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You're Home Is Very Different Than My Own

Mikhail Crystall

Serenno, a place he had never come across in his travels. Granted he was never one for traveling off Christophsis, he left that up to his younger sister and father. His father was King after all. The planet was still recovering after an orbital strike that killed a mass amount of unarmed civilians, and an assassination attempt on the royal family, not to mention a civil war that threatened to divide the planet...Well that was home for him.

What was he doing on Serenno? He had no clue, apparently he was supposed to meet a representative of one of the major houses, he didn't get Serenno's politics. What was the meeting about? He had no clue, his father said something about making friends with other nobles.

Mikhail smiled as he stepped off his transport ship, flanked by a royal guard in all blue armour. It's not that Mikhail couldn't handle himself, it was more for an image. The teen had heard little about the count of house Malvern, only that he was the only surviving member.

Mikhail looked towards his guard. "Keep a level head don't say anything rash..." Mikhail advised as he walked to the manor's gates.

He waited outside the gate silently. He was a city boy, this was definitely not the city.

"This place is a little unsettling." He said aloud. The armour clad guard nodded at the comment, completely agreeing.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Serenno's western mountain range was host to one of the many impressive estates scattered across the wealthy planet. Blackgate Manor, aptly named for the large ebony gate that separated the estate lands from the surrounding range. At first look it was a rather simple homestead built into the side of the mountain, the borderline Gothic decor accenting the shadowy overcast. For hundreds of years this manor had been in the possession of Adron's ancestor's and now control of the manor fell to the young lord.

Adron sat in his new office, sorting through the mess of papers and datapads that had been left for him to organize. Many had to deal with his father's past dealings, others were works that were still pending with The Dominion. All were in a state of disarray until Adron could see them set to order.

A knock erupted from the office door, pulling the boy from his concentration. "My lord." A voice called to him through the metallic threshold.

He recognized the voice well, alien in nature with a tone that reminded him of a droid, it could be none other than the Security Captain. "You can come in Nuana." Adron called back, setting the datapad in his hand to the side.

The door was parted into it's chamber, making way for a lengthy Rodian clad in a dark brown uniform. His star-filled eyes slightly dimmed, possibly from a hard life or even the stress from acting as the Count's new head of security. "The representative from Cristophsis is entering the planet's atmosphere, Count."

Adron took to his feet, his hands reaching for the black leather coat that had been draped over his chair. After pulling it on and rounding the desk he ran a hand through his hair. "Well we should get ready to greet him, don't you think?" The Rodian seemed to lack the social component that tributes to idle chatter, a curt nod was returned to Adron before the man turned to lead him from the office. Following behind him Adron and his escort made their way out of the estate and into the main court yard. Two additional security officer's joined them at the main gate, in uniforms matching their Captain.

As they walked to the security panel that controlled the large gate Adron could not help but admire the landmark which had earned his home the it's trademark name, Blackgate.

The large ebony gate creaked loudly as the metal hinges began to slowly pull the gate open. Adron glanced over to the escort that was watching over him. Normally for a civilized meeting anymore than one guard would come off as excessive but with the recent events Adron had been urged to keep a heavy detail on hand.

Once the gate had parted enough for them to make their way through they advanced on their visitor's. Adron's guard staff falling in behind him he made his way to Christophsis' representative. "Welcome to Blackgate keep, Prince Mikhail. I am Adron, Chief Ambassador of Serenno and Lord of House Malvern." Adron breathed a sigh of relief, glad to get the official titles out of the way.

"Please, I won't keep you waiting in the cold, that would be rude of me." He gestured back towards the manor before turning to lead the way to the main building. As they passed through the gate one of the security officer's would see to it's closing during their departure.

[member="Mikhail Crystall"]

Mikhail Crystall

The prince had to admit [member="Adron Malvern"]'s family had great taste in architecture and decor. He smiled, it was all to different compared to what he lived in. It amazes him that the manor itself was built into the mountain. The gate seemed menacing, it belonged to the legends. A definite story he'd have to ask about later. Mikhail would smile as the raven haired boy introduced himself as Andron. Followed by titles.

Mikhail was never one for the whole title thing, that was more of his siblings that preferred them. He had always tried to follow in his father's footsteps, but if he did, he'd be getting gray hairs at 20. The prince shook his head at the thought.

The Lord was followed by two guards and a Rhodian, all wearing similar armor. It reminded the city boy of the Christophsis guard, all uniform and precise. Mikhail was drawn back by the ambassador's voice. Saying that it'd be rude to keep Mikhail in the cold.

Mikhail grinned as he followed the raven haired boy. "Of course m'lord.Sorry to be rude, but your manor is enthralling. The gate has most of my interest." The teen would say as his guard followed behind.
As Adron escorted Mikhail inside of the gate he could not help but take notice of the man's comment on the gate. A brief wave of sadness flooded over him as he broke words to the prince. "The gate was built by my father. There was no such thing as being too safe to that man." Captain Nuana, who walked beside the Count glanced over to the boy, as if checking on him. Nuana had been Adron's personal guard since his birth and he knew more than anyone else the boy's pain from losing his family. Though he was capable of creating a decent guise, there was still much left to be desired.

