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Mythos Mythos

Kay was about ready to close the shoppe. It was a steady day for business, which was good. Yet there was much to be done. She had an obligation for Tregan Mallhane to fulfill, so many of her offhours were in working on a new product.

But there was time for that after supper.

Kay was glad to be way out on Altiria/Anarris; a backwater planet focused only on itself instead of the goings on in the Galaxy. It's location made it safe from invaders, not to mention it's average resources. It was the perfect place to be left alone by her enemies. Of course she had no armies at her beck and call, not even a ship for she couldn't afford one anyways. So there was no reason for her enemies to crash her new life except to gloat and bolster their own egos.

She began wiping down the tables and putting the chairs on top, getting ready to finish her work day. But there was still about twenty minutes left before she could lock the door.

Oh yes, Kay was enjoying her retirement from everything.
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Many questions Mythos had left unanswered, many things he had sacrificed to get to where he was. This world was of no note, to those younger than him with no eye this store would be the most innocuous thing in the galaxy. But Mythos knew more than that, He knew that in here dwelt the Queen of Commenor... one he had to betray.

As the door swung open he left his weapons by the door, left his coat in the rack and slowly approached the counter.

His body had changed drastically, it was bigger, extremely toned for strength and size and his hair was so long it touched his hips. The scars on his face were plentiful now, his back was toned and swollen twice as much as before.

He wore furs and gold from kingdoms lost and kingdoms far. Outside of the shop a speeder worth ten times the price of many houses. Opulence was his usual decor but this time it was because of what he knew. He was also enjoying his retirement but like Kay, he had unfinished buissness.

"Long time no see Kay"



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As the door swung open, Kay stopped wiping the counter and looked. Mythos Mythos . Great. She took in a deep breath only to refrain herself from clenching her jaw.

"What are you doing here? How did you find me? Are you just a harbinger of more death and destruction? Come to warn me?" Her eyes narrowed slightly as she threw her towl onto the counter and folded her arms across her chest. It was well obvious that she was still mad at him for his betrayal. Everything went downhill after he let the enemies in through the back door.
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His trademark plastered smirk was basically welded into his face. He walked in, pulled up a chair and sat down like he owned the place, hell if he could and got permissions and the proper permit he would make this a subsidiary of M&M.

She shot as much questions as a machine blaster shot blaster rounds a minute. To this Mythos shook his head and relaxed his shoulders on the fine chairs. He pointed at the rack where he placed his weapons, particularly to a singular sword wrapped around several layers of terentatek leather. It was the sword Kay had blessed for him, a blade that contained a part of her essence.

"With the blade of Commenor by my side it's queen is never hard to find". His tone was very casual and while he spoke he eyed the queen from head to toe noting how time affected her, yet left him untouched.

"I've warned you enough through the decades, you seem to always chose your morality and own judgment over my foresight and prophetic visions" He shrugged and produced a small kettle of tea from his bag with the insignia of the Ancient Atrisian House of Magnus.

"It's the last pint of it in the galaxy, I thought I'd come share it with you" The Old Sith said while pouring her cup then his and then gesturing for her to take a seat at the other side of the table.

He took one sip of the tea and remembered those times in Naboo, that time when they were both so young and full of vigor. Before the dark times, before the Alliance.

His eyes locked to hers, he spoke and smelled the anger she had towoards him, the pure delicacy that was that anger, it made him feel so good and warm. "I am always a harbinger of Doom but this time it's doom to your enemies."

He placed the cup down and threw his head back, soaking the anger, the hatred, the betrayal. All this was necessary, all these things were the building blocks of their doom.

"Doom over dead men"

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Kay looked to the blade that Mythos Mythos had pointed to and then closed her eyes. She had forgotten about that blade. But now she recalled fully when he had her bless it. Yet never had she realized that it could be used in such a way to lead him to her location. If others wielded the blade, would it do the same thing for them? That could be very dangerous.

"I'm a queen no longer. Or have you forgotten?" She then opened her eyes as he begun to chastize her, or so that's what she felt he was doing. No doubt he was gloating, for he seemed to be studying her. "I'm stubborn. You know that, everyone knows that. I don't need a planet or a kingdom to be happy. We all know of my love for tea, so this is what I am now; a tea merchant." And she was just fine with that.

