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Wolf Pack - The Small Council [Iron Empire]


Howlin' Wolf Inn - Iron Pantheon
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Usually a hive of activity, the Howlin' Wolf is empty tonight. Except for one man sitting at a long wooden table bent over a piece of parchment with pen in hand scratching on it's surface. Without taking his eyes of it, his spare hand reaches for a horn of ale and lifts it to his mouth, a curl of disgust moves his lips before he scratches on the parchment again, the ale here is horrendous. Open trade agreement with the High King of Midvinter for delivery of Honey Mead. Just another point of the agenda the Small Council of the Iron Legion would discuss.

Theo's eyes lifted as the portly bar keep approached the table laden with bread and placed it on the table with the cheeses and meats. There was already tankards of ale on the table awaiting the members of the members when they arrive, "Will that be all Theo?", the keep knew Theo well by now. "Yes, that will be all Jok", he replied straightening his back. The Howlin' Wolf will be their's tonight in order to conduct business. "As you wish, the fire has a good log on and should keep you warm for the night", he added before turning to leave.

A hand rubbed the back of his neck, as he watched Jok vanish to the back rooms and the winds of Illum howled through the tall ceiling dancing on the flames of the fire. No doubt a gust of cutting wind would enter the room as the members of the Legion would arrive, and they are late.
She was late, yes, but the Miraluka felt she was less a member of anything to take place and more a representative. As she sighed and opened the door to the tavern, her purple cloak flew about her, barely held on by her slender hand. The gust of wind ended as soon as it had started, and the armored woman began to make her way to [member="Théodred Heavenshield"]. She sensed no one else, after all, and only could hope it was the same man she thought she felt. She'd grown very familiar with his particular signature, strong as it was, frequent as she felt it. Of all the force users she'd met, she found his to be the most rigidly soothing. The princess's was far more comforting, but there was a sort of order to Theo that she could appreciate.

She was not here as a Legion member, for she was not, and her armor made that much clear. She rarely removed her army uniform, today being no exception, and whenever the actual legion members showed it would be even more obvious. She found a seat across the man, pulling back her hood to let the short brown hair fall over her bandages. She didn't say a word, in many ways a sign of respect for his new position. While not a member of the force order, and she was unaware if he held any formal or informal rank in the army, it was better to take the middle ground and beg forgiveness than ask herself.

Kiran Arlos


The snowspeeder came to a halt, as the better dressed and in that term dressed more warmly than his first venture out here on Ilum. That ill fated trip that stranded him here sentenced to death by cold and frostbite. However [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] rescued him and in such he owed that man his life. However as his time here was short, he learned off the Iron Empire in part. It's mission and what it stood for, and it was something that Kiran had been looking for. And while his past deeds had not been brought to light. In truth it was here in the presence of the Iron Empire is where he had his first untroubled night of sleep.

Now what brought the young man to this particular spot, as his boots hit the snow removing himself from the snow speeder. It was approximately 130 yards away that the shuttle crashed into this icy world and thus Kiran ventured towards this area, and into the cave that was just before him. What brought Kiran back wasn't nostalgia or something in regards to playing in the snow, it was something much more. A dream or a vision that he had that day was beckoning him. The young man wasn't too adept with the force yet,however he did feel something here and he opted to investigate. The young man moved forward and entered the cave as he then stood at the spot where he lay unconscious for a time. He the light up from the device that he brought with him as he moved it around in the cave.

Kiran took a deep breath as he lowered the warm covering from his face and he moved further into the cave. He stopped suddenly and darted his light towards the northern section of the cave towards the floor. Kiran walked forward towards the spot and he knelt down and using his hand moved away some of the snow until his hand hit something rather hard and he pulled it back slightly. "Ouch..." Kiran muttered as he shook his hand the hard thing he hit started to glow however it didn't glow as it did in his dream it was a different color, blue to be exact. The young man held his hand out as he closed his eyes reaching out with the force and the crystal itself began to glow a brighter hue of blue, and within a few seconds it left its spot and into the hand of Kiran whom immediately took a liking and a warmth spread through his body.

"Alright." Kiran said as he just stared at the crystal for a few moments before he placed it in a secure location within his jacket pocket. Kiran turned to leave the cave reaching the entrance and making his way back towards the snow speeder. The young man entered the vehicle and he fired it up and and on the screen the time could be seen and that caused Kiran's face to lose a bit of color. "Of by the force, I'm late!" Kiran muttered as he took control of the vehicle and began the journey towards the meeting location, Howlin Wolf Inn.

"Oh man I can hear it now, "I should've left you in the snow!" Kiran chuckled slightly, while he truly didn't think he would say that.....Nonetheless, Kiran put foot to power and the speeder shot forward at an increased speed leaving the cave far behind.

