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Yasuo's Progression Tracker

Atlas Kane

Imperial Knight Tracking Template: Section I

Basic Information

Name: Yasuo

Rank: Jedi Knight/Cadet


/Ongoing\ The Liberation of Ossus [Republic vs. Sith Empire] Duels with the Vice Chancelor of the Republic, defeated an Ethereal slave and saved a Sith apprentice from the Dark Side.

/Ongoing\ The Clouds of Darkness Have Risen Met with a couple of Jedi and went to investigate Dark Side activity on Zahat'n'ira wich turned out to be the homeworld of the Council of Sorcery.

Thread Tracking

Required Basic Force User Training Threads:

Telekinesis: Trained in basics during time as Jedi Initiate. Learned advanced skills during time as Padawan, thanks to Niman training.

Art of Movement: Basics.

Breath Control: N/A

Force Speed: Basics.

Force Sense: Already trained in basics during time as Jedi Initiate.

Telepathy: N/A

Required Imperial Knight Basics

Lightsaber Combat Training:
Form Learned:
Link to thread:

Resist Temptation:
Completed: N
Link to thread:

Final Test of Loyalty:
Completed: N
Link to thread:

Additional Training Threads Completed as a Cadet/Padawan:
/Ongoing\ Learning the secrets of the Force and leaving behind the past Meets Kiskla Grayson and begins his Padawan training and learns the basics of Soresu.
/Ongoing\ The People you meet on deadly Planets ... Met Fabula Cavataio on Vendaxa.
/Ongoing\ The Way of the Rancor Learned some history, philosophy, stances and techniques of Niman.
/Ongoing\ Training with an Ancient Meets with Darc Xavior Talus and Sochi Ru to practice and learn more about Niman.
/Ongoing\ The Underdark Met with Dar'rak, Saran Drast and Sochi Ru to investigate previous Sith activity on Coruscant.