And then Mythos produced his own tea. Atrisian. Kay let out a light sigh. No doubt they were going to get back into their old argument that tended to run in circles; that of betrayals and refugees. She unfolded her arms and massaged the bridge of her nose while she mentally prepared herself for it.

Here we go.

Kay approached the table and sat across from him. She picked up the cup in both hands and took in the arome before taking a sip. Yet instead of the argument, Mythos brought up a different topic. A brow rose in question. "What are you talking about? Is there something going on out in the Galaxy that I don't know about?" No doubt there was plenty. But it wasn't as though she cared to keep track. There wasn't any need to do so.
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"You have been a queen to me since before you knew what Commenor looked like Kay." He stated plainly in response then took another sip of his tea. She always thought he was gloating, here to be more of his own arrogant self in his arrogant self important ways as was tradition. But Mythos didint see it that way, he saw it simply as stating facts and stating the obvious.

"In fact if you would have stayed like I asked" He said, placing down the tea and staring her dead in her eyes. His tone was low and for once, human. "You would have been Queen of Atrisia, Mother to children that outnumber the sands in the beach and the stars in the sky, tenfold."

He was going to say something else, he would elaborate, yet instead sighed and resigned the past to the past. This was one thing no amount of dig sites and archeological operations could resurrect.

"There's a lot you dont know about not all of which concerns you" He shrugged and pulled a cigar filled with Dark Bota. "You mind?" He said before lighting the cigar, it was much less asking permission and much more of a cordial warning.

He blasted the tip of the cigar and puffed twice to get the cherry top lit and burning. "I heard Veiere is dead, I hear that dozens of Empires will cover the galaxy where only few once did. I hear of the fall of the ORC, I hear the Sith Empire weakens. I hear many things, many of those largely exaggerated"

He drew a long draw of the cigar, the powerful weed making his eyes bloodshot and swollen. The stench was so strong it even made his nose twitch. The smoke billowed from his lips, each ring that he blew a different shade of blackened red.

"What this means for us is we have a chance to put people in the dirt that deserve it" His wry smile spread on his face, his eyebrow raised at the thought.

He passed the cigar to Kay and gestured for her to take a hit. This was no ordinary cigar, it was emblazoned with gold lining and the Magnus insignia. The craftmanship was impeccable and the smell was powerfully intoxicating.

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"You never knew me before I moved to Commenor. When we first met, I was their Senator. I wasn't a Queen until..." Kay shook her head a little. She didn't need to get into that tale again about Praz and his systematic torture.

She sipped her tea and returned his stare, her jaw dropping slightly at his revelation that they could have married. "One of the many mothers to your many children? You are a player, Mythos Mythos and you always have been. I could never marry into that. I shouldn't have to compete for the affection of my husband." Nor would she lower herself to being anyone's broodmare.

Kay shrugged her shoulders a little as he asked to smoke. That never bothered her. The fireplace was still going anyways, and along with the teas, there was an ample supply of scents in the air.

At the mention of Veiere, she lowered her hea. Tears threatened to flow and she held her breath in an attempt to hold them back. His death stole a piece of her with it. Their Force Bond was severed with his death and the Galaxy felt emptier to her without it.

Her eyes lifted to Mythos again while he smoked. No doubt that cigar was powerful stuff. She could see it in his eyes. "What do you mean; for us? You're on the side of my enemies." Kay shook her head at the offer for the cigar. She had never smoked a day in her life. No doubt she'd just end up coughing for a lengthy time afterwards. "Are you asking me to put you in the dirt?" Fat chance of that. Yet she thought of it as an amusing idea.
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He just about spit his tea when she mentioned his many children. He had to laugh at that ludicrous statement, had she forgotten? Did all the torture and war and trauma rattle her memory? It was possible, he had dealt with many soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress and this was one persistent symptom.

Without mockery he had to retort, but the thought of it made him smile. "I have had one wife and one son Kay, both died in Atrisia" The smile died with the sentence. Serena and Adas were in the dirt for decades now, every woman that had come before or after had been an anesthetic to his pain and little more, other than Mara Rockwell Mara Rockwell . But Mara... was insane... Only the force knew where in the galaxy she was today.

