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Wright Enterprises

Davion Wright

Corporation Name: Wright Enterprises
Headquarters: Geonosis
Locations: Many Factories on Geonosis
Operations: Vehicle Manufacture
Rationale:After showing @[member="Genesis Rostu"] some schematics, Davion was given much funding to begin construction.

Tier: 2
Description: Wright Enterprises is an industrial company that was once just a dream on a piece of paper. The owner, Davion Wright, was raised in the Confederacy and always has had the dream of creating new weaponry for the use of the CIS military. This company started from scratch and promises to make the CIS military a force to be reckoned with. The company focuses on the construction of recreational and military vehicles, guns, and melee weaponry strictly for the CIS. Currently, the company has no devoted source of materials but has plans on scouting CIS-owned planets for a rich source. Any and all allies of the CIS are allowed to purchase Wright Enterprises products at normal charge while the CIS gets a discount.

And remember
If it ain't Wright, it's wrong.

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