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Young Kings

Cathar had been on the Dominion's list since its inception. A world of warriors that had been vehemently loyal to the Republic and its promises of democracy in the past? Well, that fit the Dominion just fine. The Cathar had always been a valued member of the old republic, and the senate had hopes that it would be a similar ally to the republic's successor state. They had chosen to send Trade Lord Dilbert Zambino to speak with the kind of Cathar, given the Archlord's business with the burgeoning Damocles Crusade.

Dilbert arrived on Cathar flanked by two Trandoshan guards. Each carried ceremonial vibro-staves and heavy blaster pistols, though Dilbert doubted they would have much work to do here. Cathar was a friendly world, and now that they were free of the Mandalorian yolk he suspected they would be amiable to diplomacy, perhaps even representation within the senate.

The senator of Neelgaimon's vessel had settled down in the capital city, and Dilbert now made his way to the palace of Cathar's king. He knew little of the man, other than that he was relatively young and good of nature.

That suited Dilbert's purposes just fine.

The senator would be announced as he made his entrance, and now found himself sitting in a waiting room until the king of Cathar was ready to meet with him.

Cathar, the place he had called home all his life. The people knew him well, as a kind, gentle king. Yet that didn't mean he was opposed to fighting. He stood in his chambers out on the balcony. He was silently staring out into the vast veldt. The young king's armour shimmered as the sun's light reflected off. His hand rested softly on the hilt of his sword.

Rumours of a senator's upcoming visit filled the capitol city-tree. It made some uneasy, yet they would never show it. The Cathar were a proud people. Aslan smiled at that. Soon there would be a knock at Aslan's chamber door.

"Excuse me m'lord-" The servant was cut off by a low growl and a chuckle. "Aslan my dear friend!...Call me Aslan. Now what news do you bring me?" Aslan said with a huge smile.

The servant let out a breath before starting. "The rumours of a visitor were true Aslan, it's a senator, his name is [member="Dilbert Zambino"], not much was said"

Aslan began to walk out of the chambers. "Where is the senator now?" The Great Lion asked. The servant began to follow Aslan. "He is in the waiting area along with his two Trandoshan guards." The servant said.

The young Cathar nodded and dismissed the servant. Then made his way to the waiting area. Upon reaching it, he would see the senator and his guards.

Aslan's smile was apparent. "Ah! Senator Zambino, to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence? I am Aslan, King of Cathar"

He eyed down the three, he didn't know much about politics, he preferred battle to tabletalk. But visitors were visitors.
The two guards stepped aside as Zambino rose to his feet. At just a little over five feet in height, Dilbert Zambino was not a tall individual. Furthermore, the aging senator was rather rotund. His mop of unkempt gray hair did not help with his haggard appearance, but the Dominion eagle on either of his shoulders proved his station.

The Bothan's toothy maw parted in a wide grin as the king of Cathar stepped forward. The fellow, [member="Aslan"] his followers had called him, was two or three heads taller than Dilbert. That did not stop the Trade Lord of Neelgaimon from looking him in the eye however.

Big motherkarker, this one.

"King Aslan," Dilbert bowed his head in respect. "I come on behalf of the Dominion Senate. We've been wanting to reach out to you for sometime, though we had not deigned the time to be right. it is!" Dilbert barked a hoarse laugh.

"There are a number of things we wished to discuss, but I'm sure you can guess at to what they might be. Is there anywhere we might talk in private, King Aslan?"
[member="Dilbert Zambino"]'s height was of note, Aslan nodded at the words he spoke. Aslan returned the bow with one of his own. The Bothan spoke of how he was from the Domination Senate. Aslan furrowed his brow. The name made him uneasy, the idea of Domination was something Aslan never agreed with. His people would no doubt be uneasy. He sighed but kept his smile. He heard the senator's request for a more private meeting and the young Cathar nodded.

