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Approved Tech ZI-K445 Corvette Shield Generator

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Nelson Zayne

Born to create tech!

  • Intent: Create a Corvette shield generator designed by Zayne Industries
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Here
  • Manufacturer: Zayne Industries
  • Model: ZI-K445 Starfighter Shield Generator
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Quadanium base, Durasteel plating, Circuitry
  • Nasty Comeback: Once the shield is down and comes back, its power output is 20% more efficient for an estimated time of 8 minutes and sometimes longer.
  • Dominant Shielding: A very powerful shielding that is able to take several impressive hits and has a compelling protection against physical projectiles.
  • Remarkable Efficiency: Thanks to modern research, this Shield Generator is continuously making every drop of power count towards its shields.
  • Fatal Weakness: Like most other starship shield generators, torpedoes and missiles have pretty much a guaranteed chance of breaking through the shields.
  • Undependable Durability: Once the shields are down, one nice well hit can completely render the shield generator useless. In this situation, it is best to maneuver from enemy fire until the shields are back online.
The ZI-K445 Corvette Shield Generator is a very similar design from the original ZI-K444 Starfighter Shield Generator. However, the shield's efficiency and power have increased greatly. New improvements in energy capability have helped this component to bring in the high quality and aspect seen in newer modern shield generators.

As fitting for corvettes, the shielding is coated by many small individual Ray and Particle shields. Allowing the Corvette to gain impressive shields that are able to protect starships from laser blasts and physical projectiles. In truth, missiles and torpedoes are still able to puncture the shields and the Particle Shields on this generator is solely meant to take down space debris.

In many case scenarios, repairs to the generator are unlikely because of its low durability and would be completely obliterated to the point of no salvaging. Enemy pilots and starships would fire their missiles and torpedoes as the shield projector as its target so if the purchaser has an anti-missile component, as close as possible to the shield projector would be a good placement.

The average shield refresh rate is 1.5% every 20 seconds with 100% as its overall shield rating. The shield's durability is completely dependant on the power source since this type does use a lot of energy. To make sure the shield generator has enough energy, its best to hook it up with a ZI-F809 Starship Power Generator.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
Nelson Zayne said:
The average shield refresh rate is 5% every 20 seconds with 100% as its overall shield rating.

This seems really fast. Especially on most capital ships. I'd like you to either tone it down or just edit out the hard numbers.

Nelson Zayne

Born to create tech!
[member="Alric Kuhn"]

I decreased the percentage to 1.5%. I believe that's a good speed for the shield generator but if you disagree is there any recommended practical numbers that would be better?
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