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Approved Tech Winterfang

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Intent: To create a sithspawn and alchemical monster slaying sword.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Sith Empire
Model: Working Example: Any (relatively) ordinary alchemical weapon.
Affiliation: None
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Material: High-Grade Carbon Steel & Silver Plating – Alchemically Enhanced, Wroshyr Wood, Mandalorian Leather
Upon a time, the Empire was plagued by chaotic practices. Sith wizards and enchanters experimented in creatures of mysterious and terrifying make. When most grew tired of finding monsters roosting in their guarded holds, a frustrated Marauder took up arms. Commissioning a weapons smith to forge a pair of blades, she went about her gruesome work. So the legend went, one was for tasting mortal flesh. The other, to sup up the blood of beasts.

This is Winterfang.

Terentatek’s fear it.

The Gulag Sickness proved both boon and bane. In relishing spite of previous strictures, certain modes of Sith brandished their identities to revel in the chaos. Dead proved indiscriminate, callous, as it swallowed up entire tracts of whom had been traditional enemies. However, the darker reaches in the northern Galactic planes were not immune. Not by dint of contempt. The Gulag Virus ventured in to pick and slowly eradicate its way from Bastion to Teth. Darksiders emerged to pile their dead, and light pyres that could be seen from cold, nearby stars.

Cities, strongholds alike, became virtual necropolis'. Natural squabbling fell to vapid infighting, as the strongest mustered up to take or defend what remained. In this epoch of chaos, sorcerer's emerged to play their hands. With the dead amassed as the Force stayed thrown in its convoluted disarray, the years were ripe for all sorts of foul practices. Corpses of sentient and animal were horded for fleshly conversions. All manner of dissonant beasts came to walk. From reanimated monstrosities towering with Rancor countenance, to the stranger assassins of half-life and death, sneaking and fleshless. Alchemy was a vestige of status, and every day saw something new and terrible saunter out to feed and stalk on those who remained living.

In time, chaos brought a summoning of Terentatek's. How and from whence they arrived is difficult to extract. Only save that dark freighters, belonging to awful blueprints, augered down from the sky to crash land. Their cargo's were deposited. Soon, five way shadow wars dissolved into bitter struggles to merely retain breath. Sorcerers were soon at a loss for how to potentially reverse their works. Then, arriving south from Wild Space, an aged Marauder came to restore a semblance of peace and preferable quiet. Her name is lost to time, but for details of her long journeys along vacated spacer lanes.

With a preference for steel over laser, she sought one of the remaining Dromuund Kaas' smithy's. At her request, he went about his art. One sword was crafted, to deal with the machinations of the living. Its sibling, to bite through hide and flesh of beasts. Though both forging processes were identical, virtually, the latter saw a different blend of creation. Meteorite silver was selected, barred, then plated to the steel and given its needed edge. Amidst chemical baths washed rife with alchemical magics, one hundred drops of spilled Terentatek vitae were carefully applied to the tempering stage. Completed and delivered to her hands, the Marauder engaged herself to what would become three decades of monster slaying.

Whether or not her activities proved beneficial is difficult to quantify. Thousands of strange creatures fell to her unquenchable swords, in a private crusade spanning worlds and, in one bizarre mission, time. The blades naturally had covetous admirer's. With her eventual passing, they traded hands. Usually midst fire and clashes of sabers. No one would willingly part with their magical quality and supreme craftsmanship. Now, through space and age, they've come to return to their service. Yet...


Their edges betray an unspoken price for their ability, and no one ever knows when the toll will come...

Classification: Sword
Size: Two-Handed Sword
Length: 1m
Weight: 450g
Other Features: Alchemically forged to pierce even Terentatek hide.


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