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War Hydra

War Hydra

King of Monsters
NAME: War Hydra
FACTION: Neutral
RANK: Genetic Experiment
SPECIES: Hydra-Chimera Hybrid
AGE: Unknown

SEX: Probably Male
HEIGHT: 24 meters
WEIGHT: 24 tons
EYES: None
HAIR: None
SKIN: Green and Red Scales
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (can 'sense' the force, but not use it)

Huge and physically strong
Heightened sense of smell
Can -smell- force users
Can hold breath for 5 hours
Can survive vacuum for 5 hours
Energy and Projectile resistant scales, teeth, and claws (anti-tank weapons work just fine)
Great Swimmer
Rapid regeneration

Has no hands
Has no eyes
Is very hungry after regeneration (can result in passing out)

Sometimes argues with itself
Easily distracted
Often takes a direct approach to problem solving

APPEARANCE: Large, multi-headed reptilian creature with many qualities from multiple species

War Hydra was a genetic experiment that proved to be more successful than originally intended. Using multiple DNA strands collected from species all over the galaxy, scientists endeavored to create the perfect biological weapon. Armored scales derived from Yuuzhan Vong creatures, muscle fibers from a breed of Aquatic Rancor, olfactory cavity from a Vornskr, regenerative enzymes from Vinithi plants, and many other genetic novelties were all spliced into Krayt Dragon DNA and synthesized into creation in a Bacta Tank.

At one point the experiment was considered a complete success.
At another point all contact with involved scientists was lost.
And then the creature was gone...
Belle of the Brawl
War Hydra said:
Can't breathe water, but can hold breath for 5 hours
This is not a weakness. Most creatures cannot hold their breath underwater for five hours. That is a strength.

War Hydra said:
Often takes a direct approach to problem solving
This is not a weakness. This is a personality trait.

War Hydra said:
Easily distracted
This is not a weakness. This is a personality trait.

War Hydra said:
Sometimes argues with itself
This is not a weakness. This is a personality trait.

Additionally, this species will require a submission before it's RPable.