"I met one female just about as mad years after and I have no idea where she could be." He stopped his train of thought, stared at her and with a look of perplexity stated something he thought was obvious. "You really are innocent as they come aren't you? As naive as a padawan for these things. I made you statues of pure lava rock, you stand as the only person to have waltzed into my own home, i bent over backwards in majestic illusions just to brighten your day and more than once set my own neck to save your life when a slavery rescue went sideways"

He leaned back and shook his head, finally he understood. He had to spell it out for her, literally do what he did for other women, be as subtle as a speeder crash. That was fine, he could do that.

"And you still think you have competition?" He smiled, knowing that he had to have gotten her in that one.

Maybe he'd let the subject die, maybe not, it had to be said. When she married Veiere he felt so faulted, not only was he a Jedi but he had come so much later, what did he have that Mythos did not? He would never admit it but it bothered him to no end. That's why when he felt her grief at the mention of Veiere he gave her a moment.

Mythos would have never hurt Veiere, even after he threatened to kill him. Not because he was a silver jedi although that was more than enough, but because he stood beside him when few others did.

"I'm on the side of justice, of retribution and vengeance. I will destroy every vestige of the Alliance in the galaxy, I will kill every man, woman and child under the gold and blue because it will save countless worlds from being purged like mine was. I thought we were on the same page when it came to that... I hope we are now."

He smiled and passed her something, a note he had written before coming here. Before arriving he did research of what was the true nature of the tea shop, after bribing the right people he came across familiar brands of tea... not all of them healthy. In the note was the name of a tea that worked exactly as a truth syrum.

"Bring me the whole kettle, I will drink it, then you can ask me whatever you please."
He said putting out his cigar on his cup, the sizzle also cracking with the seeds inside.

"Or you can put me in the dirt right now and poison the tea. Your choice"

A bold play, could go both ways. He would never know either, it would take two days for the virus to kill him. By then she could be long gone.

He had to take the chance... but he trusted her.

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When Kay responded to Mythos Mythos it was done quietly. "You told me that you weren't the type to commit to one person only. I was the only one to deny your advances and I'm quite certain that you took that as a challenge, rather than anything else. You had the mother of your unborn child there at your Palace when I was there. And out of her jealousy for the attention you were giving me, I left. I couldn't stay and constantly have daggers thrown at me." Not literally of course, but the icy stares were enough to make her more than uncomfortable.

She wasn't sure of whether or not she liked where this was going. Yes she had love for Mythos, but Kay never let it get too far. She never let him do more than give her a hug or kiss on the cheek like friends do. The last thing that she wanted was to be one of his carnal conquests.

To his comments on purging, she looked up at him. "There are purgings happening now, Mythos! And it has nothing to do with remnants of the GA. These are innocent people that are facing what had happened on Atrisia and they are being slaughtered!" Kay sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose again. The two of them used to fight together, side by side for the same causes and now she was having a difficult time letting go of the past. Instead it was the same old thing, an argument over who was right and who was wrong.

The sliding of the note caught her attention. She read it over and then looked up at him, her brows furrowing in question. Yet as always Mythos was stubborn and dedicated in proving himself and displaying his bravery.

Kay set down her cup and gotto her feet. "I don't want to kill you, Mythos. I don't think that I ever could." Not unless she was pushed to it so hard that there was no other way. Yet she wasn't sure that either of them could hate eachother that much.

She went behind the counter and prepared the tea, although a cup was enough for the side effects to work, she brought a whole kettle's worth anyways. And instead of just one cup to go with it, she brought two. Kay set it all down at the table when it was finished and poured him a cup. She poured herself one too and then sat down in her seat. "Why are you really here?"
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He nodded and agreed at her statements silently, a smile beaming in knowledge of something hidden plastered on his mug.

"That was all before I met you, Serena was before I met you, Adas was unborn in her belly before I met you." He stated plainly, as usual she was right... yet not entirely.

"And you're right, out of every woman in the galaxy I have shown my affection for only you denied my advances." He said, now doing something he never once dared to even think of doing. He leaned in, so close he could smell the steam of the tea she prepared all day on her skin and clothes and traced a finger clearing a bang of hair from her face. He didint have to read her mind, as a Sith he could literally taste and feel emotions as if they were tangible, physical things in the material world.

She had love for him, he could sense it, feel it, he could touch it as if it emanated from her very soul. Before it was tightly hidden, now there were cracks in the armor.

