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Words in the void

Harbinger class Cathedral Ship - The Tasgetius
It had been a few months since her time on Alderaan with Fiore, a time that had become complicated between the two. Of course she made a fool of herself as well as disclosed some information that was better left unknown. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she stood quietly before the large window, her golden hues peering out into the darkness of space. The vessel itself remained in the Alderaan System, though she had moved it towards the edge for her own reasons.

Slowly she paced back and forth, the room darkened save for a few dimly glowing blue lights. The woman looked out into the void of space before her, and even she wondered now where Fiore was. Pivoting upon her hind foot, she spun around and began to pace in the other direction before her attention was pulled towards the doors at the far end of the room.



"Your guest has arrived."

Amelia gave a simple nod before stepping forward, the armor clad woman standing at the far end of the room, her hand resting on the chair before her. A simple table sat between it and two more chairs as her focus remained upon the doors. She had spent these last few months keeping busy in her own way, sending Fiore off on missions to keep the young woman busy. Though they were also used as a means to keep Fiore away from Amelia for a time whilst she focused on another pursuit.

That night on Alderaan the young woman had given her a name, Mira, and it was a name that remained with Amelia. It had remained so much so that she worked on tracking down the woman that had so captivated her closest guard. Now she would find out who this woman was and what she meant to Fiore.

Amelia's own feelings though were in a twisted, tormented tangle. They switched between anger and fear, sorrow and jealousy. Lightly biting upon her lip, her fang dug into the flesh for a moment before she permitted a sigh to escape, her golden hues focusing upon the doors as they were pushed open and her guest escorted into the room.

"Please. Sit."

She said, motioning her hand towards the two chairs before her as the doors where shut behind the woman.

"We've much to talk about Mira."

[member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira had made her way to Alderaan, per the instructions on the holo she had received anonymously. Although the transmission and instructions were vague, she felt compelled to follow them - for one reason, [member="Fiore de Noir"]. If it had not been for her name being dropped, Mira would have discarded it like yesterday's trash. The Starfury had no trouble with clearance and landing procedures - it never did. Even if Amelia had a picket line between her and Mira, she would have found her way onboard, fortunately that wasn't the case. The escort from hangar to private chambers was rather quiet, a bit too quiet.

Perhaps she had made a mistake?

She entered the room, announced by the escort. When the other voice spoke, it caught her attention and Mira realized she hadn't made a mistake.

"We've much to talk about Mira."

And sit Mira would.

She had come as a guest, one without hostile intent. She knew not of Amelia’s feelings for Fiore, or anything that had played out between them. Mira’s crimson hued eyes simply stared at the woman across from her, hands gently resting in her lap. If Amelia could sense things such as the Force, she wouldn’t sense it from Mira - not now. The talisman Mira wore around her neck prohibited such things, including Mira’s ability to use it. Simply put, she was just Mira. Perhaps in the eyes of enemies or potential threats - it would be a perfect time to exploit her and take her out.

Or it could be exactly the opposite.

It could be just a safety mechanism, meant to keep Mira in check.

Who knew?

Mira blinked a few times, a hand rising to gesture towards Amelia. “I received the holo, I’m sure you’re going to tell me that you have methods and ways of finding people - so I won’t bother asking how…” What was the point? Word travels fast and being a Rekali wasn’t exactly something one could hide - especially considering her direct relations. Mira shrugged and dropped her hand back into her lap, clasping it tightly with the other.

“So, how about we just get to the point of why I’m here.”

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
As she came in and moved towards the seats, Amelia slowly turned away, though not out of any form of insult to her guest. Rather she approached a crystal glass pane, her slender fingers pressing against the side. Stepping back, the crystal glass let out a soft hiss before the shelf that it hid slowly pushed out and locked into place. The woman stood silently for a moment as her golden hues moved over the various bottles before she brought her hand up. Gently taking two bottles down, she held them in her hand before she gracefully plucked two glasses from where they hung.

Leaving the shelf open, she moved back towards Mira, her golden hues falling upon her and studying her. They moved over her figure, taking in her height, making minor guesses at a few bits of information. For a moment though her eyes settled upon the talisman around her neck, an object of interest and note that she reminded herself to keep an eye on.

