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Approved Starship X-37 Interceptor 'Nephilim'

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Intent: Replacement for the X-13

Image Source: Here & Here



Canon Link:N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source:


Manufacturer: Kurayami Bloodborn

Model: X-37 Interceptor 'Nephilim'

Affiliation: Kurayami Bloodborn

Production: Unique

Material: Carbon fiber/reinforced duraplast frame, Neutronium reinforced duraplast hull


Classification: Interceptor

Length: 14m

Width: 3m

Height: 2m

4 Ls-9.3 laser cannons(2 per wingtip)
2 Rotary heavy laser cannons(2 side by side in the nose of the craft)

Defenses: Average
Military grade particle/ray shields
Phantom 4x short range jammer
IFF sccrambler

Squadron Count: 1

Maneuverability Rating: Very High

Speed Rating: Very High

Hyperdrive Class: 1

-2x P-sz9.7 twin ion engines(one set on either wingtip)
-Engine units are mounted on a swivel capable of moving independently +/-90 degrees vertically
-Three dimensional thrust vectoring
-Encrypted comms array
-Standard Life support
-Advanced navicomp
-Advanced Targeting system
-Military grade shielding
-Advanced sensor array
-Inertial compensator

-Heavy armament for its type
-Highly maneuverable
-Can outrun most ships it runs into
-Made to shred opposing fighters

-No warheads or explosive ordnance(no mounts for such)
-No physical countermeasures(chaff/flares)
-Hull can take at best minor hits once shields are down
-Maintenance heavy
-Not made for ground attack
-IFF scrambler and Phantom 4x jammer can effect enemies only within a short range

Description:While the X-13 had served him well, Kurayami realized that since he had a dedicated assault ship, he could make something a bit more to his liking. The X-37 'Nephilim' started as an offshoot of the Amaterasu class, utilizing a similar hull layout, but with a few modifications. This was to be an interceptor, purely made for aerial combat. While in the design stage, Kurayami decided that he wanted to utilize the heavy cannons from the old fighter, but in the end left out the two Ht-12's, in favor of two heavy rotary blasters and four Ls-9.3 laser cannons and decided to utilize a thin hull covering of neutronium reinforced duraplast instead of the laminasteel. Leaving out the extra metal would allow for a faster and more maneuverable fighter.

The 2 engine clusters are mounted on swivels, allowing for 90 degrees of freedom in the vertical plane and are set to work in tandem. Realizing that all his weapons were concentrated upfront, and having learned long ago that even the best shields would eventually fail, he took a page from electronic warfare. The ship utilizes a Phantom 4x short range jammer, and to throw missiles off track is also equipped with an IFF scrambler. These are seen to be used in a short burst, just long enough to disrupt a lock or tailing missile.

The coloration is the same as the X-13 and Amara class. A mottled grey/black camo over much of the fuselage, with the wingtips, underside, and trim being a faded sand yellow coloration. As is common on his fighters this one also carries the '013' designation on the nose of the craft as well as the 'tail' in the same color as the trim.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Travis Caalgen

Kurayami Bloodborn said:
Maneuverability Rating: Extreme Speed Rating: Extreme

Would you mind putting these down to High? Extreme seems to be a rather large jump from the original ship, and it lopsides the balance.
The ship is a replacement, not an upgrade of the previous one, I linked the other to provide a base for some of the materials utilized, not as a 'base model.' Also the other ship mentioned shared a similar hull design, but is in no other way related. I would be willing drop the laminasteel from the hull and eliminate the two heavy cannons. This is an interceptor and as such speed and maneuvering are the main defenses it has. Thoughts?

Travis Caalgen

While it is true that it is not an upgrade (I apologize for misinterpreting it as such); It is not that that I am concerned about, it is the massive jump for the two ratings I stated beforehand. This is the 'Unique Fighter' template, and below that is yours;

  • Armament: Very High
  • Defenses: Moderate
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: High

  • Armament: High
  • Defenses: Moderate
  • Maneuverability Rating: Extreme
  • Speed Rating: Extreme
I will compromise; If you lower your armament to Moderate (dropping the heavy cannons), and your defenses to Average (dropping the steel); Then you can keep both the Maneuverability and Speed at Very High, due to the acceptable weaknesses given.

[member="Kurayami Bloodborn"]
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