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Yuroic Xeraic, The Lost Soul



NAME: Yuroic Xeraic

FACTION: Former Silver Jedi, looking to return to the Order.

RANK: Former Jedi Knight


AGE: 36

SEX: Male

Orientation: Straight


WEIGHT: 13 stone

EYES: Dark brown, almost black with a deep purple outer ring

HAIR: Dark brown, shines lighter tones in the sun and cut short

SKIN: Pale

FORCE SENSITIVE: Very Force Sensitive

Lightsaber Forms: Yuroic is proficient in all forms except Vaapad, his preferred form is Niman, in which he is highly skilled in. He also uses two lightsabers with an interlocking hilt.

Force Powers: Healing, Lightsaber Throw, Telepathy, Sense, Push/Pull, Beast Control, Mind Control, Jump, Stasis, Cryokinesis/Pyrokinesis, Choke, Lightning, Grip, Speed, Battle Meditation.

Expert, Skilled, Average, Less than Average/Unskilled


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Physically strong - Can lift objects heavier than most other humans can
Strong Reflexes - His reflexes have been honed that he can react to things just before they happen, normally faster with his connection to the Force but with training without the Force, his natural instincts have improved.
Decent night vision - Compared to other humans, his vision can cope with some low light.
Strong Force Connection
Decent hand to hand combatant
Expert Lightsaber/sword combatant
Expert Linguist - Able to speak most alien languages fluently
Capable archer

Average Skills:
Average shot with a blaster
Some computer skills
A Fair cook
Limited hacking abilities

Not a fan of big crowds
Short tempered
Often lashes out on others
Hyper critical of himself
Prefers isolation


Yuroic went under a great change in during his thirties, hidden away from the world after discovering that his parents were slavers that were caught and slaughtered by him. This discovery made his facial expressions darker and more reserved, no more was he the fun, upbeat man that he once was known for. His number of scars have increased while he was away, they now litter his body, some small cuts to large blaster burns. His worst scar is the long claw marks that cross from his right shoulder-blade to his mid back on his left side, ugly thing that cut deep and a testament to the harsh conditions Yuroic put himself through. Some of the tattoos that Yuroic had have faded while others remain.


Yuroic is believed to have been born on Nar Shaddaa, much of his birth still remains a mysterious to him. From what he could gather from the families that took him in, he was left in a bundle on one of the corners in the Refugee Sector. No one knew her name, saw who she was or ever heard from her again. Whether she was fleeing from a danger or abandoned Yuroic for his own safety is completely unknown. However, from there Yuroic was forced to live by very lean means. Living in one of the poorest sectors in all of the galaxy, with no one to provide food meant that Yuroic was forced to beg and hope that other refugees would take pity on him. Thankfully there was one family who often gave him leftovers and clothing, not necessarily the best even by their standards but he was grateful for any small comfort.

By the age of five Yuroic was sold by that family to a smuggler who saw a potential in him. Yuroic's small, wiry frame meant he could easily climb through vents of a ship or stronghold, then hack the computer terminals to allow the smuggler in. The smuggler was a green Twi'lek called Ta'Mihaj, who was cruel, deceitful and constantly looked down upon Yuroic. The family traded him for a few credits and a ticket off Nar Shaddaa, it broke Yuroic's heart, the people he had grown closest to calling family had given him away as if he was nothing but food or a tool. Ta'Mihaj treated Yuroic just like a tool, sending him on tasks, feeding him the bare minimum and often beating Yuroic if he ever dared fail a task. This lasted for a decade, Yuroic growing up use to the constant abuse and serving Ta'Mihaj as a slave should serve their master. It wasn't till two weeks after he had his fifteenth birthday, or the day he considered his birthday, that something changed.

Yuroic had failed getting to the terminal in a safe house owned by a hutt, a hutt that owed Ta'Mihaj a bit of money, the vents were smaller than he was led to believe and ended up getting stuck several times. During the entire briefing for the task Yuroic had a bad feeling about the way the mission was going but he held his tongue as he didn't want another lashing from his master. However, once he was freed he found Ta'Mihaj kneeling on the ground with several tough looking guards pointing blasters at both his master and Yuroic, who surrendered without questioning. Once they were released unharmed, after the hutt took Ta'Mihaj's ship and credits, Ta'Mihaj took Yuroic down several alleys in the busy Nar Shaddaa streets before stabbing him in the back with a small dagger. The wound wasn't fatal but it did cause Yuroic to bleed profusely and fear for his life as Ta'Mihaj called him a 'useless slave and good for nothing orphan who deserved to die alone'. Luckily for Yuroic, he managed to weakly walk to a refugee medbay where the doctors treated his wounds free of charge.

Now freed from his slavery to Ta'Mihaj, Yuroic wandered the streets of Nar Shaddaa. However, he was left with no credits, no weapons and no ship. He was trapped on the planet with nothing to do but beg for food and drink. It was if the last decade had come to nothing, however, Yuroic decided to look for work and tried joining any smugglers leaving the planet. It was tough to convince most smugglers that he was capable and had been in the business for awhile but thankfully he was finally able to find something. He worked on a ship with two smugglers, another human in their mid forties and a Quarren who was not a fan of Yuroic's. Yuroic didn't care about the others, over the years he had become cynical and introverted, preferring his own company to others. However, he did help them for the next five years using his strong senses to help them advert danger and get cargo they were almost guaranteed not to successfully grab. The other human smuggler on the ship told Yuroic that his gift was almost like he was using the Force, when Yuroic didn't understand he explained who the Jedi and Sith were and how they were trained to use this gift.

