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Approved Tech Warrior's Skin Graug Armor [Purged Submission]

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The Bastard Man
[Credit: Epic Games Studios, Gears of War Model of Savage Theron Guard]​

Intent: To create a specialized armor for Graug
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Graug Forgers
Model: Warrior Skin
Affiliation: Graug Hegemony
Modularity: no
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel/Duraplast, Ultrachrome

This armor is made to be a close cousin to the specialized armor worn by Krag, but with less defense and slightly lighter for increased movement. The ultrachrome is shipped to Gratos, forged by Imperial forgers and then given to the elite soldiers of the Imperial army, the Horde Guard. Warrior Skin is made from overlapping layers of thin ultrachrome, having lightweight and thin layers stacked atop of each other to stop penetration instead of using a single very thick layer. This style allows for good protection while cutting down on weight, however it does not offer the kind of kinetic and blaster protection as a single piece would.

There is no underlay which means that the wearer has to rely only on the outer protection and their natural skin. While the armor offers great protection, repeated hits will eventually melt through the armor and there is no underlay to protect them from heat or other hits. However it does have the added benefit of a helmet that offers a full heads-up display, much like mandolorian armor. It gives a 360 degree view, target tracking and tactical maps.

Classification: Multi-purpose
Weight: 16kg
Quality: 7
Other Feature(s):

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