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Zelgetha's Underground Slave Market


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Corporation Name: Zelgetha’s Underground Slave Market
Headquarters: Hutta
Locations: Two separate locations on Hutta (Slave encampment where breeding takes place, and the training of both born slaves and captured slaves, and the slave market itself, a small town that thrives off of the slave trade. Will sub these if the company is accepted.)
Operations: Slave trade, Evocii Slave breeding
Tier: 2( willing to bump to tier 1)


This company was founded out of pure greed, with the small inheritance the red eyed cyborg had been given. Zelgetha’s Market was born, with proper leadership and money the slave trade was forcefully skyrocketed back into relevance in Hutta, and the surrounding systems. The market works much like typical slave markets of the old days. There was a specific species bred in order to make specialized slaves for any willing to buy them, and then their were captured slaves that were sold for much cheaper. Due to the company being much smaller in its sphere of influence, and not affecting much except neighboring systems this slave market needs these bred slaves to stay in business.

Due to the hiring of many mercenaries and accepting slaver contract work, the influx of slaves and partners keeps the profits running for Zelgetha. This is the crime lord’s main source of money, with operation’s strictly being in the majority of Hutta , inviting neighboring systems, travelers, robber baron’s, criminals, or nations that are ok with slavery to participate in the market. The youngest and strongest male Evocii in a new generation are picked to be bred, while the younger and fairer female Evocii are also picked to mate with one another. As such only four batches of custom Evocii slaves can be bought and sold at once or at any given time every year. A batch consists of a thousand custom trained slaves upon the request of the buyer, specifically trained to be soldiers, labor workers, experimental subjects, dancer slaves, servants, or anything the buyer may desire. Batches can also be divided in pods of one hundred for customization purposes or if the desired buying market only wants and can afford one hundred.

However a fee for diversifying the batch will also be required due to more resources being put into creating the perfect slave batch of Evocii. Pods can also be separated into unit’s which consist of ten slaves, regardless of whether a batch is being bought or if a just the pod another additional fee will have to be paid for compensation purposes of training these Evocii further. If only one custom slave is desired, then no extra fees will be needed and the buyer will only need to pay the base price for one custom slave.

These are not the only options in Zelgetha’s slave market however, slaves captured from galactic slavers are also sold and prices depending on condition, and other factors also are sold varying from any race available. These slaves however can only have one bought at one time and are not a set price as bidding is done for these captured victims. These prices are set as follows:

Custom Evocii Slave x1 $700 credits
X10 $ 7000 credits + $ 120 credit fee
X100 $70000 credits + $ 1200 credit fee
X1000 $700000 credits + $ 12000 credit fee

No custom slave (what’s available in the auction)= Bidding war from the asking price.

As an underground market, this company must be underground with as few public locations as possible. As such, there is only two main locations of note. The slave camp that involves the breeding process for the Evocii slaves, and training for the various slaves. As such the location has cheap living conditions for the custom slaves, and non-existent ones for those brought in. This area is guarded by the slave enforcers and trainers of the camp staff. The slave auction market, is a small town protected by a much smaller force that serves as a shipping point for custom bought slaves, and as a market place to sell whatever may have been brought in by slavers from around the galaxy. Bidding wars are here, and money flows well. However, the forces here are only really designed to face other criminal enterprises, crime clans, pirates, and smaller factions. Shoulder bigger companies, or benevolent factions have a chance to target these area’s the Hutt would have to personally lead the defenses for them to have any real chance of taking on superior forces.

This company was made during the sudden and hostile criminal oppression of the majority of Hutta. With much of Zelgetha’s criminal contact’s and small fortune he has managed to create a slave trade for Evocii. With hired mercenaries, and loyal associates of the slug, the cyborg managed to create a formula that could self-sustain his wealth and gain profits. With an entire population enslaved on Hutta. The breeding and selling of new slaves created an endless money supply from neighboring systems, and visitors. This vicious cycle allows for the psychologist to make money to pay his people, and continue making more money from renewable company resources from his slavers. With proper leadership from the crime lord he was able to form and make money from this new operation and enterprise.

Many would frown upon his business; however, those people were not his cliental anyway. This market mainly targeted lawbreakers, robber baron’s, and factions that did not have anything against slavery. However, many customers also were unaffiliated businesses looking for free labor. As such, slaves were bred for whatever the buyer wanted, whether this be labor, soldiers, or more secular and passionate needs. This market was made for these customers.

(How did your character come to own and control the company? Did they make it? Hostile takeover? Clever political scheming? Please write at least five sentences in this field)


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