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Approved Tech Warhammer Shield Cracker

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  • Intent: To make my own version of the Ion Pulse Cannon used by the Vanguard
  • Image Source: Click -
  • Canon Link: Ion Pulse Cannon
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Galactic Alliance
  • Model: Warhammer Shield Cracker
  • Affiliation: The Galactic Alliance
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Unique
  • Material:
    Hull: Durasteel
  • Frame: Alusteel
  • Misc: Plasma Rotors

  • Classification: Capital Weapon, Ion Pulse Cannon
  • Size: Extreme (Can only be mounted on dreadnought-sized vessels)
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Ammunition Type: Ionized Reactor Energy
  • Ammunition Capacity: Unlimited
  • Reload Speed: Very Slow
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: None
  • See Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Knock Knock: The primary role of the Warhammer Shield Cracker is to temporarily disable planetary-based shields, or to bombard large targets such as capital ships with a powerful ion burst, on par with a dedicated ion battery barrage. Unlike similar Ion Pulse cannons, this weapon is not fired in a large disk, but concentrated in a beam similar to a proton beam, allowing it to focus its yield in a smaller area. This gives it the potential to cause a mass shutdown of electronic equipment on warships, particularly affecting shields, engines and weapon systems.
  • Recharge Rate: Despite being aided by automated systems and Alliance technicians, the process of de-ionization the weapon must go through before beginning another firing sequence is significant. The process of de-ionization can take even longer based on the conditions of the weapon or the ship, and the conflict it is in.
  • From Below: Considering the Warhammer dedicates its vast power into a relatively localized area, it requires a series of complex exhaust disposal vents at the base of the weapon. While these vents are concealed beneath the major structure of the craft, they could theoretically be reached and damaged by a small craft with a know-how of the ships layout.
  • Indiscriminate: Due to the nature of the ion burst produced by the Cannon, friendly fire is a very real and very prevalent possibility.

When the Alliance began its designs and construction of its new flagship, it sought to design the craft with a primary weapon capable of countering some of the major strengths of the Alliance's enemies. Knowing of the preference of their enemies to use advanced shielding both on a planetary and ship-wide scale, the Alliance set about designing the first prototype of the Warhammer Shield Cracker, a uniquely designed Ion Pulse Cannon.

Utilizing some of the technical know-how offered by their Confederate allies, the Alliance was able to replicate a great deal of the construction of an Ion Pulse Cannon, but found that the existing disc designs would spread out the weapons effectiveness too much to be utilized against any sort of planetary shielding. It was at this point that the Alliance began to experiment with different designs for the weapon.

It was the Alliance's previous experimentation with Proton Beam cannons that allowed for the eventual design of the Warhammer, creating a weapon designed similarly to the previous primary weapon of its Potentate-class Star Defender, capable of localizing and focusing the energy of the Ion Pulse cannon into a tight beam, rather than spreading it out like previous Confederate designs allowed for. The energy produced was significant, but it was quickly discovered after initial testing that the focused weapon produced far too much exhaust to be safely utilized, critically damaging ships systems when it was fired.

After some time, a series of complex and well-protected exhaust vents were utilized under the main structure of the Warhammer, allowing it to vent heat and ionized particle build-up into space to limit damage from the weapon on the ship firing it.
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This submission is fine as is, however, the affiliation is labeled as the GA, and the production is unique. I will pass it like that, but it needs stating / understanding for future readers that there may only be one of these in play at a time. So whichever ship this is attached to is the one and only, unless that ship is archived or modified to remove it.
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