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Welcome to the Citadel (Force Training)

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Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
A mysterious dark haired woman sits in the shadows in a dark dimly lit room. Most of her features hidden from you as you sit there. After a moment the darkness of her, in the force is noticeable, she feels cold, bitter, hard. Not someone you wish to cross. In fact it makes you squirm a little as you sit before her unyielding gaze. At that point you feel that she just might be able to see through you, to see what is in your mind.

"It is simple, you are a Force-user. A weapon. Weapons must be either controlled, or eliminated. That is the choice you have. Either become an Inquisitor and swear complete loyalty to Atrisia and the Inquisition, or die." Her gaze narrowed upon you. "This is no game. The choice is simple, if you wish to live, you will be one of us."

Your answer she waited only a moment for before going on. "I want you to understand this, Inquisitors, do not retire. They do not get reassigned. This will be your life till the day you die. Failures are harshly punished. Incur my wrath and I will end you myself. Is that clear?"

She waited again, but only just. "Good. Then it is done. You'll be taken to the Citadel in the morning." With that the dark figure rose from her chair. She wore the uniform of the IIB, but something told you deep inside, that she was something more, something evil.

As she walked to the door, she turned back. "Say good bye to your family. For you will never see them again. As far as they know you serve the Imperial Intelligence Bureau. Speak of the Inquisition, to anyone, one word uttered and your life is forfeit. Our lives and the lives of our brethren depend on such. Something I will not repeat. Cross that line and your life is mine."

With that the slender brunette turned back to the door. A wave of her hand brought in two more Inquisitors, or at least you believed them to be such by how they felt in the force. So dark like the woman that had just left.

"We are to escort you, till the morning when you are placed on the Citadel transport. Then you'll come to your new home."


Welcome to the Atrisian Empire and the Inquisition! Our home for resident force users. All training for folks brand new to the force, a Padawan as it were. We fall under the Padawan/Knight/Master titles as powers from both sides of the force can be used though at least for your friendly neighborhood Chief Inquisitor I am all darkness.

If you wish to start and Intro here, and desire my training, please shoot me a pm when you post and an @mention. Just to make sure you have my attention so you don't get missed! But otherwise I hope you enjoy your stay in the Inquisition and with the Atrisian Empire. If you have any questions, just post and @mention me or PM me. Either works and I'll get to it asap.

As we grow others will be able to train you as well, and we can further expand our ranks. Then I'll add a list here of those of rank to do training so you can contact any of them on the list and go from there.


Mirien Valdier - Chief Inquisitor​
Bellalika - Interrogator​
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