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When I'm wiser and I'm older

Oh you pretty thing
So, this was where she was going to be making her new life? Token looked around, resisting the urge to play with her hair. She was coming to the Sith to learn new skills. They weren’t going to accept some girl who still twirled with her hair, were they? Didn’t make sense to her why they would. It appeared she was going to be having a layover on the world Thule before she would make it to the capital.

If she’d even be allowed there. The blonde had no idea how this would work, but a little nudge in the right direction from the blonde… Pangea, or something, got her here. And the next shuttle wasn’t going to leave for at least a day. Maybe more. Which gave the inquisitive girl a bit of time. It was a matter of what sites to see, and well,

It was a bit hot here for her, but all the same, she was in black, even if it was a dress. She was sure to find something, especially wandering around the capital city, according to the announcement from the shuttle. Whatever, take in some sights, eat some local food, drink the local spirits, break the local hearts. This could be good for her!