"Of course...If you wouldn't mind leaving your friends here, I'll get some refreshments sent to them...If you will." He began to walk towards his chambers. He would walk alongside the Bothan and speak.

"I'll admit, I've been too busy tending to internal matters to really delve into the politics of the galaxy." He said with a small chuckle. Soon they'd reach Aslan's chamber. It held a fireplace along with a couple of chairs. The king would stand by one and wait for the Bothan to sit. The fire crackled softly.

"So tell me more of what this... Domination Senate is. So far the name makes me uneasy." The king said with a kind tone.
Dilbert followed along just as [member="Aslan"] directed. His guards did not need a word spoken to them to remain; just a simple nod from the senator. The two Trandoshans slipped into their chairs in the waiting room, and began dealing hands of pazaak. Alone with the king, Dilbert listened to the tall Cathar's words. The concerns were something he had expected. Few heard of the Dominion and thought of them as a friendly force, though that was truly what they were.

"Well ya shouldn't be son," Dilbert almost boomed, his voice one of obvious amusement. He settled down into one of the chairs Aslan had pointed out, eager to get off of his arthritis ridden feet. The crackling of the fire certainly set senator Zambino at ease.

"Heheh, kiddin'," Dilbert winked at the Cathar. "We're a democratically run government not far from here. The Republic fell apart, as you know. You could call us her successor state." A paw waved about as Dilbert explained the situation. "The name is more a combination of a dozen other ones. We're made up of quite a few worlds and groups. We needed something to unite all of us, and it was something of a catch-all."

His arms folded about his chest. "I'll be rather blunt with you King Aslan: I've come to speak with you about membership."
Aslan chuckled at the booming voice of the old Bothan. He rested his arms on the chair and looked into the fire. [member="Dilbert Zambino"] explained that the Domination Senate was a successor to the Republic since it's fall. Cathar has always been aligned with the Republic, some of her people were even Jedi. They helped out a great deal after the trouble with the Mandolorians was resolved, yet the people of Cathar were still licking their wounds.

The Old Bothan was rather blunt when he asked for Cathar's membership info Domination. Aslan looked up from the fire and brought his gaze to the Bothan. The king thought of the elders, while he was the final decision, the elders spoke for the people. The king preferred their input. Aslan settled comfortably and let out a sigh.

"I'll be honest when the elders caught wind of your arrival, it made my people nervous " He paused. "But this membership intrigues me. Why does Domination want Cathar's support?" Aslan said as the dim light of the fire lit the room.
"They should be. A galactic power on the approach is an intimidating thing. It could mean anything from a peace offering to a declaration of war." Dilbert explained as he fiddled with some of the buttons on his jacket. The thing barely fit him these these. Grumbling a string of curses under his breath, the senator opted to simply slide out of the thing, exposing his fur covered arms to the fire. He set the article of clothing over his laugh and made a little huff over it, his brow furrowing.

"We have two Sith groups trying to take the outer rim King [member="Aslan"]." Dilbert began once he'd gained control of himself. "Neither has expressed any desire to be political. They wish to conquer, as Sith are wont to do. Cathar will most surely be in their sights. We seek to prevent that." The Bothan's arms folded over his chest as he spoke, his tone taking on a darker sense. He was not a big fan of the Sith, though many of his allies touted that they could use their power for the good of the people if truly put to the test.

Dilbert had never believed such drivel.

"We want your support to keep your people safe. We intend to grow and encompass much of the outer rim, and Cathar is on that list. I doubt your people want another fascist rule by a foreign power," Dilbert's muzzle wrinkled at the word. "In short, we'd put a garrison on your world and give you the full protection of the Dominion fleet. Open borders with member worlds, benefits when needed, financial relief efforts should Cathar ever have any troubles," Dilbert waved his hand about.

"And full representation within the senate. We're seeking to restore democracy in the galaxy King Aslan. Cathar has always been an ally of such ideals. It's only natural we sought you out."

