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Whos is the bigger bite?

Krull Umbaris

Rakata Beta was certainly one of the more preferred places for someone like Krull. Sun, water, a tropical climate. He could live here if he wanted. But that would have to be for another time. Krull was still on the search for powerful force users to teach him to become stronger. He was in the Fringe territories now, meaning there would likely be someone or something he could look for. However, after landing on the planet, the first thing to catch the Karkarodon's attention was the smell of delicious food. Meat. Nothing but delicious meat. His more animal side would always get the better of him when it came to food and his snout was picking up the scent of so many a variation of delights.

Wasting no time Krull pushed his way past many a passerby in order to reach one of the nearby restaurants. Upon entering he didn't wait for anyone to escort him to a table, making his way to one he saw fit for himself. People were already sitting there but a good growl sent them scurrying off. He sat down and waited for a menu which he scanned the moment he got it. All of the dishes and servings sounded too good not to try.

"One of everything." he said to his waiter. "And bring me water. A jug of it!"

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