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Zekartian Vinear

Zek. Vinear

Name: Zek. Vinear
Age: 27
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown, pony tail
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 169lbs
Distinguished Features: Scared face. a long scar reaches from forehead to chin where he fought, and killed a Tusken Raider tribe leader.
Species: Human/Tusken Raider

Bio:Zek goes by his nickname cause Zekartian is a mouthful. He had a sick sense of humor, but a brave leader. As a dark Jedi he commands the dark side to do his bidding. going through as a Jedi at the temple, born and raised, he demands power for himself. He left on his search for power. Finding himself on Tatooine, a tribe of Tusken Raiders ambushed him, where he challenged the leader, and if he would be able to kill him, he would be in command of the tribe. Fighting relentlessly the men were at parallel strength. Eventually after 2 hours of fighting, Zek removed his head from the leaders shoulders. Now in command of Dune Scraper Tuskens, he leads reign as a tyrant, and fierce leader.
Hearing of the Yuuzhan coming back he now wished to join them with his small but strong Tusken Raider tribe.
factions: Yuuzhan Vong / The Horde / Dune Scaper Tuskens
Rank :Dark Jedi Leader

Powerhouse: 1. Zek can take hit after hit before becoming defeated.
2. He's powerful with strong blows, both with a lightsaber, and brawling.
Tactical Commander: He's not only a great tactical leader, but is highly respected by his followers.
Dark Side adept: THOUGH no real reason has fallen upon to be a darksider, he commands it well. Having a strong connection with the dark side as a fighter.
Fast: Zek is fast with fast reflexes. But only on his right side.

Tyrant: everyone sees him as ruthless, and cruel, giving him a bad reputation.
Bad Eye: Though he can see with it, aiming with it is nearly impossible, and his left side (scared face) is his weak side.


equipment: Red Lightsaber
Tusken Raider scout garbs

Ship: howlrunner Kite Jet