
  • Knight Templar - Zoey fits perfectly into this one. Having a very high regard for her Faction and religion, Believing that the Religion is the only true belief of gods and goddess in the Galaxy. and will fight for it until the bitter end.
  • Bi The Way - Self explanatory. Zoey is bisexual. However, there is rarely a place and time when she exploits that. so it is kind of hidden.
  • Boobs Of Steel - Zoey is part Zeltron. This gives way to the trope of Boobs of Steel where she is a fighter who has larger boobs than a non-fighter female who has smaller breast size.
Early Childhood
Zoey Marix lived in a rather wealthy family. Growing up until she was three years old on Zeltros until being moved to live with her father on Korriban in which she lived a luxurious life. Living her father who was always working for the Sith Empire, she rarely saw him. She was very much a Daddy’s girl and loved her father very much. Her older brother was always a good to her and treated her as though they were equals. All throughout her childhood, Zoey grew up with an ignorance of the war against the Sith. Being two years younger than her brother, they played with each other, went to a private school, and acted like normal children in an everyday life.

Young adult life
Growing up into a young woman, Zoey hit puberty at the age of 13, growing not so much in the height aspect, but more so in her bodily functions. Many guys would hit on her, feeling great about her self, she came home one day and was told the truth about her mother. Zoey’s mother, Aliena Losten, was a Zeltron who fell in love with her father. The two of them got married and had kids, herself, and her brother Lextion. It was after the Birth of Zoey, that her mother died due to complications. After hearing about this, Zoey went into a deep depression like state. She went through a year of this and finally accepted the fact that it was not her fault for her mother’s death. Only then would things get worse.

Lextion wanted to join the military. He was not required to, but wanted to fight in the war against the Jedi. Even after his father told him not to, he still went. This once more hit Zoey hard as she feared he would die. She tried to stop him. But in the heat of it, Lex slapped her. She let him go, fearing for his life. She was right to do so. It was only two months later that he was classified as MIA. In a fit of depression, rage, and hatred, she left her father after stealing a ship. She roamed the galaxy alone for the span of two years. It was when Zoey decided to return back home, she had found out her father died from a severe illness, she feared that this was caused by a rivalry between her father and another Sith. This could come to hurt her. Staying only long enough to visit her father’s grave, she then left to find a new home. It was here she found the Moross Crusade.

Adult life
With the joining of the Moross Crusade, She joined wholeheartedly believing that her Father was in the Great hall, as well as her mother to meet her when she would pass to the other side. It was here that she excelled and grew fast in the ways of the force, battle and politics. Proving herself on the first mission by delivering the final blow on a very large sithspawn, and then continuing on with Neth to a Sithspawn Generator where when told to leave, she outright told him no and stayed. In that moment, she was given the title of a Knight, and was also given the title of Governess of Manpha. From there she led an assault on a Pirate ship a few weeks later and took it upon herself to get to the bridge. Taking on the Pirate captain by herself and convinced them to surrender.

It was after that where she had lead two assaults on different planets, each ending up with her being the last survivor. Not soon after she was given the title of Master, as well as being claimed Blade of Kalee, or the right hand woman of Kalee the Goddess of war. Since then she has taken part in many smaller objectives and is now in search of learning more of the Mandalorians that created the weapon she so dearly loves.

|| TITLES: ||


  • Took over a Capitol Ship on her own
  • Gave the final blow to a 20 meter Sithspawn
  • Helped in the Destruction of a Sithspawn Creation device.
  • Destroyed a City block on Tatooine.
  • Saved a God's Life by absorbing his force energy.


Like Lightning
Cyhraeth-class Light Freighter
  • Used on Moross Official business
  • Named "Bladed Edge"
Okyaab-Class Freighter
  • Used for personal ship
  • Named "Kalee's Edge"
Silk-5 Speeder Bike
  • Named "Inari's Heart"
Razorhawk Maneuvering System
  • Need to do Dev thread to use it.
Leviathan Bracers

  • Wears when not having full body armor.
  • Wears with "Salee's Valor"
Zealot War Armor
  • Used in ship battles, or full on war zones
Echani dueling shield (Picture)
  • Uses when not wearing full armor
  • Named "Salee's Shield"


  • Primary weapon
  • Named "Kalee's Sword"
MT-14 Heavy blaster pistol
  • Carries for the sake of having a ranged weapon
  • Named "Aatroxes dagger"
Echani Mimic Battle Unit
  • Owns two of them
  • Named "Ithari" and "Erebos"
Sonar mapper
  • X 3 of them.


Like Lightning
Swords - Master
Shields - Master
Teras Kasi - Proficient
Brawling - Adept
Piloting - Adept
Driving - Adept
Ranged weapons - Novice

Force Powers:
Enhance strike - Proficient
Force Dash - Proficient
Telekinesis - Proficient
Force Lightning - Proficient
Force barrier - Adept
Force Drain - Adept
Precognition - Adept
Choke/Crush - Adept
Inertia - Adept
Force Mask - Novice
Force concealment - Novice

Force Skills:
Art of movement - Proficient
Control breathing - Adept
Control Anger - Adept
Meditation - Novice


Like Lightning
Father - Deceased
Mother - Deceased
Brother - MISSING
[member="Aphrodite"] - Adopted Daughter

[member="Cameron Centurion"] - Master
[member="Piraiba"] - Kitteh Friend
[member="Crystal"] - Acquaintance
[member="Vascious Relens"] (Kalee) - Primary God
[member="Soliael Devin Talith"] (Neth) - God
[member="Amorella Mae"] (Inari) - Goddess

[member="Lucien Cordel"] - Acquaintance
[member="Darth Praelior"] - Former Master [When Zoey was with the Sith]

[member="Talon Vosra"] - Friend, Crush

Music Selections:


Like Lightning

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Like Lightning
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