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Approved Tech Xynar's Alpha Blade

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Factory Judge
Thanks to Runesape with a recolored two-h sword.
Intent: A weapon for Xynar that will be used as a Symbol for his species as Alpha Male, and to create a useable weapon for the larger hands of the Val’Kar species.
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Self made.
Model: Alpha Blade
Affiliation: Val’Kar/Moross Crusade/Xynar
Modularity: Minor
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel blade, leather grip.
Xynar, for many years, has wanted to strike back at his leaders in being harsh against others of his kind. He wants to rid their rule of tyranny. In doing so, he will go lengths that others have not to fulfill his dream. In doing so, he created a sword that would fit his grip, and be easily used for him, or others of his kind. With a larger sized grip, and a very large blade, Xynar will use this against his the current leader, and possibly for later uses.

The sword is simple and nothing extra is done to it as he does not have powers or abilities to do so. However, with is larger grip, it can be hard for species with smaller hands to use. Humans will have to grip the sword with two hands as the grip is too large for them to control it with one hand. With the 1.6 meter blade (roughly 5 and a half feet) It would be hard for humans to control a blade as large as they are, but for the 2.3 meter Val’Kar (just about 7 feet tall) It’s just the right size.
Classification: Great sword
Size: One-handed/Two-handed
Length: 1.6 meters
Weight: 6kgs
Other Features: A simple sword to be a symbol for power in the hands of Xynar.
Not open for further replies.