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What happens when a Star goes boom?

Holding my saber in one hand and my black blade in the other. I swung at a counterpart Prophet. He was a knight like myself as we both were just sparing. Back and forth each taking slashes at each other with out lightsabers toned down to act like training sabers. We both smiled and grinned as we took strike on strike when eventualy he had slammed his purple saber into my sword knocking it out of my hand. and bringing his blade quickly back to the nape of my neck. With a flick of my wrist I smacked his saber away.

Taking him on with one blade only we fought even more harder trying to gain the upper hand. I sent a force push his way but he easily powered through it. he came in for another kill strike when I went under the mans reach with a twist hitting the man's left leg then coming up to smash my elbow into his face and my orange and red saber landed nicely inches from his face and my hand gripping the collar of his shirt. He laughed and stared at the blade. "Very Nice Morna, Now if you would so kindly..." I let go of his shirt and deactivated my blade with a schreet pop.

Using the force I called on my Phoenix blade as I clipped my saber to my belt. and also returned the black Sith sword to its sheath on my back. "It was good sparing with you Joran, maybe next time you will be faster?" I joked with him. He smiled as we both shook hands. "Maybe next time." We ended there and as I turned away I headed to my LA-1 Supra to head towards the library. I always loved to read after a good fight to calm me down.

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Eater of the Dead
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"No no no I am afraid you are not trying." Shinju looked upon the one prophet while two of her honor guards. Two of her subjects observed him. Oh they were so good to bring their wands, nice, painful shock batons that could prod him when he answered wrong. "Now try again and this time, make sure you lift them all or." She didn't need more as he reached out with the force and tried to lift the stones again. He got three of the seven and collapsed to the ground. With a smile, Shinju leaned back in the seat just observing. "Well then time for more punishment I think. Remember you brought this upon yourself." Her hand signalled the two rakatan's to shock him again while her body was open, receptive and slowly all his pain, anger and anguish fed into her. Feeding her with a wonderful tang.