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Approved Starship X-5 'Tiger II' Multi-role Fighter

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Intent:provide a happy medium between Kurayami's interceptors and assault craft

Image Source:Here


Canon Link:N/A

Restricted Missions:N/A

Primary Source:N/A


Manufacturer: Kurayami Bloodborn

Model: X-5 'Tiger II' Multirole Fighter

Affiliation: Kurayami Bloodborn

Production: Unique

Material: Neutronium reinforced duraplast, Carbon fiber/titanium reinforced frame


Classification: Multi-role Fighter

Length: 17m

Width: 5m

Height: 1.9m

Armament: Moderate
4 L-s 9.3 laser cannons(2 either side of the nose)
1 electromagnetic plasma repeating cannon(Centerline on dorsal side of the nose)
1 Warhead launcher(Centerline on ventral side of the nose)

Defenses: Average
Military grade particle/ray shields

Squadron Count:N/A

Maneuverability Rating: High

Speed Rating: High

Hyperdrive Class: 1

-3 Modified J-77 Event Horizon engines with three dimensional thrust vectoring(behind cockpit mounted in an inverted triangle)
-Standard life support
-Etheric rudders(located at the back of the craft as well as in the form of canards near the cockpit)
-Military grade particle and ray shielding
-Advanced targeting computer
-Advanced flight control systems
-Standard Navicomputer
-Encrypted comms/Holonet access
-Versatile warhead loadout(able to carry 4 proton torpedoes, concussion missiles, brilliant missiles, etc)
-Inertial Compensator

-Quick and maneuverable
-Well armed
-Small frontal and side profiles

-No onboard droid or room for one
-Limited guided weapons capability
-Large target from above or below
-No sensor defeating countermeasures(No chaff/flares or jamming)

Description:The X-5 'Tiger II' Multi-role fighter came about from Kurayami looking back through old squadron records. He came across something that his old flight lead, Erich had been working on. It was a design for a more well rounded fighter for Aquila Squadron, though they were known for their ability to cause havoc in A-Wings, he felt that a more survivable craft would be helpful. The craft incorporated 3 J-77 Event Horizon engines with three dimensional thrust vectoring to provide an experience similar to that of flying an unmodified A-Wing,which the pilots were used to. It would not be as fast or nimble as the other craft, but it would carry a more versatile and hard hitting weapons loadout in the inclusion of 4 L-s 9.3 laser cannons, an electromagnetic plasma repeating cannon, and a single general purpose warhead launcher. It was meant for multiple roles instead of purely anti-starfighter duty, and the loadout reflected such.

The defenses were only slightly greater than that afforded by an A-Wing, but this was seen as a necessary sacrifice, in addition to the exclusion of any onboard droid brain or socket. Military grade particle and ray shields could take a few solid hits before needing to recharge, but the hull would take only a couple solid hits from a medium cannon at best, and forget about a direct missile strike, that would easily destroy the fighter. Near misses were survivable from a starfighter grade missile, but would still require serious repairs after all was said and done.
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