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Wrath of the Wraith

Darth Hauntruss

Wraith of the Sith
A lone white ship landed on the forests of Endor. Removing herself from its metallic bowls was the Lord of Shadows herself, Val’Ryss Zankarr. Draped in dark cloak and tightly knitted black weave below, this shadowy figure of evil crept across the dirt surfaces of the Endorian forests to a steel structure protruding from the earth below. There she stopped and gazed at the structure. Her sense bleed into the force and she called to the one she had come to see, a spell-weaver of the highest caliber and alchemist of profound skill. It was a risky move coming into Lords of the Fringe territory to create the creatures she needed for her plagues. But, known Ashin and Spencer, they would overlook her stay; seeing that they owed her some rest bite for the help she provided Ashin’s transformation. Through the force Val’Ryss’ spertine voice leaked forth in a whisper in the wind.

“I have come as we had discussed Alchemist of the Spacelanes.” Val’Ryss hissed, “I have brought with some ingredients you may find…amusing to explore.”

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