[member="Caelag Vass"]
The former Sith Knight pulled on his glove, ensuring it fit snug. While Roth was very used to cold worlds due to the amount of time he spent on Vullain, one of the few these he could never bear were cold hands. He hadn't been on Ilum long, he planned on cutting it close with making it to the meeting. However, Roth was afraid that he would be late this time.

The Centurion strode across the Iron Pantheon, making his way for the Howlin' Wolf Inn. He noticed the looks he got from those around him, but he knew better than to make any action on them. A while ago, he would have. But that man was in the past. Roth was no longer Sith, so petty acts of violence would no longer be tolerated. He dwelled on this thought as he took quick, long steps toward the inn. Just a mere year ago he would never have thought he would shed the title of Sith. But now, he was not only no longer a Sith, but actively working against them. His mind lingered to the Iron Inquisition, not long ago they would have been chasing him, but now he holds a rank in the Iron Empire. He didn't believe the Inquisition would have any problem with him, but as a freshly turned Sith, he was going to take no chances.

The cold bit into Roth. He had shed his old Sith armor and was instead wearing thick furs. He was pretty sure the furs were warmer than the armor, anyway. What seemed to be the least resilient to the cold was his face without his old mask to protect it. The battle-scarred mask was locked away, as Roth believed that was a Sith type of attire.

Finally reaching the door to the inn, Roth pushed it open. He entered quickly and shut the door behind him as fast as he entered. Roth brought his gaze to the Iron Praetor himself, [member="Théodred Heavenshield"]. [member="Caelag Vass"] sat across from him. Slowly, Roth stepped closer to the Praetor. Deep down, it still stung that his leader was a Jedi. Roth had been bred to hate Jedi for as long as he could remember, but he would not let that get in the way and create animosity between Theodred and him. With a bow of his head, Roth said "Praetor." Then, the Centurion took a seat across from Theodred and next to Caelag.

[member="Kiran Arlos"]
The cold intrusion of the wind from outside did come on the heels of Vass, the young girl he had come to know in recent times, and Roth a new comer to the Legion joined him at the table. "Good evening Roth, Vass. Please have a drink and eat something .. we might be here a while". Théo turned his gaze to the door expecting to see anyone and no doubt they would arrive soon, before taking up his horn of ale once more and it had grown no better by side in it, it still tasted horrible. He would drink it anyway.

"Have you settled in well Roth?", he asked to start conversation while they wait, and for a need to make sure members of the Legion are happy enough here on Ilum. "We have the Inn to ourselves tonight, so if that muck is not to your liking", referring to the ale, "You will find something to your liking behind the bar".

Théo pulled over the platter of cheeses and bread, ripped off a large piece of it and took a large mouthfull, his stomach reminded him he had not eaten since the morning. Equally to Théo it was strange for him to be in the company of former Sith, Dark siders not as much he had known a few of them since childhood. In fact one of his best friends had been one and even saved his life. Théo knew that not all of those that use the darkside for their power are bad, so judgement would not be placed on the man sitting next to Vass. Unless, he does something against the mandate of the Legion, of the Empire.
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The Centurion used one of his gloved hands to pull his hood down, then responded. "Things have been well thus far, Praetor. Though, truth be told, I have not had much interaction with others quite yet." Roth raised his horn of ale to his lips, taking a small sip for taste. He used seemingly all of his willpower to resist making a face at the taste. Truly, it was probably the worst drink the Knight had consumed. With a side glance to the bar, Roth considered getting up to find something else.

Ultimately deciding against grabbing a new drink, Roth stayed in his seat next to Caelag. The Iron Praetor had called her Vass, and that was all that Roth knew about the girl. With another discrete side glance, he observed her for a short moment. She was dressed in the uniform of the Army. It brought the Knight back to when he was a general in the One Sith, and funnily enough he fought under Isamu Baelor then as well. He thought about potentially looking for a spot in the Iron Empire Army as he reached for a piece of bread from the platter in front of the three. Before taking his bite, he spoke "Shall we wait for others to arrive, or shall we begin now, Praetor? I'm a bit eager to begin work and proving my worth." Then, the Centurion placed the bit of bread into his mouth.

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Kiran Arlos

The snow seemed to be really coming down as the speeder moved quickly across the the snowy landscape. Kiran's thought's kept going back to the item in his jacket pocket, he was quite curious about it and while he knew that it was a crystal, and it was essential for the construction of a lightsaber. His knowledge of such a thing was minimal as he had not constructed one yet. Kiran felt that he would learn that soon, as he was told briefly that the lightsaber was a part of them almost as much as the force was. The Inn came into view as several lights appeared briefly in between the flakes of snow that were falling.

