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Zander Carrick

Zander Carrick

NAME: Zander Carrick
FACTION: Black Sun
RANK: Smuggler
SPECIES:Sephi-Arkanian Offshoot/Human
AGE: 18
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 130lbs
EYES: Brown
SKIN: Pale
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, though barely


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Amazing with ships and tech
Quick with a blaster, agile

Knows nothing of her past or family
Tends to make rash decisions

APPEARANCE: Piercings in right ear, normally wears spacer goggles and "normal" clothing for someone that travels often. Hair is normally relatively short cropped by most female species standards.

BIOGRAPHY: Zander was awoken from cryo sleep on the planet Nar Shadda after her tube was found by a few Black Sun contracted construction workers. The workers naturally took Zander too their bosses who quickly opened the pod and interrogated her. After several long hours it was determined that she was seventeen years old, named Zander Carrick per a set of ID tags found inside the tube, and had no prior knowledge of who she was or where she'd come from.

The bosses debated for a time and agreed upon giving Zander a choice, pay them credits for letting her out, present some sort of skill, or be sold into slavery. The very shocked Zander was only saved because of a quick tongue.

She convinced the bosses that she was an incredible pilot and mechanic. Which lucky for her, turned out to be true. The Sun's employed her as a galactic smuggler, mostly drugs, and Zandar's been flying for them ever since. Lacking a family or any real knowledge of her past she simply lives, trying to build herself a new identity.

SHIP: YTA-1300






noob empath
@[member="Xander Carrick"] @[member="Zander Carrick"] I can just imagine the amount of mistaken identity issues that could arise from this.