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Zayne Industries to Interested Shipwrights

Nelson Zayne

Born to create tech!
Holomessage to Interested Shipwrights (Corporate to Corporate)...

At the moment Zayne Industries is a Tier 2 company that is looking for a way to grow and gain a more profitable future. This contract will be a long-term contract regarding the shipwright to implement our starship components.

What Zayne Industries offer...
  • 40% discount and usage of all products produced, excluding those meant specifically for other individuals or companies.
  • Commitment and personal focus to any requested projects. (e.g. if you want an Ion and Atomic Engine Hybrid, then we will begin working on it.)
What Zayne Industries asks for in return...
  • Exclusive usage of only our products. However, if Zayne Industries is unable to produce a specific product then this item would be exempt.
  • Patience, again Zayne Industries is still growing and expanding our product lines to include all starship designs.
Why Zayne Industries?

Unlike other industries that produce starship components, Zayne Industries works and tries to create every essential component available. Other companies make already integrated systems but you won't usually find any fundamental products such as Inertial Compensators, Power Converters, and OTIA components.

Example Products...