Once they reached the height of the manor's front stairs the Captain entered a security code, drawing in the manor's main door. "Blackgate manor has architecture taken from several different worlds. Nal Hutta and Naboo designs were used for the interior. The round, soft, features actually worked well to off balance the more aggressive exterior." They entered into the main hall, statues of apparent Jedi lined the pillars, each one holding at least a slight resemblance to Adron. "These are all of the Jedi Lords and Ladies of the house." He stated, gesturing to the statues as they passed them.

"I know it's usually customary for us to see to business and then eat but you've got to be hungry. Why don't we eat and talk, hmm?" He glanced back to the Prince, offering a kind smile to the man as they made their way to the dining hall.

[member="Mikhail Crystall"]

Mikhail Crystall

The prince sensed a hint of sadness in the Malvern's voice. Mikhail didn't realise he struck a nerve in the younger boy. Yet he soon regained his composure when the Rhodian shot him a glance. [member="Adron Malvern"] answered that his father had built the gate. Being too safe wasn't a thing for them.

When they reached the peak of the staircase, the Rhodian Captain entered a code and the door promptly slid open. Mikhail followed the lord with a sense of awe. The interior design was amazing, the prince ran his hand lightly over a statue, trying to be as careful as he could. Adron commented about how the Lords and Ladies were all Jedi. The teen look around wide eyed, each statue bare some resemblance to the young Lord.

Lord Malvern spoke truly like a young leader, preferring to eat then talk of business. To Mikhail that was preferred, too much business talk stresses people out.

"You read my mind." Mikhail said as he shot a grin to the young Lord.

"I can appreciate the decor that your manor has. It has a nice look about it. If the cooking is as good as the rest of the manor, it'll be good." Mikhail said with a huge smile. He looked the king up and down. He was definitely not some slob, he was athletic. Mikhail wondered if he knew how to use a sword.

He ran a hand through his hair as he turned to his guard. "amazing right?" He said. The guard looked at him and nodded. The way father had the guards trained was truly atrocious.
Adron and his escort led the way to the Lord's dining room rather than the main dining hall. Adron had never felt comfortable sitting at a table meant to seat nearly forty men, unless the occasion called for it. Instead they were ushered into a smaller room with a much more modest, almost family like, table. A large round table, capable of seating ten had been cleared of all but three chairs. Adron gestured for the prince to take one of the seats across from him.

"Please, have a seat. Of course your guard can join us as well." The Count stated, sliding into his own chair as he did. As soon as the room was still Adron's excess security would depart, with only the Rodian Captain remaining by his side. Two waiters emerged from the kitchen, dressed in black suits matching the house, they made their way to the nobles, bowing politely as they asked what the lord's would like to drink.

"I'll have some water, please." Adron ordered, going against the ritualistic tradition of wine with dinner. The waiter nodded before offering another respectful bow and returning back to the kitchen. Once the drink orders were collected Adron rolled his neck around freely. "The kitchen is pretty extensive so please, anything you can think of order up."

While they waited Adron decided a bit of idle chatter would be nice to get to know the man before him. "So I've never been to Christophsis, could you tell me about? My father told me it's where he got the crystal for all of our lightsaber's, but past that I don't know much about the world."

[member="Mikhail Crystall"]

Mikhail Crystall

The prince was let into what was a small dining room with a round table and three chairs. The young Lord gestured for Mikhail and the guard to take the two seats adjacent to himself. Mikhail and his guard waited for the Lord to take his seat before taking their own. To Mikhail it was very unusual for one of his knights to sit and eat with him seeing that Mikhail's father would never allow it. A knight's duty is to serve, not to mingle. Yet Mikhail followed the strange customs of [member="Adron Malvern"]. Mikhail noticed the Rhodian captain remained, even as the other guards left. Understandable. The young Lord had a very bloody family history. The captain remained standing as two waiters who were dressed sharply entered the room. The waiter that went to Mikhail bowed slightly and asked what he'd have to drink.

"Water will do, thank you sir. Though I'm sure Ser Adam would favor a glass of wine." Mikhail would say to the waiter.

Mikhail smiled as the Adron commented that the Manor's kitchen was extensive. "You are too kind m'lord." Mikhail would say as he watched the waiter exit the room.

Lord Malvern asked about Christophsis, adding that he only knew that the planet was where his family got their lightsaber crystals from. Mikhail smiled.

"I'd be happy to share, what would you like to know about it?" Mikhail asked with a grin, he knew plenty about the planet, he just wanted to know what the young lord would be interested in.

"There is a major difference that I'd like to point out: The land is very different." He said as he reached for his glass of water and politely took a sip.
The young Count watched as the waiters returned with the drinks, offering the nobility two large glasses of water while Mikhail's guardsman was offered a fine glass of wine, an accompanying bottle set down beside it. The waiters stood by to collect the meal orders and after a moment of contemplation Adron spoke up. "I'll have a strip bantha steak with a small platter of fruit." He ordered, finding bantha steak to be a simple, yet tasty meal.

When Mikhail asked what he would like to know about Christophsis Adron could only intertwine his hands, setting his elbows on the table in front of him. "So, tell me about your government? I understand your father is the monarch of the planet? Does he rule uninhibited or does he report to a council?"

A moment passed before another question arose in the boy's mind. "Also, you said the land is different? How so? Different from Serenno or just....different?"

[member="Mikhail Crystall"]

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