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Zal Vangar


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NAME: Zal Vangar
FACTION: Black Sun / Bounty Hunters Guild
SPECIES: Barabel http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Barabel
AGE: 25
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 150lbs
SKIN: Grey


Physically Powerful
Easily adaptable
Scales that can repel a stun bolt

Quick to anger if he feels he's been insulted or wronged. (famous Barabel temper)

Can come off as emotionless or unsympathetic to friends even when he doesn't mean to. (Apologies are an unknown concept in Barabel culture and it is considered mildly insulting to apologize to one.)

Has a complete lack of table manners, due to his carnivorous nature and being used to eating a lot due to his two stomachs. Some who've witnessed him eating in public have described it like watching "A nexu tearing into something" Unfortunately he seems to be oblivious to all this.

Zal has a scar running from his right nostril, to the eye on that side of his face. His right eye which appears to have been gouged away in a particularly painful manner by someone who was quite sloppy at their job or was just intent on causing pain for pain's sake, for it has left crisscrossing marks across the outside of his cheek.
Fortunately he has a bionic eye to make up for this quite messily gouged out one. It always seems to be swiveling about in his head though, turning this way and that as if scoping out the room to make sure he isn't going to be ambushed.
His skin is of course covered in tough scales, his claws are retractable and his teeth are pointy and very sharp. He, like all other Barabels, is bald.

Zal had always been the most ruthless of his large family back on his home planet. While Barabels are known for being skilled hunters and even crazy and quick to anger by less sensitive individuals. Zal seemed to go out of his way to prove the stereotype, not on purpose of course. He would often get in fights with his brothers and even his sisters just to prove he was stronger, and even some of the bigger stronger children were cowering before him simply due to his willingness to fight in such a monstrous way. He never even bothered with his people's religion, if the Jedi were so great, why didn't they come help them in time of need or answer his people's prayers? No, he thought, they were on their own. As a child he even doubted if the Jedi even existed, until one fateful day.
A jedi had actually come to his planet to select a pupil! He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't until he saw it for himself! Zal raced to town only to see an elderly human surrounded by awestruck Jedi worshipers. The man appeared like he didn't know what to think a bout everyone's attitude toward him, and certainly didn't approve of the many carvings and statues of the "Warriors from the clouds" scattered throughout the town.
Seeing his chance, he quietly led the Jedi through a back alley, into a place he liked to hang out at times.
He didn't know why, but for some reason he was excited, then it hit him as he had the jedi alone. This guy was his ticket out of here! If he selected him as his pupil, then he could leave behind this bantha-pile of a planet and go on adventures!
But it was not to be, the Jedi sensed his thoughts and tried to tell him as gently as he could that he was not force sensitive.
Not understanding a word of it, no, refusing to believe it. After all who else could he be here for!? Nobody else, not even his own family, weren't under the sway of the Jedi worship!
The jedi tried to calm young Zal down, but he simply refused to listen to reason, he ran back home and didn't come out until the Jedi had left.
Heartbroken and surrounded by brainwashed people who he believed would never understand him, Zal's violent nature and sadistic personalty only got worse until it reached a boiling point when he was a teenager.
It was a requirement that all Barabels, even the most bloodthirsty ones, learn how to hunt for themselves. A festival was held and several young new hunters set out on their first solo hunt, armed with only their claws and a standard rifle.
Seeing it as nothing more than thinning out the competition, Zal began to systematically execute his fellow hunters one by one.
Until he was the only one left, and he came back to the village with the prized game.
When the others didn't come back they sent out a search party, they would be horrified at what they found.
After discovering the bodies, Zal was banished from his village and sent off world in a clanky old ship.
Drifting off in space and facing potential starvation, by some miracle he managed to collide with another ship. This one, seeing his distress, actually helped him.
It was from this man, a human named Mintaka Bade, he learned everything he knows today. Mintaka was an assassin for Black Sun, so he knew a good potential apprentice when he saw one. Why he'd randomly helped that stranger in the old beat up ship without knowing if he was gonna get a blaster to the back of the head for it, Mintaka never could answer that himself. If he had to guess, it would be one of those "will of the force" things the Jedi always talked about.
[Cut to Present Day]:
Zal has become an adult and inherited his mentor's ship (Space Dust) and his co-pilot/R8 Series Astromech companion he fondly calls Eighter. Due to tragedy striking when Mintaka took him on his first job with him after much training and schooling (having just come from an antiquated society and all). The information they had turned out to be fake, apparently someone wanted to get back at Mintaka....very badly. Last thing Zal can remember is Mintaka opening the door to their quarry's hideout and fire erupting from the doorframe in an explosion, which caused him to be blown several feet away, where he fell unconscious.
When he had awoke up his eye had been removed, probably as a "warning" for him not to pursue.

Thankfully the Space Dust had been moved by Eighter, apparently someone had tried to get inside.
That was at least seven years ago, he'd since found the man who'd caused the death of his friend and stolen his eye, and put a blaster bolt through his stomach.
It was only after that, he'd gotten his bionic eye.
Now he's joined up with Black Sun (though he'll take employment wherever he can find it), and his eye(s) are on the future.


Space Dust
Classification: Light Freighter
Height: 8.27 meters
Width: 28.5 meters
Length: 18.65 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter
Hyperdrive Rating: Main: 1.00. Backup: 9.00.
Crew: Zal and his trusty R8 series astromech (Eighter) http://i.imgur.com/BEbEkTG.jpg
Armaments: Turret Laser Cannons (2). Shielding, Trippled-armour plating.

Zal's Own Modifications:

-Ion Cannons(1)

Non-Combative Attachments: Sensor arrays, escape pods (x1), Navigation systems, life support systems.

Zal's Modifications:
Force Cage(1)
Prisoner Cell(2)
Small Med-Unit(1)
Secret panels and tiles for hiding smuggled goods.

Passenger Capacity: 6
Cargo Capacity: 120 metric tons.
Consumables: 3.5 months.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 700 km/h.
Role: Transport / Freighter / Smuggling vessel/whatever his employer needs Zal's services for



http://starwarsrp.net/topic/17204-westar-43recovery/ (Backup weapon, he only uses it when encountering a Jedi or Sith in battle)
A large vibro-knife strapped in a sheath on the left side of his torso. (http://static4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091216025336/starwars/images/c/c9/Vibroknife-TNR.jpg)

T-6 Heavy blaster pistol (Main weapon) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/T-6_heavy_blaster_pistol




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Barabel! I've been waiting to see one of these


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Yeah I just stumbled upon the species by accident today on Wookiepedia. Was too good of an opportunity to pass up for a character and the gears just started turning the second I started reading the page on their culture and stuff lol.