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"On the blood of my father, and his fathers before that, on the blood of of my sons and their future sons, I swore an oath to protect and serve The Empire without question"
Name: Xepro
Age: 27
Species: Xanti
Hair: None
Height: 2.56 m
Weight: 112 kg
Eyes: Black
Pupil: Orange/Green
Skin: Tan
Faction: The Empire
Rank: (still finding out)
Home world: Xantos
Galactic Basic
Force Sensetive: Yes
Force Rank: N/A
•Physically Capable - Like all Xanti Xepro has the natural feat of Strength and quick muscular devolopment, he boasts high metabolisms and his muscles throughout their bodies develop at almost twice the rate of an average human who exercises regularly.

•Kindred/Loyal - Like all Xanti Xepro likes to act honorable, even to the extent were he would give his own life to save a comrade he barely Knew

•Ingenuity - Like all Xanti, Xepro has very advanced technology knowledge, it would probably be considered above average in most human like species
•Imposing - Like all Xanti, Xepro has a massive muscular frame and muscular growth, which often appears intimidating and makes the air around them offers a intimidating presence and air of authority, which often doesn't sit very well with other species

•Isolation - Unlike the other Xanti, Xepro is not as isolated and doesn't look down at other species with distaste and disrespect, he is not arrogant or prideful, he just prefers the company of himself compared to others.

•Zealot - Xepro is not a Zealot to the extent of the other Xanti, but he still believes in the religion and will tear any one's arm out if they talk about the Zealot religion with fis respect it is extremely likely that he would rip there arm out of it's socket

•Force Rarity - Because of his species are not usually force wielder's Xepro is weak in the force and cannot train as easily as other Sith Apprentices, this is why he prefers military service opposed to being a official Sith.
Xerpro boasts a wide frame with built muscles and a slight arch in his spine near the top of his head. He is reptilian in nature with leathery skin, reverse-jointed legs, and sharp claws and teeth. His hands have two fingers and two thumbs. The most distinct part of him is his jaw, which is comprised of four separate mandibles.
TIE Fighter
DL-44 XT
Blaster Carbine
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/E-11_blaster_rifle]E-11 Blaster Rifle
Xepro was born after most of the important things had happened to the Xanti species, he arrived about five years after the Xanti began cleansing people, he was raised with the Zealot religion that had been discovered when Cryn Vanatos had learnt the traditions and customs off an outsider and taught it to the other Xanti, they of course started a 'path of enlightenment' it was during this time period his parents meet and he was born five years later.

Every day Xepro was required to go to temples and worship the gods, as if though they owned his life. He he came into a state of secretly being a part of the Zealot religion, yet not as much as his fellow Xanti did, he still went to the temple everyday and prayed and worship the gods. Before anyone knew Xepro was all grown up, unlike most other Xepro he felt a urge to train as a Sith Soilder, he passed training with top scores and joined the Empire's military.
Kills: None
Bounties Collected: None
The Soldier...