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Wyot Prynn


Purple Haze

NAME: Wyot Prynn
Not one, yet
RANK: In light of the previous answer, I'm going to say none
AGE: 22
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
EYES: Dark Blue
HAIR: Aqua-ish
SKIN: lavender

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

{s} – Intelligent – Wyot’s mind is a bit of a sponge. While he certainly doesn’t retain everything, he retains enough to get by without seeming like a complete and total idiot, when he actually takes the time to think, anyway. He usually retains enough information to at least be able to give a general idea of something, though some subjects are stronger for him than others.

{s} – Speed/agility – Being one of the smaller males of the species isn’t always easy, but it certainly gives a greater speed and agility, which is, of course, aided by the hollow bones.

{s/w} – Force Sensitive – In a society where force sensitivity is considered a boon, Wyot is a bit out of sorts. He’s sensitive, but doesn’t really have any force ambitions. Sure, he thinks it would be cool to be able to drop large boulders onto someone’s head, and that sort of thing, but he really doesn’t like lightsabers, and has absolutely no interest in becoming Sith – which, for his people, is kind of a bad thing. If you’re Force Sensitive, you at least try, and you’d best hope you succeed. You never really stop trying either.
{w} – Directionally Dyslexic – He has a problem following standard directions, and easily finds himself lost. “Go to the big rock, and turn left.” Okay, that’s great. Except which one is left again? It also affects his perspectives of N/S/E/W, and he will consistently get turned around in new areas. On Kaas, this is less of a problem, because he grew up there, and it’s kind of become second nature where to go, to get to certain places. It also causes a bit of an issue with, you know, left or right hand. He just thinks of them as his dominant, and not-so-dominant-hand, to keep himself from getting too many headaches about it.

{w} – Doesn’t Think – While he is intelligent, Wyot has a terrible habit of not thinking things through. He often jumps in headlong, without considering the consequences, or what he is going to do after the initial reaction. It does him a lot more harm than good, though it does lead to some interesting stories, I suppose.

First, there was an egg – or rather many eggs. It had been that way for centuries – a product of enslavement long since passed. They were kept together for protection, to ensure that as many of them hatched as possible. Some hatched before others, and some eggs never did, but unlike their ancestors on Skye, every egg was viewed as precious. No male was slaughtered in the egg for potentially being the wrong color, and likewise no female. The Sith Sorcery that still tainted their blood led to further changes in color, a diversity among them much like their force potential that marked them as different almost as much as their tails did. They were raised in clusters by age, each egg sibling to the other, even when no blood relation stood.

He hatched in winter, one of the last of his brood – and one of the smallest. These facts would not save him from the rigorous life of a Force Sensitive Vanr. They started young – doing any and every test they could find to separate those with potential from those without. The children without were pushed to the standards of the everyday member of society, whereas the children with potential were pushed to do more – to endure more. But to what reward? In his lifetime, there were no celebrations of one of their own rising to be Sith, and even those who had never went far. They were held back – kept beneath the rest, always in the same rut.

He looked to the stars. Night Flights were prohibited among the young – the wilds of Kaas much too dangerous for them, without supervision, but that didn’t stop him from sneaking off. Reckless? Probably, but he never went far – just to a tree on the outskirts of his settlement, in the upper branches. It was there he watched, passing starships a blinking glimmer in the vast distance, and the stars ever present.

He learned their names by the time he was ten. He could rattle off the names of stars, and their various formations, the distance between the planets, but he couldn’t navigate his way out of a maze to save his life, if he’d wanted to. Even cheating enough to fly up, and get his bearings, he was quick to forget just which direction he needed to turn. The fact set him behind his peers, in many regards, but still Force Sensitive, he pressed on, pressured to excel and one day strive to become Sith.

The trouble was, he had no interest in such a path. It was not the Force. The gift of power was not something he took lightly, even though he had no clue how to use it. It was Kaas. There was an entire world beyond its atmosphere – an entire galaxy of planets to be explored, and paths to be traveled that none of them had touched. They were barely even spoken of among his people, content to prove themselves capable without ever leaving what had become their home centuries before. Not only that, the lightsabers carried by the Sith weren’t something he was interested in ever touching. The weapons struck him as wrong, where there were so many natural armaments to be used (though he seemed to be perfectly okay with blasters).

Wyot was not among them, and he held himself back. When they pushed him to go faster, to work harder, he obeyed, but never to the extent that he knew he could. His potential came into question time and again, but too many factors remained in his favor. Beyond getting off-world, he really had no goals. He just wanted to leave. After that, he could figure things out – an entire Galaxy of possibilities at his fingertips.

The problem, of course, is getting there.



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