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Willy van Garret

Wilhelm van Garret

NAME: Wilhelm 'Willy' van Garret
CODENAME: Revenant
FACTION: The Galactic Republic (Army of Light)
RANK: Sergeant Major
AGE: 25

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 215lbs
EYES: Gray
HAIR: Black - Buzzcut
SKIN: White



  • Adaptable: Willy is a very capable soldier. He is able to adapt to any mission specs he is given. Whether it's a stealth mission, a hostage rescue, a forward assault, or whatever, Willy can always be counted on to do the job as efficient as humanly possible.
  • See All, Know All: Nothing gets past ol' Willy. His eyes are vigorously trained to catch even the tiniest details in a person's speech or actions that could be beneficial to Willy in some way, shape, or form.
  • Slicing Expert: Will is, essentially, a computer geek. He spends most of his off time perfecting his craft of computer hacking. Most of his life was spent behind a computer screen, hacking security systems, extinguishing viruses, and stealing important files.
  • Hedonistic: Willy maybe a dedicated soldier but he is still human. He partakes of the devil's drink and doesn't mind the company of a rather attractive woman for an unknown sum from time to time.
  • Too Cautious: Willy has a hard time giving trust to people he does not know. Not even his own squad mates know his true name, excluding his CO but even he doesn't use it in front of others. Willy's trust is a hard thing to obtain. If you do gain it, he probably owes you a life debt of some sort.
  • Picky Picky: Being a Slicer has raised Willy's standards substantially when it comes to his profession. The smallest of mishaps or errors will drive him crazy. Everything must be precise and everything must be done properly.
A proper soldier usually wears camouflage or, in the case of Stormtroopers, some bright white suit of plastic. That's not Willy. Willy equips himself with an insulated jacket that has a duraplast interior to protect Willy from most damage. A dark gray pair of cargo pants cover his legs and a tough pair of durasteel toed boots are worn on his feet. Willy's most iconic piece of clothing is his mask with a white skull painted into the cloth. The mask is all he has left from the former street gang he ran. He earned this mask when he became the leader of said street gang and has never lost it since.

Wilhelm van Garret was born in the heavily urbanized area of Caratos to a upper-middle class family of engineers. Raised mostly by the house's nanny, Willy basically grew up without his parents. This eventually led to a life of petty crimes. Soon, he was brought into a street gang known as the Junkyard Skulls. At about the age of 16, he began as a mule in the Junkyard Skulls. Running drugs from here to there, opening new fronts, it was all apart of the exciting life as a Junkyard Skull.

By the time Willy was 21, he was named Revenant of the Junkyard Skulls. As Revenant, Wilhelm was the leader and had taken on the responsibilities of running day-to-day operations for the gang. He soon came under pressure by local police as they began to crackdown on the Junkyard Skulls. One by one, the Skulls' numbers fell all leading up to the complete obliteration of their operation through one police raid on the headquarters. Willy was able to evade them by escaping the planet and heading for Coruscant.

Once on Coruscant, Willy joined the Republic military as a soldier in order to escape the gang life for good. He soon rose through the ranks by completing missions and participating in much needed dominions. He soon began to take up slicing in order to better improve his worth to the Republic.

Now a soldier in the Army of Light, Willy fights against darkness wherever it needs to be purged. By any means necessary.

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