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Approved Tech Yuroic's Tactical Battle Helmet

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  • Intent: Give Yuroic an edge in combat and outside it.
  • Image Source: For stealth and tactical information mask here. Flips into the armoured mode
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Light Armor
  • Manufacturer: Yuroic
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Yuroic Xeraic
  • Modularity: The VI can be upgraded or its programming changed if one wanted. The armoured helmet can be removed entirely or upgraded with a stronger heavier helmet at a later date.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Plasteel, Cerasteel, Cloth
  • Classification: Helmet
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Quality: 1

  • VI interaction
  • Flips from a tactical helmet to a defensive based one

A built in VI gives Yuroic a tactical read out of a location, pin pointing enemies and it also allows him to see things further away than his eyes would normally allow. With the battle helmet on, his VI switches off allowing him to focus on combat. The second helmet is also stronger and provides better protection during in combat.

The helmet is a mix of two combined into one. With the tactical VI side being light weight cloth for comfort and using Plasteel with Cerasteel being using for the lens. The VI is integrated with Yuroic via spikes injected into his brain, this allows the VI and Yuroic to interact seamlessly. The right lens allows Yuroic took see things further away with a telescopic lens while the left gives a wider view and with the VI interaction use enemy highlighting and tactical read-outs of the location.

The modularity comes from upgrading or changing the VI abilities in one part while also one can remove the battle helmet making it just the tactical helmet or using a different battle helmet style or stronger metal.

When the battle helm slides down the VI spikes pulls out his brain, switching the VI off, this prevents the danger of electrical attacks being fatal to him. The stronger material and thick armour means that he has better protection from blaster shots. With the VI shut off it gives less distraction during battle and is the battle helmet is better suited for large battle or war scenario than the tactical helmet which could overload his brain with information.

The helmet works through a hinge mechanism. With the battle helmet lifted up, the tactical helmet is activated and when the user pulls battle helmet it then switches the VI off. This retracts the small spikes that were ingrained in his brain allowing him to focus on the battle without interaction with the VI and the VI possibly overloading their brain with information.

Tactical Helmet

  • VI provides near instant read-outs of a situation and highlights enemies
  • Telescopic lens means can see further distances
  • Lightweight
  • The cloth provides comfort
Weaknesses :
  • Spikes in the brain are painful when entering but after awhile not noticeable
  • Any electrical attacks are risky as they could cause his brain to shut off and kill him
  • Doesn't provide much protection against weapons
  • If the battle is big and intense the VI attempting to process it can cause user to suffer migraines due to overload of information

Battle Helmet

  • Durable metal and gives strong protection from attacks
  • No spikes in user's brain
  • Protects from elements, including electrical attacks
  • No migraines from the VI becoming overloaded
Weaknesses :
  • Provides no additional information or benefits
  • Lightsaber can cut through it
  • VI isn't in use when battle helmet is on
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]

I can't make out the artist's name on the second image source, please provide a link that credits the artist. There's a guide here on sourcing images if you need it.

Yuroic Xeraic said:
The modularity comes from upgrading or changing the VI abilities in one part while also one can remove the battle helmet making it just the tactical helmet or using a different battle helmet style or stronger metal.
Could you add this or a shortened version of this to the modularity field? This is just for convenience.

That's all though, nice work!
[member="Aria Vale"]

Found a new link to the picture which should provide a better credit to the original artist. If you need a better link just let me know. Also improved the modularity section for you.
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