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Xristos - The Devourer's Chosen

Zahori Denko

Name: Xristos
  • Ruin
  • The Devourer's Chosen
  • Bloodletter
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Iridonia
  • The Sith Empire (formerly)
  • The Moross Covent
  • Dark Jedi Knight]
Force Sensitivity: Yes
Force Alignment: Dark

Gender: Male
Age: 42 GSY
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 206 lbs
Skin Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Distinguishing Marks:
  • Facial and body tattoos
  • Warrior: Countless battles and endless aggression has turned Xristos from the novice he once was into a seasoned warrior. He has learned combat techniques that have made him a fearsome opponent when he has a weapon in his hand and an opponent before him.
  • Erebos: For some time, Xristos has had an unending bloodlust that has driven him to near insanity. He constantly seeks out conflict and strife and, if there is none, he will cause it by any means. It's an insatiable urge that he cannot control.

Xristos was taken as a young child by the Jedi when his force sensitivity was discovered. He trained under them as a youngling and eventually became a padawan. His true potential was realized when an attack on the Jedi temple he called home had came. The Sith had came ins trength, searching for young Jedi to corrupt and the rest for slaughter. Xristos was left alone after his master was drawn away by the conflict. He was soon discovered by the Sith. Without any protection, Xristos was at their mercy. The Sith grabbed the young zabrak and took him away, back to his ship. Xristos watched out the viewport as the Jedi temple burned. What perplexed him was, he felt nothing. No sadness and no fear. His heart was cold and his feelings were blank. He just stared down at the temple as the ship ascended to the stars.

Years later, Xristos had ascended to a Sith Knight. He grew much easier under the Sith than he did as a Jedi. It felt more natural to him: to use anger, passion, hatred as a source of energy and power. But, this was not enough for him. Xristos wanted more. His aspirations soon outgrew those of the Sith around him. He abandoned the Sith in search of something more fulfilling. Xristos went form planet to planet murdering, maiming, and torturing innocents in search of some kind of purpose in the world. That is when he came across a scholar of the Moross Crusade. This man led Xristos on the path that eventually put him under the watchful eye of the Moross Pantheon. His nature drew him closer and closer to Erebos the Devourer. He soon began to proclaim himself as Erebos' chosen and grew in strength and influence as he drew more and more follwoers under him and, by association, Erebos.