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Name: Zeek
Faction: NA
Rank: NA
Species: Val'kar
Age: 25
Height: 7'8
Weight: 300 lbs
Eyes: yellow
Hair: white
Fur: White
Force sensitive: Yes

• heightened senses
• Speed and strength
• thick fur

• Quick temper
• Savage
• Bad eye sight
• Ashamed of himself and his past

Appearance: Zeek stands rather tall well over seven feet tall with all white fur and a necklace of skulls around his neck as trophies of the men he has hunted and feasted upon.

Bio: Zeek was born as the to his clan's high shaman, upon growing up his father wanted nothing more than for Zeek to pick up his legacy and become the next holy man under him to better worship their god Dana’arel. Upon refusal when he came of age Zeek was banished from their clan and left to wander the galaxy. Zeek believes strongly in his god but does not believe the life of a shaman is for him, though alone in the galaxy Zeek finds his way from planet to planet working as a hunter and tracker.