Setting the two bottles down, she took her seat, while placing the glasses down on the table. Keeping her golden hues upon the woman before her, Amelia tenderly pulled the cork from one bottle and slowly poured the liquid into the glass. It flowed without a problem, its color a brilliant red. With fingers pressed upon the base of the glass she slowly pushed it across the table before her guest before carefully setting the bottle aside.


She spoke the name, for the first time in months she let the name slip across her lips and even be heard by her ears. Keeping her attention upon Mira, she carefully pulled the cork from the second bottle. As she poured it though, the liquid was different, it was thicker and flowed slower into the glass. A soft smile crossed her lips, revealing the hints of her fangs as she set the bottle down.

"If you're wondering. Yes. It is."

Amelia permitted a smirk to cross her lips down as she plucked the glass from the table and leaned back into her seat. Crossing one leg over the other, she rest one hand upon her knee. The other brought the glass to her lips as she took a sip of the sanguine liquid. She made no attempt to hide what she was as she set the glass down.

"What is your relation to her?"

[member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira raised an eyebrow at the mention of her ex-girlfriend, her legs crossing at the knees as her hands resided upon the kneecap. She took a moment to assess the vermillion liquid, it’s odd flow back and forth in the glass and then dismiss it just as quick.

“No, what you drink is your business.” She said pointedly.

Mira felt herself being analyzed, for one thing or another. She could sense it, somehow. As each moment passed, they were collecting pieces of information on her. How she breathed, reacted, and Force knows what else. She knew that she came unarmed, having not wore her lightsabers in quite sometime. She had no use for jedi robes of old, wearing a simple vest, a long-sleeve shirt, pants and boots. She looked as if she could blend in anywhere and disappear.

Which is what she was going for.

The question of her relationship with Fiore caused her to furrow her brow.

“I’m not exactly sure that is any of your concern, is it? Do you want to explain to me why I should tell you such a thing?” She brought a hand up and gestured. “Is there some interest you have in her that I should not?”

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"Her well being apparently..."

Amelia just about muttered as she took a sip of the sanguine liquid before setting the glass down on the arm rest of her chair. Her golden hues falling upon the woman before her as she let out a soft sigh. Leaning back into the chair, she kept her attention upon the woman, and if she felt as though she was being studied, it was simple, she was being studied.

"If any such relation were to cause my right hand to be compromised then I believe I had every right to know the exact nature of your relationship with her..."

She took another sip of her wine, her eyes narrowing slightly as she leaned forward. Tapping her fingers against the arm rest, she pondered for a moment. Should she let those words fly? Should she let that knowledge be known to this woman? No, in that moment she would choose to hold her tongue. It was privileged knowledge that Fiore loved this woman and it was not something she would so easily repeat.

Leaning back in her seat she let out a soft sigh. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath to center herself before returning her attention to the woman that sat before her.

"No, you can not be the same Mira that she spoke so highly of..."

[member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira said nothing as she uncrossed her legs, rising from the table. Her gloved hands would come to grip the edges as she did her best to assist herself upright. “Then I will take my leave, since you obviously have the wrong person.” Mira gave her a half-cocked smirk as she pushed the chair out from behind her and began to move away from the place where they were seated together. She would pause, mid-way to the door as a notion struck her. Mira turned to face Amelia briefly, clearing her throat to catch the other woman’s attention.

“I will say – you are hardly what I imagined. You seem to carry a certain arrogance about you that could probably fill a space freighter.” She gestured with her hand. “And I’m talking one of the bigger Corellian bulks, not the YTA series.” Mira shrugged lightly and turned back to the door, shouting over her shoulder.

“I wonder why Fiore sticks around you; maybe I’ll have to change that.” Mira said flatly.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

She said simply, taking another sip of the sanguine liquid within her glass. Her free hand had slipped up as she snapped her fingers, the doors before the woman locking down. The statues that stood on either side of the doors began to tremble and jerk, their eyes flashing for a moment as the droids activated. Of course Amelia figured it wouldn't impress or otherwise intimidate the woman, that wasn't the point after all.


Another snap of her fingers rang out through the room as the windows began to slowly close as armor plates began to slowly slide down them. Slowly the light of the room began to be snuffed out, whatever little light was let in from the stars nearly disappear. All that remained was the soft white lights at the edge of the room. The woman remained where she sat though and smirked to herself.

"In the end I am the only constant in her life. You may throw her away from you. You may even abandon the poor girl. Fiore stays around me because I give her stability and the structure that she was risen in."