"But you're overlooking one important detail." He said placing one index finger in his lips, making the gesture of a secret, his yellow eyes shining bright for a flashing millisecond. He took his hand and placed it on hers, upon contact Mythos used the force to show her what was left of his heart. It would feel like watching a movie, she would see the depths of his soul, his faults and insecurities, the pain and suffering of death and rebirth, but most importantly she would see that the only vestige of the light that remained inside his soul, was his love for her.

Now the puzzle would be complete, even as a Sith King before she came his path on the ways of the Sith was stalwart and absolute. It was her that changed him, his constant desire to attain her literally made him follow the light.

As quickly as it came it vanished, he retracted his hand and settled back into the chair. For a few seconds their lips were extremely close and temptation oozed from the force itself.

He cleared his throat and smiled, he knew now what they both knew. "As for daggers, I never figured you being afraid of people and their opinions. Or assasination attempts" His tone was jesting, but he was only half joking. If she truly wanted to she would have stayed, if she truly cared about him the way he cared about her... the way she cared about Veire...

He shook his head and got the thought out of it. She spoke of purging and to that he knew more than his fair share, but it wasnt like Atrisia. He himself had purged an entire continent when he burned the tree of life... the difference was he knew it was necessary... he had The Ancient Eye.

"You're right again but these wars, these chaotic times ahead of us are necessary for creating the perfect galaxy". He opened his shirt, doing so he once again realized... this was the 8th time he had to take his shirt off in front of her, so he stopped and just pulled The Ancient Eye from his necklace.

The Eye was unlike any object had ever shown her, it took an entire faction and empire to build and it wasnt even half way done. The object was small but it radiated a metric ton of dark side energy the likes of which not even the Ax of Adas could stand against.

"This is the Ancient Eye, this is the object I created an empire to collect and it's not even complete". As she brought over the tea he passed the relic across the table covered with leather and Sith Runes. The smell was quite nice, the sight of her turning around was also quite nice, she wouldn't notice when he bit his lower lip instinctively.

"I know you couldn't kill me but that's because I am more powerful than any force wielding warrior I have come across in the last twenty years." He smiled and spoke in his usual overconfident, booming voice. As the tea was served he relaxed again and took a sip, it tasted different than any tea he ever had and he did not know if the effects were instant.

"The Eye" He began, gesturing to the relic between them and taking another sip of the tea. "Is not only a weapon but an Iris for the future, what other Masters around the galaxy train and fail to achieve the Eye very easily does. Through the eye, meditation and training one attuned to its power can easily see the future, far enough to include but not limit itself to."

He paused, tapped twice the table and leaned back. He looked at the thing, the black, pulsating heart whose tendrils seemed to stench on endlessly in the immaterial thread of the force. "Decades, centuries... millenia"

Her question caught him off guard, he remembered earlier and decided to throw caution into the wind. To hell with subtlety, it was literally now or never. He cleared his throat, decided to test the tea. Could he lie?

He tried to say something along the lines of 'Dying was easy, resurrecting was painless.' However he physically could not, as much force as he could muster he simply could not lie. He blurted out.

"Dying was horrible!" He chuckled after that and nodded. "Tea does it job, good. Now for your question".

Like he was drinking, like the tea were shot glasses, he downed not one, not two but three cups of the tea in rapid succession, the heat of it burning his lips and chest as it slightly spilled.

Shaking it off and staring her dead in the eye.... he said.

"Because I love you, I never want you to leave my side again and I want you to get on that speeder, come with me and never once need anything again. I will carve out a house for you in Midvinter or keep you by my side on my Star Destroyer. You can be as uninvolved or as involved as you like. I just don't want you to leave, ever again."

It was one of the hardest things he ever had to say, not because he was shy, not because it was hard but because her rejection would feel like getting shot by a blaster bolt. And Mythos, hated getting shot by plasma.

"If you change your mind, if for whatever reason you wish to leave you can come back here with one of my starfighters I have plenty. What do you have to lose?"

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Kay listened as Mythos Mythos agreed with her statements. She remained still as he leaned in close and moved a few strands of her hair. What did she miss? What detail out of his playboy pursuits did she overlook?

She studied his eyes for a moment, seeing the quick change in them that lasted but an instant. And as Mythos touched her hand and the images entered her mind, she closed her eyes so that she could focus on what she was seeing and feeling. And what was shown was unexpected....

Her blessing of the blade all made sense now. It was a part of her that he would always have with him. So long as he carried it. Yet never did she imagine that he secretly pined for her and that there was any jealousy in regards to Veiere.

