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War games!

So this is more an interest check. We had some awesome stories on defending Kasshyyk, however as leader of the Silver Shadows I'd had some interest from various people. I propose since we do tournament type stuff every so often that we this time around hold a series of war games. Non-lethal weapons obviously can't be killing each other off. What I propose is for this to be tiered, by which I mean all padawans are in one group, all knights, in another, and all Masters in another. The point will be to see potential and how people respond to certain situations which may bring Force powers and Force power development into play. It may also show certain knights who they may take on as a padawan and the same with Masters.

The idea would be to set up some kind of "big event" like setting a ship in orbit to lose engine power and a team on the ground have to restore that from a base on planet. This could also be used to provide fighter experience. Or perhaps the idea above as well as to simulate an invasion or strike team targeting information centers. Obviously we have a variety of paddies, knights, and masters so I propose splitting the paddies into battle groups under maybe two to three knights, who would then be under a Master.

I figure we can find new ways to develop characters and inter-character alliances and bonds. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this I figure it'd be a good way to think about using a command structure like this for Doms and Invasions jsut due to it usually ending up as chaos.

Thoguhts? Concerns? Emotional issues?
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I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I'd happily throw in Asa, and this is a good way for those characters that want to to establish leadership roles in the SJO to start down that path.

Are you thinking of one group fighting another? Or are we going to be fighting NPCs?
I was thinking partial hardlight or NPC enemies each battlegroup would get equal amounts Jedi against Jedi to simulate invasion or other attack so two over-arcing battle groups. each one would have tools at their disposal whether security, war-droids, whatever. One group consisting of say 4 masters, 4 knights, and 20 paddies. Split the paddies up under 5 per knight who'd be like commanding officer. The the knights would each report to a master to simulate a Jedi vs Sith or other invading force. Use colored crystals to simulate the "Sith" to distinguish "teams"

Groups of peeps that distinguish themselves to say a knight here or there may end up impressing them and thus receiving additional training. My over-arcing goal personally is to find a good four or five people at least that will distinguish themselves and I can recruit into the shadows.

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It's a really really cool way to recruit people over to teh Shadows, and I know there are a few people who're interested in developing their characters in that direction.

Actually, since I have your attention [member="Andorreth Vikar"], what exactly do the Shadows do? understanding they used to be black-baggers, silencing people eliminating imminent threats to The Order and such. My character has the background of being trained by an assassin. But the thinking as it is now is for the Shadows to be highly trained Jedi Operatives who are prone to not use their sabers. Infiltration, setting up underworld contacts, cooporate sabotage of Sith assets, surveilance etc.

The thinking was to get enough operatives so that we could put one or two characters on a non strictly jedi-friendly world. Outpost worlds and have them keep an eye on surrounding systems and people of note. Kinda an advance warning/ already deployed unit for if enemies begin encroaching into Jedi space. Sith do that occasionaly the idea was to keep the Shadows as a vanguard so that say if sith took a world they were already on they could make things difficult for them and potentially lift information and resources from them.

There is a training facility on Kasshyyk for the branch of The Shadows. Essentialy espionage, covert ops, no deaths if it CAN be avoided. That's what the shadows are about now.

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[member="Andorreth Vikar"]

Hi there, sorry for my late response. I wouldn't mind some kind of shadow specific event! If you are interested in PvP in general, we have an upcoming skirmish with the Mandalorian Empire that will begin sometime early next week.

Thinking about Shadow stuff in general, I've been interested in doing some more clandestine activities moving forward. What do you think?

[member="Asaraa Vaashe"]

[member="Coci Heavenshield"] or [member="Stephanie Swail"] may be able to give you the best idea of what the Silver Shadows used to be, but I think the best description for the current iteration of the Shadows is as the SJO's lead body for intelligence gathering and special investigations - Jedi Mi5/6. We look into both matters of the paranormal (e.g. recovering Force artifacts) and more ordinary issues like organized crime. We do this on top of our normal responsibilities as Jedi/Rangers.

A small example may be my IC interview of your character, looking for any residual signs of corruption from essence transfer.

Coci Heavenshield

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[member="Jyoti Nooran"] | [member="Andorreth Vikar"]

The Silver Shadows were a combination of both of your suggestions, at least that is what we tried to do with them. At the time there were not many members interested in the idea which is fine but if you have the numbers now there could be several different Shadows, like there are several different Jedi.

You could hone your character to be an undercover operative, or an analytical type that pours through data and intel or one that does the 'dirty work'. There would be plenty of possibilities to fine tune characters and/or the department of intel (Shadows).

Stephanie Swail

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What [member="Coci Heavenshield"] said. :)

They were the SAS of the Silver Jedi - code names, secret identities even from their own peers, the Order will disavow any knowledge of your existance sort of thing.

Always great to write, so I'll always keep supporting a new era of them.
Ok so Mandalorians could be fun. In regards to what I'd like to see happen eventually with the Shadows as kinda a teired setup. Padawans who are younger and others who may not be Force sensitive but show potential. Knights who have proclivites towards......breaking and entering, theft, etc as intel gatherers and evidence planters. Knights who have either appealed to me personally and myself would be dirty work. In regards to the PvP I'm looking at a series of war games as I said to recruit though with the Mando'ade we could also have say the leader of the shadows go in and chip the armor of certain high potential individuals during the conflict. Leave them instructions how to reach the HQ on Kasshyyk? Then run drills and see who pops.


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