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NAME: Zelguis
FACTION: The Sith Empire
RANK: Dark Jedi Padawan
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 260 lbs
EYES: Light Blue
HAIR: Dark Blue
SKIN: Tanned



+ Strong of Body and Mind. Very difficult to over come physically and mentally
+ A great tactical mind
+ Has nobody to worry about but himself
+/- Will go to great lengths to finish a job
- Easily angered
- Has little to no respect for anyone anymore




Orphaned at the age of 5, Zelguis raised himself on the streets of Coruscant. He was always big for his age but others always picked on him. He became aware of his force sensitivity at the age of 9 but kept it to himself and practiced in secret. About 3 years later an official from The Republic caught young Zelguis one day in a marketplace stealing food using The Force. The official called the guards and brought a now angry Zelguis to the Jedi Temple. Zelguis was introduced to many important officials, Jedi, and others. He was questioned as to how he evaded detection from the Jedi, how well he could use the force, and also where he came from, but Zelguis stayed quiet and refused to tell anyone anything. He was then taken to a room where he could bath, eat, and sleep. Zelguis woke in the middle of the night and decided that he was having non of this. So he ran. He slipped past several patrols and stationed guards with no issues, because life on the streets had taught him much. He skulked out a side entrance in the shadows, the shadows that have been his loyal companions for 7 long years, and out into the cold night. The alarm was raised at dawn and the city watch went into high alert. But Zelguis was already gone. He smuggled himself onto an illegal merchant ship headed for Dromund Kaas. After he arrived he immediately returned to the ways of his old life, secretly training himself in the ways of the force, working where he could and staying out of everyone's way. Fast forward 8 years and Zelguis is now 20. He's been taken in by an old hermit named Master Mugein. Zelguis made the choice himself in order to further his training. He is very difficult with his Master and is always impatient but he learns much. He learns about meditating, physical work, the different cultures of the galaxy, languages, who prominent leaders and figureheads are, and the physical abilities of The Force. But most important was learning the mental abilities of The Force something he had no knowledge or experience about. He advanced quickly, and was soon able to change the mind of a simple shopkeeper or a man threatening his life. His Master past away at a very, very old age just days after Zelguis's 23 birthday. But before his death, Master Mugein enclosed to Zelguis the wish of a dying man, "Strive to find what you want out of life Zelguis, but get there by helping those around you". So now Zelguis is looking for a new Master as well as contemplating his old Master's final wish. He heads off into the shadows of the night to begin his search.