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Windsor-class, Medical Station

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To create a semi-unique medical station for the First Order and the Order of the Sacred Lotus.

  • Image Source: Marrekie // Deviantart (x)

  • Canon Link: Sensor Decoy (x) | IFF Confuser (x) | Gemcutter (x) | Signal Jammer (x) | Missile deactivation transmitter (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: FOCIE / FIMS (First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers / First Imperial Medical Services) | Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Model: FIMS Windsor

  • Affiliation: First Order | Open Market [Contract Thread Required] | Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Production: Semi-Unique (4 Total)

    SLMC Haven

  • FIMS Mountbatten

  • FIMS Laurence

  • FIMS York


  • Alusteel Skeletal Frame, Outer hull

  • Tunqstoid Blast Doors

  • Transparisteel Viewports w/ Durasteel Shutter Ports

  • Turadium/Durasteel Compound Liner

  • Titanium-reinforced Durasteel hull

  • Quadanium-steel plating


  • Classification: Medical Station

    Length: 3,928m

  • Width: 2,272m

  • Height: 2,864m

Armament: Very Low

  • 40 Anti-Missile Octets

  • 40 Point Defense Cannons

  • 40 Quad Cannons

Defences: Average

Hangar: 8

Manoeuvrability Rating: Very Low

Speed Rating: Very Low

Hyperdrive Class: Average, 2


  • Main Tower

    Perhaps the most notable feature is the main tower the largest section of the station that houses the primary portion of the hospital aspect of the Windsor-class. From Urgent care and Trauma to childbirth, primary care, neuroscience, imaging, heart and vascular. The main tower also features several patient care services including spiritual care, support groups, patient relations and therapy.

Second Tower

  • Medical research is housed in the second tower and it is the tower off to the right. Various medical and science departments work together here. The administration of the Windsor-class station also takes place from here. Educational departments are also housed in the second tower allowing medical and science students to learn and work from this tower.

  • Pharmaceutical Tower rests between the main and second tower and is where a lot of the pharmaceutical research takes place. This is also where the in-patient pharmacy is housed, as well as rehabilitation services, and billing.

  • Pediatric Center is on the left and one of the foremost towers, while small it is where all pediatric services are held both inpatient and outpatient. It has a direct corridor to emergency room services, and intensive care as well as oncology services enabling doctors and nurses an ease of access to all patients who are in need.

Third Tower Upper

  • Residential hall for doctors, nurses and staff as well as families of patients who are receiving ongoing care. It also serves to house all crew and officers who keep the station running from engineers and operations to command and security.

  • Promenade, market, fitness centre and other facilities take up a good portion of this tower these sections are open to civilians, medical and military personnel.

Third Tower Lower

  • A repair and maintenance, as well as traffic control, are housed here in the lower half of the third tower. All equipment, gear and even small craft that are in need of repair and maintenance are done in this section.

  • Arboretum and the aquatic centre are housed in this section, as well as alternative forms of therapy.

  • Emergency Medical Services training and certification are also conducted here.


  • [+] Regional Hospital: The great thing about the Windsor is that was built to serve as a regional / sector hospital to serve a multitude of citizens.

  • [-] Too Thin: While the Windsor can defend itself, her defences are spread just a bit too thin and concentrated over vital areas instead of throughout the structure.
Description: The Windsor-class medical station was built to be a state of the art hospital and medical research station. Prior to Elisea Korrado’s petition to the First Order the Windsor had been built with the idea that she would be protected by the First Order’s military. Thus her defences were spread as they were enabling the real-time strategy to work with those in charge of the station. Additionally, the Windsor was built with the idea that she would have an improved hanger allowing for eight squadrons instead of the standard six.

The reason for creating a larger hangar would be to give the Windsor the ability to house more ambulatory shuttles, rescue vessels and other craft that would be needed to aid the station. This would also enable the Windsor class station to devote a specific hangar to their cargo needs - enabling freighters to use one specific lane of traffic while their ambulatory services use another. Next came the discussion of the station’s actual defence systems, [SIZE=9pt]gemcutters[/SIZE], and missile deactivation devices, decoys and IFF confusers were the first set of defences installed on the station. Enabling the station to buy time while reinforcements from the Navy.

Commodore Zara Phillips led the project on behalf of the First Imperial Medical Services, working in conjunction with Fleet Admiral [SIZE=9pt]Fiolette [/SIZE]Yvarro, and Commodore Omar Singh representing the First Order Navy and the Navy’s Engineering Department who in turn worked with the First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers. Together all four services coordinated to create three of these stations, however; when the petition from Counselor Korrado came through from Monastery. Commodore Phillips suggested providing one of these stations to the Order of the Sacred Lotus, provided that they find their own personnel to maintain and run the station.

Original Section/s:

  • Manufacturer: FOCIE / FIMS (First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers / First Imperial Medical Services)

  • Affiliation: First Order | Open Market [Contract Thread Required]
New Section/s:
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