Aslan noted that the Bothan senator continued to say king. Aslan respected that. Nothing seemed off about Senator Zambino as far as the Cathar's Ruler could tell. Aslan nodded when the Bothan agreed that his people should be nervous. The Bothan went on to say that there were Sith that were vying for the outer rim. The Cathar let out a low growl at the mention of the sith. They weren't oppressive scoundrels that were in it for themselves.

Aslan looked back to the fire. The Bothan's words lingered in the Great Lion's mind. 'Cathar will most definitely be in their sights.' he gripped the chair's arms tightly. The Bothan was smart he went on to provoke the king's feeling when he added how Aslan's people wouldn't want another oppressive power, they've had enough with the Mandolorians.

While he wasn't against the garrison, he didn't necessarily like the idea. "My people are a proud people Senator, they hate feeling weak... Powerless. Installation of a garrison on Cathar will do exactly that. They'll feel like they can't protect themselves. But if having garrisoned troops on Cathar helps fortify Domination's hold on the outer rim, who am I to turn them away?" He paused and looked back up to the old Bothan's face.

"I have terms if Domination wishes for Cathar to be in their senate...the garrison's main base cannot be on any City-tree, it must be down in the Veldt. And they must avoid caves and going underground, there may be Kiltik nests..." The king sighed. "The only reason for the garrison being down there is because my people don't like outsiders coming in and taking control." He sat back further in the chair. "Will this garrison and fleet act on its own accord or will the senate vote for it's actions?"

[member="Dilbert Zambino"]
The king's concerns made sense. Dilbert, admittedly, only had a cursory knowledge of the Cathar and their politics. He had read up on the world and her people before coming out this way, but certain customs and views were still foreign to the Bothan.

It didn't help that he'd been in this same situation with four other worlds in the past week.

"Our military's actions are decided by the senate. It's regulated." Dilbert assured with a wave of his claw. "You need not worry about them acting as their own governing force. The garrison is only to help bolster Cathar, and if you like, we can staff it with a majority group of your people." The Bothan pointed out as he held out a datapad. The details of this agreement were strewn across its screen; all logistical information mostly. Assertion of sentient rights, freedom of speech, opening of trade, all the things to be expected of a democratic nation.

"You pick where we build King Aslan," the Bothan grinned, "And then we'll get you a nice comfy seat in the senate. One big enough to fit you."

Aslan admired the Bothan's attitude, [member="Dilbert Zambino"] didn't talk down to him. He grinned​ species other than the natives of the planet was highly uncommon and uncomfortable for the people. Aslan turned and looked into the fire. The senator said that the senate guided the military. The Cathar king liked that idea rather than having the military guide themselves. The Bothan assured the young king that the Garrison would only bolster the forces of Cathar. And they'd staff it with a majority of Catharian's.

"That would ease tensions if there are any." Aslan said in a gruff but kind voice. The Cathar looked at the datapad that the senator held out. For the most part the King was familiar with it. He nodded and looked at the older Bothan's face. The old man reassured that Aslan had completed control of where he wanted the Garrison. Then the Bothan made a closed with a joke. Aslan busted out in a roar of laughter. "Aye!" He said between a breath.

Aslan looked back to the fire. "I am not too familiar with the politics of the galaxy....What would a basic Senate meeting contain?" Aslan asked
Bartic entered the rather extravagant room, an adjunct following him with an armful of data pads, he was to interrupt this important meeting and take over in the place of the senator, it felt rather rude but it was necessary.

Bartic took a bow and spoke up, "Your Grace, I must apologise but Senator Zambino is needed elsewhere, The Dominion is growing faster then it can fill the new positions that open so it's all hands on deck."

He rose from his bow and passed one of the data pads his adjunct carrying to the senator whom quickly left the room nose buried deep in the information given to him.

"My name is Bartic Myth'rand and I am the director of the Dominion Security Bureau, I hope this change of representative does not offend you in anyway Your Grace."


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