But now she knew and she wasn't quite sure how to process it all just yet. Her thoughts just started to drift back on 'what ifs'.

The images ended once he let go of her, his comments causing her to open her eyes. "...I was a young Senator back then, trying to carve a place for myself in the Republic through honest means. Opinions mattered greatly. I didn't want to be known as 'the other woman'. That's not a good reputation to have..."

At his statement on purging being necessary, she scoffed a little to herself. If others had said the same thing about what happened to Atrisia, that it was necessary, Mythos would be swift to reject that. Kay didn't condone what had happened there at all. But she had no power within the Alliance to stop it. And there was guilt within her for that.

Kay looked at the Ancient eye as he produced it. The Darkness coming from it was powerful enough already. Her brows furrowed a little as she wondered if it had a life of it's own. Was Mythos using it for Sith Sorcery? Such acts she could not stop. It was Sith Sorcery that was often used to capture her. At one time she had some light armour to help stop it, but that was all gone now. Most of her posessions were destroyed or lost in space along with her ship; The Free Lady.

But then he let her know just what the Ancient Eye could do. It gave glimpses of possible futures. Having such foresight was advantageous for anyone. Just how certain the future was, Kay didn't know. Did Mythos use it before coming here? Was this all a part of some plan for a future that he saw in meditation?

Mythos drank the tea and she just had to smile as he tested out the effects. Kay knew how well the tea worked and how quickly. Such an item was coveted by casino owners and even some Imperials. It certainly had it's uses and made torture unneccessary. That was why she had created it. Kay had gone through too much torture, although more often than not, it wasn't for a want of information that she was tortured. It was all done to break her.

And it worked. Her enemies wouldn't let her die. She didn't deserve the release from pain they caused. The after effects even lasted to this day. Now she knew fear.

Kay couldn't believe it as Mythos drank cup after cup after cup of her tea. "Take it easy...no one has ever drank more than just a cup...the effects could last all night or longer now..." She wasn't certain what the length of time would be. But now she was sure to find out.

His answer to her question shocked her. She knew that he loved her, but this wasn't the reason that she had expected for his visit. Kay picked up her tea and drank it, carefully, so that she wouldn't burn herself. Out of respect she wanted it to be a level playing field. She reached out and placed her hand on his as she waited for the effects to take place. He needed her, that much was clear, and in a lot of ways she needed him too. "I have contracts to fulfill in regards to this shop. I'm developing a new product for one of my clients and it's nearly finished. If you help me...then I will..." Kay paused. More than likely she'd be his moral compass. Yet who did he serve? No doubt he worked for her enemies and she'd once again have to come face to face with them. But as her son had told her; she couldn't hide from everyone forever. Politics was worse than the Darkside could ever be. She couldn't resist the opportunities to make a difference. Even after all that she had been through. "...I will go with you." Of course she was no pilot, so she couldn't fly a starfighter or anything on her own. But more than likely he'd have her transported here or wherever she wished when she wanted to.
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The last victory he ever wanted was now complete, but one new product? His eyebrow raised at the question. And one she needed his help with? This was curious, Mythos smiled and gave her a reassuring wink.

"I can pay off the entire block and buy out the contracts but this intrigues me. Allright, I'll bite, what exactly did you have in mind?"

Before she could awnser he suddenly remembered something. Something had had created long ago in Atrisia precisley for Kay but for one reason or another never got around to giving her. He produced two rings, each one with one half of the old O.S. Insignia on it. "Ehcanted rings, as long as we both wear one, I will always be able to find you or vice versa"

Now he did not lie, but he omitted one small detail. The rings had one small side effect during sleep, very vivid dreams of carnal desires.

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Kay smirked as Mythos Mythos sort of offered to buy off her contracts. She knew that he was loaded, but credits couldn't be steeped or baked. It was the products her clients wanted.

And then he held out a ring for her, one part of a pair. The O.S. insignia was one that she hadn't seen in a long time. The idea of it creating a connection between them reminded her of her wedding rings that did the same thing for her and Veiere. They worked well except for when her enemies removed them from her. "Thank you. These look old. Perhaps if we could get one fitted for one of my toes? There'd be less chance of it being stolen if I get captured."

It was never a matter of IF she got captured, but WHEN. Kay had a bad habit of attracting the most dangerous people to her. Mythos was an example of that. Yet his attraction wasn't born of evil.

