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What Do You Do, Anyway? [Kaelin]

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
Capital City Ravelin, Bastion

Mistress Kära had given Niysha very few orders. They largely boiled down to "stay on Bastion" and "don't get yourself killed." This was not something that the poor Twi'lek was accustomed to. It was uncomfortable to her, felt far too similar to her days after her escape. She didn't know what she was to do, and with a lack of any order or attachment to a specific place, Niysha found herself wandering around Ravelin aimlessly.

She did have a stipend, and a room in the palace, but Force knew that she had no clue what to do with either. It was nice to have some control over how she dressed again, though. Her new closet involved far too many robes, felt too "mystic," but she found a few things appropriately Twi'lek (re: kinda skanky) and took her free time while Mistress Kära was off with her son...who looked nothing like family to the albino woman and who was obviously undergoing the same training as Niysha had started. It wasn't any of the Twi'lek girl's business, though, and she quickly pushed the revelation out of her mind almost as soon as it occurred to her.

Walking around Ravelin was entertaining for all of six minutes before Niysha became confused. Or possibly bored. She had a hard time telling the difference; both of them involved a lack of purpose and could be cured by asking her owner for clarification, and both were a much bigger problem when Mistress Kära wasn't around. Left to her own devices, Niysha descended right back into her default state. Her eyes darted around, sizing up the people around her to see which ones would be easy marks.

She didn't even realize that she was doing it until her gaze scanned over a Trandoshan (wo?)man's robes as (s?)he walked out of the local spaceport to check for visible weapons, valuables, or anything else that she could pick without drawing much attention. Stupid girl. She had no reason to steal anything on her Mistress' own planet, when said Mistress owned a planet. With a pout and a grumble, she leaned up against the side one of the many doors of the Ravelin spaceport and tried to keep herself from checking the crowd for vulnerable valuables.
@[member="Kaelin Isandros"]

Aeda Shaytari

We all wear masks....

What did Kaelin Isandros do? Well, there was the obvious answers of course, and it wasn’t very PG-13. She was a malevolent, vicious coward who alternated between interrogating people and spying on them.

It was hardly the most virtuous life, and one would be hard pressed to find one more unpleasantly evil. However, she didn’t spend all her time roaming the streets of planets for victims. Just most of it.

So as she exited from the spaceport her gaze took in the yellow Twi’lek, but only for a second, scanning her. The Twi’lek was pretty, but it wasn’t the right time to search for a new toy. The Twi’lek was also not a threat yet, so Kaelin ignored her and continued to walk. Careful control made her seem like just another human bureaucrat. Her eyes were returned to normal colour by contacts, the ravages of the Dark Side by cosmetics.

As if something in the Force told her to, her hand patted a pocket on her trousers where a wallet shaped bulge could be seen. It might attract unwelcome attention, but then again….