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What makes a man. (Open to anyone)

There is always one thing that makes a man who he is. Its his life. My life was spent in a chase of information. First it was to find who I really was, next it was to save my mother, lastly it was to find my true father. As it turned out, My mother was saved and is now living in a secluded hut that I had rebuilt. It was of my heritage and where I was born from. I had denied it most of my life and now I accepted it.

Galen Marik was the greatest known in my blood line. Defeating Darth Vader in combat, contesting against Darth Sidious, only did he die in that. He was later cloned. many times. Each of them one by one dying by a rogue clone codenamed Starkiller. The clone went after Juno eclipse in the Rebel alliance that started from Galen's death. His family crest is the symbol that was used in four other factions that included the Jedi and the New republic. Now I needed to claim it for myself.

I stood on the precipice of my home world. Korriban. The place where it was known for Sith to come and train. Even though I was not a Sith. I once was one. I had the title of Darth Solrune under me. However, I was also known as the Fallen, The White Knight, and by the people of the Confederacy I am known as Snowball. Now I want to claim my right. A true name for myself. A name for who I am. Not for what I was.

I was going to follow my blood line. I was going to force myself to climb rather than let myself hang in the balance of the force. Because today I was going to start myself anew.