"My client wishes for me to create a new product, based off my Lightside fudge and one of my more...narcotic teas. I believe that he owns a casino, so that would be why. A solid form would be best and he threw me the idea of a type of icing sugar, sonething that could be added to either a dessert or drink. I don't have long to work on it. Only two days." Not that she was worried. It was moreso the mass production part that did. She didn't have the staff nor the equipment.
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Mythos had an idea that convinced him Kay would never again get kidnapped... training her to be a brutal assassin like he used to. He hadn't told her yet but he had an entire theme park of traps, death pits, creatures and bounty hunters paid off in Mythos City especially designed to push her to her limit... but it was a surprise. She would become an assassin, one to rival any of the Olden Sith Assassins of old... or she would die trying.

He smirked at the thought, he wouldn't let her die... but even he could not save her if she failed some of those tests.

Mythos spread his legs and slapped his thighs, gesturing her to place her feet on his lap. "I think these will work quite fine. Let me try them on" He said teasingly.

A fudge? Ice cream? Whipped cream? He almost drooled at the thought even if it was light sided. At the lack of men and supplies he scoffed, that much he had in plenty. "Easy enough I guarantee. I'll have a few dozen of my protocol and assistant droids come down. I have a full line of production I can retrofit for food and drink. They will take care of it while we can get to..."

His eyes shined and he smiled as he opened his sash and slapped his thighs again this time in bare flesh receving the impact. "More important things and pressing matters"

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Kay smirked as Mythos Mythos gestured for her to put her feet on his lap. Well it was only her feet. The worst that he could do was tickle them. At best he could massage them.

She nodded in thanks at his offer of droids for production. However she first had to finalize the product before she could start to get it mass produced. "Perhaps in the morning, I could work on it before I open the shoppe."

Kay shook her head with a light chuckle as he now slapped his own bare skin. Oh he was confident in his pursuits as always "Alright then." She removed her shoes underneath the table and then placed them onto his lap. Of course she had stockings on them, but no doubt he'd take care of that quickly. She wiggled her toes anyways as they enjoyed their freedom from shoes.

"Who do you work for now? Yourself? Or some other Empire?" Mythos couldn't lie and she knew it. But Kay needed to know what she was getting into.
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Slow and steady always won the hard race, the way of the Sarlacc. This was by far the closest he had ever gotten to having Kay where he wanted her, he knew precisely what he needed to do.

Before removing her stockings he began massaging her legs from the knees, calves slowly and using good pressure before making it to her feet. As he massaged he brought the stockings down slowly with his hands. She had a lot of tension, this was no surprise.

He focused, used all his knowledge in this and it was most definetly not his first leg massage. His strength and added muscle came in handy when applying pressure and his experienced fingers with a lightsaber as well.

"In the morning we are having breakfest." He retorted, work could and would wait. As the stockings were half way through passing her shins Mythos' lips accompanied the silk trail as he kissed a trail through her legs. His eyes however were locked on hers.

His trail continued right up to the tip of her toes, where finally he got to decide where the ring would go, not before teasing her into oblivion of course.

"Hmmm. Now which one would look best?" He said as he placed the ring on each one, purposely tickling her soles and toes as he did on the guise of finding the right fit. "Nope, not this one, maybe over here?"

He repeated the process over and over again, tracing his fingers across her feet and delighting in her smile.

Her question however wasnt unexpected. "I have always worked for myself however I have responsibilities." His face turned from playful to a bit more serious.

" Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex and Darth Tacitus Darth Tacitus have been kind to me, they have been very good to me. Kaine allowed me to build a whole City in my name and made it the Bread Basket to the Empire of the Sith. Tacitus on the other hand repaid my loyalty and service by allowing me to create the Golden Bazaar of Bakura where a lot of my coin now comes from. They are not necessarily my leaders, I wont be taking bullets for them but I owe them my loyalty and trust because they have given me loyalty and trust. They have put my name high, engraved my legacy, woven my legendary tale into the web of their history. For this I am eternally greatful"

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Such attention she hadn't had in...years. Not since Commenor regained it's freedom from the Sith.

Kay leaned back in her chair as Mythos Mythos began massaging her legs. There was plenty of tension within her to be sure, but his touch as he worked on her muscles helped to alleviate that.

