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Z-90X Chaingun

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Daral Tal'Verda

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Credit goes Respawn Games and their game TitanFall for the Image.​
Intent: Provide a weapon for CIS exoskeleton pilots operating a machine that lacks built in weaponry and instead requires an external weapon.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Industries
Model: Z-90
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Modularity: Yes, to a small degree
Production: Extremely Minor
Material: Durasteel
Description: A heavy weapon designed for the sole use of being wielded by exoskeleton users within the CIS. Due to it being the prototype of it's series, and the rushed nature of it's creation, it lacks field testing and may be prone to jamming along with other issue that require the gun to be maintained properly, which is rather difficult thanks to the fact it requires at least three men to preform maintenance.​
Classification: Slugthrower
Size: Handheld (By and Exoskeleton, far to large for an actual person)
Status: Military
Length: 2.5 Meters
Weight: 100 Kg
Ammunition Type: Slugs (Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel, the works)
Ammunition Capacity: 200 Rounds per belt
Effective Range: 82 Meters​


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@[member="CC-442 Daral"]
Alright, I get the concept for this idea, but I got a couple of issues here.

First, you imply it's a bolt on weapon specifically for exoskeletons and walker type vehicles. I get that, but could you place that somewhere prominent? The Modularity part would be good, otherwise we'd have people running around with a 2.5 meter chaingun and firing what's supposed to be a vehicle mounted weapon from the hip. You can see how that would be an issue, so please put that there. I know you stated it elsewhere, but add that to Modular section to make sure people see it. Redundancy is a virtue.

Moving on, what role does this perform? Yeah, it's a weapon to be mounted on a walker or exoskeleton, but why? Extra firepower is nice, but what is it mainly or primarily supposed to be used for? Chainguns IRL are used for anti-light vehicle roles and infantry suppression. Is that what this is for? Either way, please add that so we don't have people setting it up like a tripod mounted HMG or bolting the thing to a starship.

Also, what about heat? Slug throwers build up heat when they fire, chainguns especially so. Most use a rotating series of barrels, but this looks like its a single barrel. Is there anything in place to prevent major heat build up so that you're not cooking the ammunition off as it hits the receiver or from the thermal radiation off the weapon itself while in the magazine? Please add that in.

For the ammunition types, could you elaborate what 'the works' is please? Anti-armor and Anti-personnel are pretty standard for any slugthrower size, but in the Star Wars universe, specialized ammunition for slug throwers is hard to get for rifle, pistol, and machine gun calibers alone. You're looking at something that is pretty much a chaingun version of an autocannon. I'm assuming that the gun is roughly 20mm caliber at that size which means specialized ammunition will be very hard to come by if non-existant. Please take that into account for your edit.

Go ahead and edit those and we'll go from there :)
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