When Yuroic learnt about Force Users and how they not only controlled their powers but used them in combat and situations, he knew that he had to find out more. He decided to seek out the Jedi, he had to become more than just a smuggler, so he demanded to be dropped off on the nearest Jedi occupied planet. From there Yuroic decided to seek out the ways of the Force, deciding to train and change his luck. Perhaps even find out who his parents were, perhaps they were Jedi running away from Sith, or something along those lines. He needed hope and this was it.

When he arrived on Voss, he was greeted by Arisa Yune, Grand Master of the SJO. There Yuroic started his training with the Jedi Order, although he had not yet determined if these Jedi could be trusted so often found himself in trouble for his dirty attire. Yuroic trained hard and often alone, knowing that the other students would look down at him and mock him for his rough upbringing. This didn't anger Yuroic at the time, just drove his need to improve and determination to be better. It took months of hard work but he was finally able to combat other Padawans and often excelled in sparring matches. This thirst for knowledge and healthy mindset attracted Arisa into taking him as a Padawan, an honour that Yuroic was determined to earn.

During his Padawan training he met and fell in love with Jairdain, a young blind Jedi Knight. They spent a lot of time together and became close over time until they consummated their relationship during his Gathering at Ilum. After that, Yuroic became much more in touch with his emotions. Unfortunate that during a mission he sensed Jairdain in danger and her kidnap to the Sith, this drove Yuroic to a darker path whereby he killed and blindly fell into hate. Luckily, this lapse in the Force did not remain long as Arisa helped him rise above the allure of the Dark Side. His mind though was focused on bringing Jairdain back to the Jedi in order to save her.

During a random scout of an unclassified planet, his ship crashed on the surface. Left alone Yuroic realised that there was little he could do but release a distress beacon. His ship was damaged beyond his repair skills and with no other sentient life on the planet, he could not find a way off it. This forced exile from the SJO, drove Yuroic nearly insane during the first few months. Being alone, he found it difficult to cope with no one to talk to and very little bar survive in terms of things to do. After overcoming the chances of going insane, Yuroic started to thrive on the planet, hunting and building a small hut to live in.

Near the end of his exile, Yuroic had become one with the planet's ecosystem. Hunting to survive and often spending time practising ways of the Force. His practising pushed into darker areas and though he knew it was not the Jedi way, he felt himself enjoying the use of Dark Side powers. For during this exile, he believed himself no longer a Jedi as he could not help them. The end of his exile arrived when a rogue scavenging ship landed on the planet, looking to reap rewards from the crashed ship. Yuroic confronted the scavengers, who attacked him at once. Still retaining his lightsaber skills and honing on them greatly, he was able to easily take out the scavengers and use their ship to return to the SJO. Sadly for Yuroic, the SJO he remembered had long since passed, with this knowledge Yuroic decided that with no Master he would use his exile as his trial for Knighthood and promoted himself as one.

It was the battle of Mirial that changed Yuroic for good. The Silver Jedi had been going through tough times, the Galactic Empire, First Order and Sith Empire decided to press their attack, attempting to destroy the Order, however, they remained strong. In retaliation, the Silver Jedi struck back at the Sith Empire, planning to stage an invasion on Mirial. The invasion went badly. Yuroic ended up in a duel which left him both physically and mentally scarred forever. He lost his right arm and had been crippled by a Dark Force User that was more machine than living being. The failure of the invasion marked the end of the Silver Jedi's rule on Voss, moving further in to Kashyyyk and closer to allies.

During this, Yuroic became more recluse, isolating himself from others. The failed invasion saw him lose his old Master, Arisa, as well as his own injuries. It was hard for him to interact and be a Jedi that the Order needed. It wasn't until he rediscovered an old Jedi training world, that he found himself back in the fray. The journey there and tapping into the Light Side of the Force once more, brought back his lost faith. He also confronted the demons he had made since Mirial in a crystal cave when retrieving his new Kyper crystal. Yuroic then focused on rebuilding his friendships and reaffirming his love for Jairdain as well as working on a prosthetic arm for his lost limb.

Yuroic now is a Jedi Knight once more, ready and focused on helping the Silver Jedi Order to bring Light and hope where there might be none. During his time as a Jedi Knight, Yuroic took a more involved role within the Order, attempting to prove that his placement amongst them was solid. He took on a Padawan, in the shape of Asaraa Vaashe and he pushed himself to step into the more political murkiness of the Silver Jedi Order. He even lead a team to support the Galactic Alliance against an invading force from the First Order. His efforts met a brick wall when he was hunting down known slavers within the Silver Jedi space, during this hunt he confronted the pair and attempted to arrest them. This was when they realised who Yuroic was and revealed themselves as his long lost parents, this shock Yuroic to his core, he hated slavers and slavery. His childhood was full of painful memories as a slave, blinded by his pain and hatred, he slaughtered his parents. Making them suffer for his pain, pushing him far towards the Dark Side, only a brief spark of horror brought Yuroic back from the Dark Side.

Due to this fall from grace, Yuroic abruptly abandoned Silver Jedi Order and went into hiding. Determined to never return unless he found his balance once more. Years later, Yuroic has now returned, however, he is not the same man who went missing those years ago.