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Zambrano Terror Runners Pre-Submission 2.0 (Question)

Zambrano the Starweird

The Black Prophet of Balagoth
Below is an NPC Unit I am about to create:

Name: Zambrano Terror Runners
Intent: To create Zambrano's personal 'unit' of 'soldiers', based off of the "The Primeval Prisoners", with a much darker and deadlier twist
Affiliation: Warlord Zambrano the Hutt
Availability: Uncommon
Type: Infantry
Strength: 150 poor unfortunate souls
Description: Though ordinarily a Warlord of the skies, Zambrano the Hutt does not, unfortunately, mess well with any currently organized structure for military units in the Primeval, due to his rampant insanity and fiendish desire to desolate the flesh of all living things within his path without much discrimination. Seeming as the Directory chooses to continue the facade that Zambrano is in control of his own domain, it is only fitting that this frightening character should possess an equally frightening force for when he must storm planets on the ground.

The solution, is almost the epitome of war crimes, and violations of basic sentient rights.

Pirates that survived the purge in the Chiloon Rift, the worst bunch of criminals wild space ever saw, enemies somehow left alive after their defeat and captured; these are the descriptions of any man, woman, or child set into service of the psychopathic Warlord's personal forces. They are all chained up, and set to observe the living horror of Zambrano the Hutt, some of them are even made an example of in order to ensure the reality of their situation sets in. Over the course of several weeks, they quickly learn to accept Zambrano the Hutt as the horror of horrors. However, their pitiful indoctrination into his forces is not complete just yet, after this.

Rather than being given traditional weaponry, and told to heed orders, instead their bodies have been cybernetically weaponized into suicide bombs (explosive force comparable to thermal detonator), and told to do nothing but run for their lives, run for their freedom, to escape the Warlord at all costs. They are given basic throw away vibroblades, and the simplest armor that can be allocated to them. That, however, is not all that is done to them. They have been cybernetically violated, implanted with devices other than their simple explosives, that motivate them like dogs to complete one task: run into enemy lines away from the Warlord.

Once they've run into their objective, they are detonated remotely from officers under command of the Directory (who are likely observing the battle from space). What is worse however, is that the Terror Runners do not even realize they are rigged to explode, until after they've seen their compatriots suddenly explode without warning, which usually means it is too late for them.

  • Psychological Terror Weapons - Imagine almost two hundred people charging at your lands, and as they approach you, as you see the whites of their eyes... they begin to detonate in an explosive destructive flashes without warning, rhyme, or reason. Say one of them is trying to escape the horror of their warlord, and is being assisted by your squad to desert... when suddenly he blows up killing half your team in a fiery explosion. The worst part is, is that you are forced to kill these people, who don't even hold any loyalty to the enemy... and could very well be nothing more than innocent children. These people don't even know they are rigged to explode until it's too late.
  • Cybernetically Motivated - Without them knowing, every slave has been implanted with a motivator, intended to artificially motivate them to run behind enemy lines at all costs, in order to get away from their Warlord, despite any fatigue they may be experiencing.
  • Zero Primeval Loyalty - These people, hold absolutely no faith or loyalty to any member of the Primeval, and would probably take any chance they could to kill the Primeval, if not for their powerlessness to stop them from their atrocities against them.
  • Unpredictable/Uncontrolled - No way of directing where they will run to, and could start trying to chop up Primeval forces with vibroblade.
  • Easily Killed - With primitive weaponry, and light armor, these running targets are easily neutralized. Though sometimes they may have a tendency to explode, so be careful in close quarters.
  • Replacements Needed - Since this entire unit is a suicide squad, replacement slaves and equipment are on a constantly needed basis.
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I would like to know if it would be too OP if I added in an iBorg Spark Implant to all suicide bombers and install the Aurek Gatebreaker Node to them. Suicide Bombers that ignore shields, essentially.

If this is not to much power, would this require a development thread?