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Zius Aurus


Is Zius Aurus

NAME: Zius Tal'Verda (Given to him when adopted into Calico's family) Now goes by Pathollex
RANK: High-Knight
AGE: 31
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 190lbs (without armour plus cybernetics) 235lbs (with armour)
EYES: Red, cybernetic replacements
HAIR: White
SKIN: Pale white
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Greatly increased pain tolerance, lesser feeling due to nerve damage.
+ Increased strength capabilities.
+ Fluid reflexes and heightened physical prowess.
+ Increased running speed and intensive ability to focus
+ Steroids applied to vitals allowing optimum performance in battle, increasing muscle to a significant extent.
+ Unnervingly quiet, as a means of intimidation.
+ Raw Force potential.
-Vulnerable to lightning.
-Unrelenting blood-lust for Jedi.
-Weak against mental attacks due to mental instability.
-Gets angered easily and allows it to blind him in some scenarios.
-Can suffer from auditory hallucinations during battle, confusing him.
-Can still become exhausted due to still being mostly Human.

Origin of The Hunter
Once a man who admired the Jedi for all their worth, respectful and generous to many and an advocate for just deeds and peace; however, not all good people are bound to have good things be put in their wake. After being butchered by Sith, Zius fell to the floor as a bloodied and beaten man now, whimpering and crying for help as he was tortured again and again. "H-hel..." is all that escaped from his bruised and busted lips as a lightsaber came down unto his left arm, severing it with a quickness.

He cried out once more, rolling over and trying to push himself away with his feet, raising his right arm over his face to shield himself from anymore attacks, which would prove to be futile. His remaining arm was sliced off, and he lay there in anguish and unspeakable pain. His voice was dying out with his useless cries for help, beginning to fall silent with a quivering body and unsteady breathing as he stared into the eyes of the Sith whom would be his demise.

Said Sith merely held his silence and walked up to the beaten and dismembered man, aiming his lightsaber toward his right eye as he let it dangle closer and closer, allowing the seering energy to burn his eye out, and with that, there was darkness. His mind began to take over, anger was rising and his chest tightened. To be the victim and cry into the air with no fruitful success was a humiliating defeat, and vengeance was his sole thought.

He would become the bane of those he respected ever so closely, his despair would become theirs. He awoke once again on a large metal slab inside of a darkened room, all was but a haze to his new beginning. Over time as Zius was forcefully trained and broken, he began to become increasingly unstable. Having auditory hallucinations which spoke nonsense at first, but then slowly became a message that the Jedi were a lie and he was a fool for believing them.

He snapped, shedding his former self and donning a new perspective. When he was in his time of need, where were his heroes? When he begged and cried on the floor with a dirty face, where was his hope? Before he could not accept that the ones he saw as guardians have failed him so, but now is a time for change.

In time all good men will fall, but will they be reborn from their failures? This is the truth Zius had learned.
+ Near mastery in Ataru, Djem'So, and self-taught style.
+ Fights strategically and uses brutal/relentless melee tactics
+ Modified body allows an edge to non-modified enemies.
+ Deadly hand-to-hand fighter without a Lightsaber.
+ Experienced Assassin/Seasoned War-Veteran.
+Force Speed (Adept)
+Force Jump (Adept)
+Force Pull/Push (Adept)
+Force Sense (Moderate)
+Force Throw (Adept)
+Force Body (Adept)
+Force Deflection (Adept)
+Force Wave (Moderate)
+Force Charge (Adept)
+Force Rage (Adept)
+Force Crush(Adept)
+Force Scream(Adept)

All role-plays listed below are old and were used under a different subaccount which now goes by the name of Rusken Shaxx; however, they still apply to Zius.

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