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Approved Tech Witchblood Bracers

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Mishka Larraq

Farmer's Daughter

Intent: To create a new and interesting weapon
Image Source: Here
Canon Link: Stonepower,
Primary Source: NA

Manufacturer: House Larraq Plate and Blade
Model: Gadi Gaide B'manda "Wrist Plates of Oneness" (Also known as Witchblood Bracers)
Affiliation: Closed Market
Modularity: None
Production: Semi-unique
Classification: Bracer
Size: Small
Weight: Average
  • Blasters: High
  • (Melee) Kinetic: High
  • (Ranged) Kinetic: Average
  • Lightsabers: Average
  • Other: NA
  • Allows non-FU access to a limited range of Force Powers
  • Gathers ambient Force Energy from a wearer's surroundings
  • Enhances the wearer's awareness of their surroundings

In all practical regards, these gloves grant a non Force User access to abilities similar to that of a padawan. However, this is only a measure of overall ability strength. Skill of use and familiarity with the abilities and familiarization with the practical limitations that come with these bracers is entirely dependent upon the training a user has had. At the most basic level, these bracers should grant access to a weak Force Push / Pull ability. If a Force Sensitive individual wears these bracers, they instead (for practical reasons) add a minor augmentation to the strength of their force abilities, help them attune to their surroundings a bit easier, and add to the rate of energy recovery after over using their force abilities.

  • Unaffected by anti-electronic attacks
  • Cannot suffer mechanical failure
  • Can take a few whacks from a Lightsaber
  • Can only take a few whacks from a Lightsaber
  • Requires considerable training to 'effectively' use the abilities these bracers grant while wearing them
  • Enhanced awareness of surroundings can be disorienting to new users
  • "Force Generation" effect reduced in desert/deserted environments
  • "Force Generation" effect drastically reduced while in space
  • Loses all 'Special Features' while within a Force Nullification field
  • Can cause addiction in users and a feeling of withdrawal when deprived of the bracer's effects

Made after extensive study into several different means of mystical artifact construction, Witchblood Bracers were initially crafted as a means of helping the average Mandalorian to become more in touch with the Manda and to experience the world of Manda'yaim as the Runi'verd saw it. This attempted revitalization of Mando'ade spiritualism was successful to an extent, but would fail to become widely accepted among the Mando'ade as a whole. Partially due to the widespread use of Ysalamiri as protection against witchcraft, and to the prevailing distrust most Mando'ade had for 'the Force' and those who wielded it.

Witchblood Bracers are crafted by using Jal Shey techniques to imbue a cloth sleeve with the ability to enhance the wearer's connection to the Manda and improving their awareness of their surroundings. Upon the outer layer of this cloth, several interlocking plates of Mandalorian Steel are secured. These plates of metal are engraved with ancient Taung runes that channel and manipulate the Manda in a way not dissimilar to the effects of Sith Runes. These runes gather up ambient energy from the living world that surrounds the wearer and makes this energy available for the wearer to use when performing acts of sorcery. However, it is the final construction material which is most impressive. Inlaid centrally upon the plating of each bracer is a single gemstone. This gemstone, imported from the Vagadarr system, possesses the entirely unique property of enabling anyone, even those without a strong connection to the Manda, to utilize the mystic arts to perform miraculous feats such as the moving of objects with one's mind.
Mishka Larraq said:
Resistances: High
For sake of clarity and to avoid potential confusion, please remove "high" here, as there is no rating intended for Resistances. Resistances is simply the category to which the ratings below are assigned.
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Okay, this looks fine. I reviewed the online comics for the blue stone. Just don't go having NFU throwing around master level telekinesis and/or star destroyers and I think we'll be good.
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