She closed her eyes at times as she found herself relishing in the moment. Of course Kay expected nothing less from him, given his vast experience with multiple partners. Yet she shoved those thoughts aside and let herself enjoy the moment.

His kisses on her skin caught her attention, startling her at first. The look in his eyes as she held her gaze told her enough. With words unspoken she knew that she had the lead in regards to his advances.

Kay laughed as he teased and tickled her toes. The actions themselves seeming to release some of the shackles that she placed upon herself in her exile.

However his answer to her question caused her tension to return and for her to sit back up again. "Both have had me tortured. Both have held me prisoner for months. Tacitus put me on trial and sentenced me to execution. I have lost everything to them....everything, Mythos." Her exile was due to their actions. And it kept her out of their crosshairs. "They will laugh at you for wanting me with you. They will consider it a weakness for them to exploit. I am not safe in their company or their territories. Why else do you think that I am here?"
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"I am aware" He stated plainly, his voice as relaxed and poised as ever. As she spoke however Mythos simply switched the ring from one toe to another and tickled her some more. If he knew how to do anything, he knew how to make a situation or converation about another, specifically about him or what he was doing.

He wasnt done teasing and massaging her feet and legs, as she spoke he simply listened and nodded in agreement and kept doing his thing.

He already knew what he had to do, he already knew what he had to say, he listened and slowly caressed her and lavished attention to her while never parting his gaze. When he was absolutley sure she was finished he snapped his fingers and commanded the force to ignite the fireplace tenfold. The room wasnt cold, but it was about to get warmer, much warmer.

He turned his face to the windows and took a deep breath. As he exhaled a whistle that imitated the howling winds of Midvinter echoed through the store and then a cold blast fogged every single window to the point where nothing could be seen outside at all. Finally the Sith raised his hand again and lifted his index finger, this time commanding the force to shut the front door and all other locks in the building to snap close one by one.

"If they consider you a weakness it will literally be their death" He said, his tone and voice soft but absolutley confident. "And what we do doesn't concern them"

He pushed the table away gently with Telekinesis, then pulled her by her legs with strength so her chair snapped right next to his and her feet now dangled at the other side of her chair.

Once again he cleared the hair from her face and traced down his fingers right under her chin. With his other hand he caressed her bare skin as he looked deeply into her eyes. Slowly he inched her lips to his as he whispered.

"We can do whatever we want to"

Carla Carla


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It was hard to keep a straight face, hard to be srrious with Mythos Mythos still going after her toes. Was he ever going to settle on a good spot for the ring? Maybe later. This all seemed like too much fun for him.

And she'd be lying if she didn't admit that she was enjoying it as well.

Kay wished that she had Mythos' confidence when it came to her enemies. Past experiences took that away and it would take some time to rebuild. Yet she was certain that Mythos would help her with that.

She watched as he seemed to prepare the shop for them, giving them the privacy from outsiders that Kay craved. Especially in a moment like this.

As Mythos pulled her to him she gasped in surprise at the ease in which he did it. It was as though she was as light as a feather. Her eyes half closed as he traced his finger along her face, her gaze holding his as his face was so very close to her own. She felt the pull, felt the desire, yet she still felt the need to restrain herself. Perhaps it was out of habit, or out of the hope that he wouldn't disappear on her like playboys have the reputation of doing.

"Whatever we want to..." Kay just repeated his words softly before she closed the gap and their lips met for the first time. She held hers there for a moment before she broke off the kiss, as though she was just testing the waters. And those waters felt good.

"Is this what your Ancient Eye showed you would happen?"
Lord Commander
After two decades, years of patience and relentless perseverance, their lips finally met. All it took was at least one dead Jedi, billions dead, at least two genocided planets and one resurrection.

When their lips met Mythos moved his hand from her chin and buried his fingers in her hair behind her head and pulled gently, searching for the exposed skin of her neck. He wanted to bite into her, to ravish her right here and now, to show her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

But as she broke off the kiss he thought it might be better to let things build slowly, he had the victory, it would be assured no matter what.

He smiled, eyed the relic behind them deeply and attuned himself to the eye. It was a good question, with his outstretched arm he called upon it, it showed him what he wanted to see. The eye now showed him a vision, the two old friends finally meeting in the flesh. From their union release, but all in due time.

"It has shown me much more than just this, if you call upon it, allow it to gaze through you as well... you shall see what I mean"

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