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Welcome to Kaeshana!

You'll fit right in. We'll help you get over the awkwardness. The Order of the Torch is there to help.

I'm. Siobhan. I tear down roofs a lot with my mind when I'm pissed. I lose less limbs a lot less often than people claim. I like Eldorai.
I'm Delila Castillon. I've been to Kaeshana before, I punched an old lady and went to jail. Three meals a day though, so not too much to complain about...


Just under the upper hand.
I'm here beat me until your happy.

Oops...IC: I'm Kal a Neti from Ithor. I Came to enjoy your culture and beautiful world.

OOC: sup boobs, I mean respectable women and High quality droid. Oh and HK.