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When Things Go Boom


Just a wee bit of anarchy never hurt
Ratty Insane Asylum

"No, no, no! You're doing it all wrong, here, give it to me!"

Servus stuck his hand out and rolled his eyes as the large, and unusually, sweaty man timidly turned to face him. With his hands on his hips, he tapped his foot on the ground, and the large man slowly stepped over to him and fearfully handed him the object. Servus had no idea why he was so afraid of him, he hadn't done anything to him, at least not yet. Maybe he was still whining from the last beating he had given him, he had no idea why, it was for his own good!

"Now watch carefully, you have to aim for certain parts, or else you are just stabbing with no reasoning behind it. You don't want the others to think you don't know how to use this, right?"

"Please, stop, I didn't do anything to deserve this!"

"Quiet!" Servus shouted as he kicked the frail looking boy in his gut. "I can't show him how to properly shank another inmate if you keep going on and on about how you didn't deserve this." Very quickly, with speed that looked almost unnatural, Servus was on top of the boy and sticking the makeshift knife to his throat and rubbing his cheek gently as if he were caressing a child. "Shhhhh, don't cry, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that when you fight this it makes it harder on me, and I don't like that, I just need for you to sit there and be the dummy you always have been, can you do that for me? I know you don't think its fair, and quite frankly, neither do I. But that isn't the point. The fact still remains that you are going to be stabbed, multiple times, until fatso back there gets it right. I need him to be on top of his game if I am going to have that rent-a-cop, loud mouth, mustache having, weirdo taken out. Obviously I can't do it myself, he never comes around anymore, not after the incident. You have to see it from my point of view!"

"For crying out loud, SERVUS, how did you get out again?!"

"We'll continue this at a later date," He said as he through the shank to the ground and turned to face the squadron of guards that had descended upon them. "You know, you always ask that, and for the life of me I never know the answer. Of course if I did, I wouldn't tell you, that ruins the fun! You gotta find out for yourself!" Servus cackled as he smacked the frail boy repeatedly across the face. The guards acted quickly, tackling Servus to the ground, and quickly getting the upper hand. He was not strong by any means, and it wasn't like he was putting up a fight, this was the third time in the past two days he had escaped isolation. Of course if they found out he had been corrupting the guard who was watching him they would realize that it was him who was letting him free.

"No straight jacket this time, boys?" He cackled as they lifted him into the air after cuffing his hands. "Finally realized it was no good? Wow, and it only took me escaping from one six times, you fella's catch on quickly!" He did not struggle as they carried him through the halls and tossed him into the isolation cell, they forgot to remove the cuffs, or maybe they didn't. Who knew, eh, it didn't matter he would have his lap dog let him free. "Oh Anderson! Tell your wife I said hello and to go easy on the perfume next time." With one final cackle, the door to his cell slammed shut, and yet again he was left to his own thoughts.

Even he hated being alone with his thoughts.

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