Slowly she set her glass down before pushing herself up from her seat. Those golden hues falling upon Mira in the dim light. Again she motioned with her hand to the drink and the seat.

"Now please, sit. I requested your presence here so we could speak... That is unless you would prefer an alternative form of communication..."

[member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira stopped short of being stopped forcefully by the ominous droids. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned slowly to face Amelia. “I don’t believe this is the right thing to do…” And as if her words fell on deaf ears, the armored plating would fall down and envelop the room. Mira took a moment to analyze the gravity of the situation before another sigh pressed from her. She was in a bind and she knew it. “Fine.” She said roughly, turning fully to march briskly back to her seat.

With a soft thud, she sat harshly down in the chair. Her hands spread out wide as she gestured openly. “You have my attention.” Truth was, Mira had been listening the whole time. She understood Amelia’s position – but she didn’t care. Mira scoffed at the notion of her being second rated in the eyes of Fiore.

“You really have no idea what my intention is with Fiore.” Mira shook her head. “You want to grill me until you’re told something that is going to satisfy you.” She paused and gestured slowly towards Amelia. “Or you can use as a weapon to turn her against me.”

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
With a snap of her fingers the armored plating slowly began to retract, the statues stopping in their movements. A small smirk crossing her lips as she took another sip of her sanguine liquid before setting the glass down. Cleaning her throat as she leaned back in her seat. Her hand coming to rest upon her knee as she slowly slipped one leg over the other.

"If anyone turns you against her it will be you and your decisions."

Setting the glass down, Amelia stood up, stretching slightly as she kept her golden hues upon the woman. Stepping forward to close the gap between them, her smirk remained upon her lips. The hint of her fang showing just enough as a small chuckle escaped her lips.

"As for your intentions with Fiore, that is why I've requested you here today. What information you provide me shall remain between us. I after all am not one to so boldly throw the words of others around for my own gain."

Slowly pivoting upon her hind foot, she looked out at the stars as the large blast shields came back up. A smirk upon her lips still as a small door opened in the floor. The pedestal rose up, upon it resting two lightsabers.

"After all I am not a Sith."

[member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira watched as the armor plating retracted and for a moment she contemplated just leaving then – but she knew the same thing would happen over and over again until the woman got out what she needed to say, so for now she’d stay. She gave the woman an eye roll as she fiddled with her belt, listening to the words half-heartedly. The sheer arrogance the woman held was enough to make her nauseous.

“Tell me, are all of your species or whatever you are like this?” She gestured with a hand as the woman walked towards the viewport and towards the pedestal with the sabers resting within its confines.

Mira glanced at the sabers and then to Amelia before her gaze shifted forward. “I got the notion that you weren’t a Sith when you didn’t try to convert me or kill me the moment I landed.” She shrugged softly. “I will say, however, I will not fight you for Fiore.” She turned her attention back to Amelia slowly, eyes narrowing.

“And that has nothing to do with her as a person, it has everything to do with stooping to levels of pettiness.”

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
"That would depend. What day is it?"

A soft smirk crossed her lips as she kept her back to the woman, keeping her golden hues forward, staring into the void of space. Stepping forward again, she placed her hand on the edge of the view screen. Slowly she turned around, leaning back against the lip as her arms crossed below her breast. Taking a slow breath, her eyes opened as her attention fell upon Mira once more.

"I did not expect you to fight, though I must applaud your composure. I'm sure that there are many others that in your position would have already grabbed at those weapons to strike me down."

Sitting up, she stepped forward, keeping her arms crossed as her eyes remained upon Mira. She only stopped just a few feet from the pedestal, leaving it between herself and the woman as her eyes narrowed slightly. Permitting a sigh to escape her lips, she brought one hand up, brushing it along the side of her helm as she took a moment to find her words.

"I've come to terms that no matter how much I show my own care for her, her heart already belongs to another. It is this other though that I feel does not share a similar feeling. Thus I bring the question once more."

Slowly the golden hues of her eyes gave way to a vibrant and brilliant bright blue, her fangs seeming to grow slightly as her own anxiety of the situation grew. For the moment though she was still in control, at least mentally. Stepping forward she smirked softly, her fangs on display as her hand came to rest against the pedestal, gripping the metal firmly in her grasp.

"What is your intention for Fiore? Do you plan on throwing her away as her old master did? Or do you plan on remaining in her life?"

[member="Mira Rekali"]

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