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What a piece of junk.

Alice had been through what felt like every parts shop and scrap yard on Junction, her jury rigged hyperdrive motivator just wasn't going to hold up for another jump. She didn't have the credits to have one custom made nor the time to wait for one to arrive from off world, there was always the third option of sending a message to her brother and asking him for some help, of course he would go about his usual routine of telling her she needed to upgrade to something more modern and Alice really didn't want to deal with that right now.

Eventually she found her way to one call Junktion City, it had a large floor space and an even larger yard outside, hopefully this would be the last one, it was starting to get late and Alice needed something to eat. She ducked inside to be greeted by the smell of burnt oil and welding, exactly what she'd expect from a place like this, Alice queued up at the parts counter where another woman was standing in front of her wrapped up in an argument with the man behind the counter.
"Look, I know what I need.
This part broke as soon as I put it in."

Ra pointed quite firmly at the object in question.

"Now, give me my credits back.
Yes, I KNOW this a junk yard."

If it had been another person, they might have just let the situation slide, but this one piece was absolutely needed to keep her ship up and flying.

"I bought this NEW."

Holding up the item, it was seen to be brand new. Somehow a ship had died in space on test flight and ended up here. Ra had found the little treasure and picked it up.

"Fine have it your way."

She turned around and ran right into [member="Alice Tal'verda"]. The irritation at the situation showing in her eyes, but not her face so much. At the collision, her eyes while still irritated looked at young woman, hardly an adult yet and her eyes cleared.

"Oh excuse me. Didn't mean to try and run you down."
Alice was going over a mental checklist of everything she would need when the woman infornt of her spun around to leave, had she been paying attention she would have been able to dodge out of the way.

The other woman apologized and Alice spoke up. "Don't sweat it, it takes more than that to knock me down."

She then spotted the broken part in the other woman's hands, the source of the argument with the attendant and asked, "What are you sticking that in? Most of the time it just gums up the works, I know about a million and a half work arounds for it more if you're willing to buy a few parts. Excuse me a sec."

Alice turned to the parts guy, "You guys have an hyperdrive motivators in stock, ones for a BTL-A3 Y-Wing, I don't care how screwed the insides are but I need the case to be pri-karking-stine."

Alice was starting to drop her standers by now, her and G8 could rewire it over a couple days if she needed it, but that would be time she didn't want to waste.

Before Ra could answer, [member="Alice Tal'verda"] had excused herself and went to the counter to make her own purchase. She waited while the woman conducted her business so she didn't interrupt the two of them.

The attendant pointed his thumb out to the yard behind the shop and told the young woman everything was out there to look for what she needed. He did a quick printout and handed it to her. The list indicating which ships might have the part she was looking for and where they were located in the yard.

Having heard what Alice was looking for, Ra could show her which ship she picked her part out of and maybe help them both accomplish what they were after.

"Maybe I can help you find that."

She spoke to Alice again and waited to see if she would take her up on the offer.

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