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Approved Tech White Flame Lightsaber, Xanders Imperial Lightsaber.

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Thanks to Luis2788 from Photobucket.
Intent: To create a lightsaber for Xanders progression to Knight rank, as well as give him a weapon to be used in the Jar'kai fighting style.
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/19798-forging-a-new-path/
Manufacturer: Xander Carrick/@[member="Odeyseis"]
Model: White flame Saber.
Affiliation: Xander Carrick.
Modularity: None.
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, "White flame" crystal.
A lightsaber created my Xander and Odeyseis for Xanders use as an Imperial Knight, and even longer time. The hilt is made out of simple durasteel parts and could only be created with the connection of the crystal itself. Xander had created a Synith-crystal through the use of a Geological Compressor. On the activation button is a thumbprint reader that allows only Xander to activate the lightsaber.
Classification: Lightsaber
Size: One-handed, can be wielded with two hands.
Length: 30 cms.
Weight: 2 kgs
Other Features: The lightsaber blade has a slight flame effect when swinging the saber, or even holding the saber to the side. The flames are a pure white color.

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@[member="Xander Carrick"] crystal effects aren't allowed, suggest you use a genetic reader device of some kind on the slider and you can do the effect that way man.
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