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We're Officially Major, And Other Business

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Congrats folks, we've hit major status!

Couldn't have been accomplished without everyone's efforts. This was certainly a labor of love.

Anyway, it's no secret that we've been building up to a storyline revolving around a coming conflict with the Sith Empire. We had initially planned to launch a pre-op thread, and then start our campaign against the Sithies, but there's been a change of plans.

The GA and the TSE have asked that we do not attack the TSE for the time being so that they may focus on their current event/storyline. We have agreed to allow them that grace period, as denying it to them would be a bit hypocritical to the things we preach about OOC civility lol.

Anyway, we will be focusing on smaller arcs revolving around character development and the establishment of the alliance navy. This gives us a chance to build greater ties between characters before everyone starts dying.

Thanks for all the hard work guys, hope to see it continue for much time to come.