The speeder came to a stop and he checked the time again. While he wasn't sure why he was checking it, he was already late anyway. So in truth that part didn't really matter much. Kiran hopped out of the speeder as he adjusted his jacket a little bit as he walked up towards the inn. The young man opened the door and a small wave of warmth had struck him and it felt good until it was overcome by the cold from outside.

Kiran shut the door quickly then turned and saw the entourage that were here already. Kiran bowed apologetically as he took a seat with the group.

"Sorry I'm late, I had some other business that I couldn't put aside." Kiran nodded to the group with a small nod and a rather curious expression on his face. He was eager to see what was going to happen.

[member="Caelag Vass"] [member="Roth"] [member="Théodred Heavenshield"]
The Soldier Caelag glanced slightly over at [member="Kiran Arlos"] as he entered. Her armor, standard issue for the Iron Empire army with her rank marked on the shoulder, set her distinctly apart from the others present. The ex sith, and the Praetor, not to mention it was distinctly clear from her presence she was untrained in the use of the Force. Still, she had come, somewhat as an attempt to offer what views she could as a soldier to whatever it was Theo had in mind to do. He certainly seemed to care.

She didn't take part in the food or drink, at least as of yet, preferring instead to sit quietly for the wait. She did however shake her head at [member="Roth"] when he spoke. "Worth will be proven in action soon enough. Have patience, and the opportunity will rise." After that, she remained silent, offering only a slight bow of the head to Theo to indicate she was once more ready when he was.

[member="Théodred Heavenshield"]
"Yes we shall wait, and .. please call me Théo", this was an informal setting and although he had called them here tonight to discuss duties for the Legion, there was to be no standing on ceremony. At this point the doors opened once more and in walked Kiran, the half frozen lad he had pulled for the jaws of death, Théo had to wonder when death would want his dues for a life snatched from him. "Take a seat Kiran and warm up with some food". Théo sat for a moment longer going over his list of duties and things to be done for the Pantheon, but listened to the chatter about the table.

"Don't be too eager for combat, we all know what comes with it", sure that the others had seen and been in many battles in their young lives just as he had. The ripping apart of lives innocent whether though death of death of loved ones is nothing to want for. Death of comrades in arms, their blood spilled to the dirt to waste away their life essence and all for the want to prove worth, or the glory of war. There is nothing glorious in war. But, without the men and women that sit around this table, many many lives of people within the galaxy would suffer greater if they did not rise to defend them and be prepared to lay down their lives for the sake of them.

But Vass was right, all too soon their would be called to arms and need to go to battle. So to business, and one point of business was to form up a solid friendship between members of the not only the Legion but between the Forces, like Vass from the branch of the Army. He hoped this night would be the begins of all of this, to form an understanding that each member of the Empire would stand by the side of their fellows come the time to fight. They might not like each other, Théo is not asking that of them, but he does want them to form a base of trust.

"I have several things to discuss tonight, and there is much to be done to keep the Pantheon in order. But firstly, I want to know what each of your strengths are, what you can do to assist me and the Legion". He is not wanting personal strengths, but what practical skills they might have to bring to the table.
[member="Caelag Vass"] | [member="Kiran Arlos"] | [member="Roth"]
The former Sith nodded at Thèo as he spoke, then took another sip of the rancid ale. He sat silent for a moment, thinking of what strengths he possessed. Roth raised his voice, "I was a colonel under Isamu years ago. I know how to lead men, I understand logistics and can view most situations from a tactical viewpoint." After speaking, Roth leaned back into his chair before adding one last thing, "I will also give you my loyalty, Thèo."

Kiran Arlos

"Will do, thank you." Kiran spoke as he reached for a piece of bread and to a bite from it. Kiran reached for a mug that was just delivered to him. He took a small sip and made a small face as he cleared his throat. "What in the name of the force is that." The young man whispered as he shook his head slightly. He hoped they had better ale to offer, however at the current time he tried not to complain to much.

And at Theodred's words reach the young man, Kiran racked his brain as he thought of what use he could be off to the Praetor and to this order. While Kiran had done security work while on Corellia, he wasn't sure if that was grounds to be brought up here. While he felt security was much, much more different than going to war and the like. While Kiran wouldn't have been here if he hadn't already pledged his full support to Theo, that ship had sailed when Theo saved his life. So in terms of loyalty and trust, there was no question at all.

"I'm sure I haven't seen as much of the galaxy as some of you have. However I'm quick learner and I will work as hard as I can for as long as I can to make sure whatever needs to get done, gets done." The young man nodded towards Theo as he took another bite from the bread followed by a small sip of the wonderfully tasting ale that was at their disposal.

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